Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to the Best Freezers in Australia 2020


If there’s one thing that Aussies like to do, it’s eating. Food brings the whole family together and creates a sunny atmosphere filled with laughter. It’s pretty much an unwritten rule that the host of all these food-filled gatherings is the one with the biggest stash of food and beverages.  Everyone is welcome, as there’s almost always extra meat in the freezer that can be thrown on the barbecue on a hot summer’s day.

Investing in a decent freezer has loads of benefits. Not only are you able to preserve a variety of vegetables and meats, but you’ll also be able to stock up and save loads of money in the process.

Stand-alone freezers provide you with adequate space to cater for the whole family. Making regular runs to the butcher and grocery store a thing of the past.

With the number of options available on the market it can be difficult to choose the right model. We’ve investigated freezers of all shapes and sizes and created a complete buyer’s guide to help you make an informed decision before purchasing.

Top 7 Freezer/Fridge in Australia 2020

ImageBrandTypesCapacityWarrantyCheck Prices
HellerUpright Fridge/Freezer206L24-monthCheck price on Amazon AU
HEQsUpright Fridge/Freezer336L12-monthCheck price on Amazon AU
GlacioPortable Fridge/Freezer35L12-monthCheck price on Amazon AU
KolnerChest Freezer/Fridge125L12-monthCheck price on Amazon AU
GlacioPortable Upright Fridge/Freezer95L12-monthCheck price on Amazon AU
GeckoChest Freezer/Fridge25L12-month
Check price on Amazon AU
WhirlpoolUpright Bar Fridge/Freezer120L24-monthCheck price on Amazon AU

History of Freezing

It’s hard to imagine a time where we couldn’t preserve any foods and had to resort to using ice blocks and non-electrical cooling rooms – which, by the way, can be pretty difficult when you live in one of the hottest countries in the world.

Apart from pickling and salting your food, keeping it cold is the best way to preserve it. It’s only during the past century that humans have started using electricity to keep their food cool.

At first, people used iceboxes made from wood and lined with zinc, cork, or tin. Inside were huge ice blocks and separate compartments for food. After loads of experimenting, Fred W. Wolf invented the small refrigerator in 1913.

Come 1940, and the first freezer made its appearance. Also known as the deep freeze, the freezer only went into mass production with the end of the second world war. Making a variety of additions, freezers underwent great changes to be more user friendly and compatible.

Fast forward to 2020, and you can find a variety of freezer models in different shapes, sizes, and quality.

Difference Between a Freezer and a Refrigerator

Both refrigerators (fridge) and freezers have the main function of cooling and preserving food. With the only difference that freezers have a much lower temperature than fridges.

One can find many fridge and freezer combinations on the market. That is a perfect combo for a family kitchen. The fridge is designed to keep food cool at a temperature of about 1-4°C. While the freezer, attached to the fridge compartment, can reach temperatures as low as -18°C. Because freezers have such a low temperature, they are able to freeze foods and preserve them much longer.

Stand-alone freezers can reach temperatures as low as -34°C. They are perfect for bigger families, food stores, or industrial use.

Using freezers and refrigerators for their ultimate purposes will help humankind reduce food waste.

Facts on Freezing Foods

Even though we would like to throw everything in the freezer and leave it to do its thing, this isn’t quite the case. It’s important that users adopt good freezer habits, to maintain the device as well as get the best out of its purpose.

Here is a list of facts that will help you use your freezer in the right way:

  • You can freeze cooked pasta and rice, nuts, flour, grated cheese, peeled bananas, meat stocks, wine and alcohol, sliced bread, raw and cooked meats, butter, herbs, frozen vegetables, cake, and butter
  • You shouldn’t freeze blocks of cheese, uncooked rice or pasta, bread that isn’t sliced, milk, any crispy foods (it will go soggy), cream-based foods like sour cream,  yogurt, and soft cheese, anything that has a high water content, mayonnaise, and eggs in the shell
  • Always make sure that everything is in a sealed bag, to avoid freezer burns
  • Don’t overstack your freezer. Air should be able to circulate within the device
  • Don’t keep food in your freezer for longer than 9 months
  • Defrost and clean your freezer once a year
  • Keep your freezer in a cool spot, to make sure it stays energy efficient

Best Brands and Manufacturers of Freezers

When purchasing a freezer it’s advisable that you choose one manufactured by a well-known brand in the industry. Here is a list of our top choice brands:


Whirlpool is a strong leader in the home appliance industry. The US company started in 1911 and has reached great heights throughout its existence. They manufacture high-quality microwaves, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, cooling systems, and freezers.

The household name has almost 60 technology and manufacturing research centers, where they design and improve appliances. Not only does Whirlpool create some of the best freezers in the world, but they also branch out to other company markets. Creating quality kitchen and home appliances under KitchenAid, Amana, JennAir, and Consul. 

Whirlpool’s success is evident in its annual sales of USD20 billion each year.


Haier originated in the early 1920s and established in 1984 in Qingdao, China. A Chinese based brand that provides excellent home appliance products. Statistics have shown that Haier is responsible for 80% of Chinese exporting of consumer durables.

The company also manufactures a variety of electronics and other home appliances to a high-quality standard. Haier is also the owner of another excellent brand named Insignia.

Midea Group

Established in 1968, Midea is a leader in the technology manufacturing industry. They specialize in HVAC systems, smart logistics, robotics, and industrial automation.

With their main goal to achieve innovation with all their designs, Midea is responsible for creating user-friendly products that amaze each time. Since 2016, Midea is part of the fortune 500 global companies.

Their dedication to creating excellent products exceed expectations every time.

Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Freezer

Consider the following key factors before purchasing a freezer for your home:

Freezer Model

There are two common types of freezer models:

  • Chest Freezer: This model is designed in a box shape that is opened at the top, like a treasure chest. It’s less expensive than an upright freezer but more energy-efficient.During a power outage, chest freezers will be able to keep your food frozen for longer.  They can reach much lower temperatures than upright freezers. Compared to the upright who requires a fan to circulate cold air, chests have coils built into their walls. This also creates a quieter freezing experience.The downside to a chest freezer is that they usually don’t have additional storage space, which makes getting to the bottom of the device quite tricky. You’re going to need a decent organizational and labeling system if you don’t want to forget foods at the bottom.
  • Upright Freezer: Similar to a refrigerator in design with loads of different shelves and drawers. An upright freezer has a door that opens to easily reach its content. They are more expensive than a chest freezer because they are available with many different extra features. Including a flash-freeze setting, which allows you to load food while the temperature is brought down in an instant. Upright freezers are easier to keep in the kitchen but don’t have as much storage space as a chest freezer.

You can also get a freezer that’s attached to a refrigerator. Either a bottom freezer, top freezer, french door, or a side-by-side model.

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When it comes to size there are loads to choose from. Consider where you want to put your freezers and how much space you have available. Also, how much space you actually need. Purchasing a huge freezer when you only want to freeze 4 lamb chops and a bucket of ice cream, won’t be energy efficient.

You can find small freezers that range between 5-6 cubic feet up until large units that can store up to 20 cubic feet. 1.5 cubic feet in space can store approximately 16kg of food. Many manufacturers have measuring guides to help you determine the perfect fit.

Also, keep in mind the storage space. Does the freezer have different shelves and compartments for ice trays, or is it shaped like an empty box? Depending on your needs, you have to check out the storage layout.

Energy Consumption

Freezers and refrigerators have to run all the time, making them one of the most energy-consuming appliances in the home. There should be an energy guide label on the model’s description that will inform you of the energy consumption and cost to run the freezer.

To help you save money on electrical bills –  an environmental protection agency named Energy Star creates freezers that are 10% more energy efficient than other models.


Because freezers are such expensive investments, you want to make sure that you have a model with a decent warranty policy. Even though the brand of the freezer is of high-quality, there is a slight chance that it might malfunction within the first month or so.

Most quality brands and suppliers have decent warranty policies in place. This will ensure that they are viable to replace specific broken parts or damage. The warranty years will also give you an indication of the longevity of the product.

Typically, freezers come with a 1-year all-inclusive warranty and a 10-years limited warranty. Check the policy for specifications before you purchase.


All chest freezers need to be manually defrosted. Because of their size, it can take up to 24 hours. With the amount of ice and frost present in a chest freezer, it can become a messy business.

Some upright freezers have a convenient automatic defrost option. Although this option is more convenient, it takes much more energy and can also cause freezer burn.

Additional Features

Buying a top-of-the-range model car will give you some exciting extra features, that a low range model won’t provide. It’s these additional features that provide the user with a convenient and user-friendly experience.

Here are a few extra freezer features you can look out for:

  • Lighting system inside the unit
  • Child and safety locks
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Quick-freeze setting
  • On-light to indicate the freezer is running
  • Magnetic door for an airtight seal
  • Energy efficiency with an Energy Star label
  • Alarm when the door isn’t closed properly
  • Alarm when the temperature inside is beginning to rise
  • Ice maker
  •  Temperature display

Reviews of the Best Freezers in Australia 2020

After some investigation, testing, and trialing we’ve compiled a list of the best freezers available in Australia on Amazon.au. Here are reviews and descriptions of our top choices.

Heller Fridge Freezer

Heller 206L Double Door 1.42m Fridge/Freezer Food/Drink Refrigrator Cooler Black

Overview: The 206 liter Heller double door fridge/freezer is a sleek and affordable unit for most kitchens. Different to typical white double doors, now you can own a black unit.

The model weighs 130kg and features 3 interchangeable and adjustable fridge shelves plus one freezer shelf. A crisper box for lettuce and fruits as well as different length door bins.

It has an energy star rating of 1.5 and comes with a 24-month warranty that’s covered by Australian warranty.

Cost: $449
Model Type:
Dual Upright Fridge with Top Freezer
Key Features:
Thermostat control, adjustable shelving and drawers,  reversible soft line door, 1.5 energy rating


HEQS Stainless Steel

Overview: The simple dual fridge/freezer from HEQs has a capacity of 336 Liters. Perfect for small households, it features a variety of different shelving and drawer units made from glass and wire.

The model is made from durable Stainless Steel with a 12-month warranty. The freezer compartment has an extra freezing shelf with adjustable temperature for extra-low temperatures.

An affordable freezer fridge with an energy rating of 3.5, weighing only 68 kg.

Cost: $600
Model Type:
Dual Upright Fridge with Top Freezer 
Key Features:
3.5 energy rating, adjustable freezer temperature room, stainless steel, lightweight, 12-month warranty


Glacio Car Cooler Freezer

Overview: Glacio created the perfect road trip friend by designing a functional car fridge/freezer. It has a low power consumption of only 1kWh per week and uses a 3-stage battery charger. The device can either be charged at home in a power socket or in the car. The smart charging system allows the power to be cut off once the voltage setting is attained.

The smart unit is available in three different sizes – 35 Liter, 45 Liter, and 55 Liter as well as in two different colours grey and black.

You’ll be able to control the temperature between 10°C to -18°C. A simple LED control panel helps you set the temperature to the desired degree. Making it perfect to either freeze meats for camping, or keeping fresh fruits and beverages cool for a day trip.

You don’t have to use the product only while traveling, it’s a perfect addition to your home’s cooling system.

Cost: $400
Model Type:
Portable dual freezer/fridge 
Key Features:
Extremely low power consumption, LED control panel, 3-stage battery charging system, 1 year warranty


Kolner Fridge Freezer


Overview: Kolner created a well functional small-sized chest freezer model that can be used in the home or on the road. Made from durable stainless steel, the freezer/fridge measures 65cm in height, 87cm in length, and 52cm in width, making it easy to load in the car or store underneath the home bar.

For extra convenience, the model features heavy-duty handles for carrying, metal latches to seal airtight, and rubber feet to protect the floor underneath. The compact Kolner fridge/freezer weighs only 35kg, making it an easy on-road companion.

On the left side of the device is a freezer suitable for meats and ice creams, while on the right is a fridge perfect for summer beverages, fruits, and dairy. Providing a storage space of 125 Liters.

Made from high-quality Stainless Steel, the model is dent, rust, and corrosion-proof. The temperature range varies between 10°C to -20°C.  With an added LCD control panel, the user can control the temperature of the freezer and fridge to an accurate degree.

The model is easy to clean as it has a drain plug on the bottom to filter out excess water and fluids.

Cost: $709
Model Type:
Chest Freezer Fridge
Key Features:
Stainless Steel construction, lightweight at 35 kg, LCD temperature control panel, drain plug


Glacio 2-in1 Bar Freezer

Overview: Another great design by Glacio, is their small portable 2-in1 fridge/freezer. The model can be used as a bar fridge/freezer or as a portable device for camping trips.

It features a chiller compartment in which you can freeze ice packs, ice holders, or small freezable items. Inside the fridge area, it contains an egg holder, adjustable glass shelves, a crisp drawer, and two different sized door shelves.

The 2-in-1 uses a fast cooling system that can reach temperatures of  -3°C. Easy adjustable with a turn knob. Furthermore, it features a heavy-duty hinge and thick insulation with a built-in lock for an airtight close. It has adjustable feet to support stability.

It uses a 50W compressor that is energy efficient.

Cost: $440
Model Type:
Upright fridge/freezer 
Key Features:
Fast cooling system, adequate shelving, and drawers, chiller compartment, built-in lock, 50W compressor, battery protection, adjustable temperature


Gecko Portable Fridge Freezer

Overview: The Gecko portable fridge and freezer’s design is similar to that of a chest cooler box. It is extremely durable made from heavy-duty materials that are shock resistant. Making it perfect for camping and boating.

The interior of the device features two separate compartments with a 25 Liter capacity. Temperatures can be manually adjusted by an easy to use LCD display and control panel. Using German compressor technology, the model can reach temperatures of 0°C within 15 minutes.

Gecko fridge and freezer can be powered by 12/24/240Volt from a vehicle, as well as use portable generators, solar panels, or power from a caravan park.

Cost: $320
Model Type:
Chest Freezer and Fridge
Key Features:
Grade 3 shock resistant materials, can use solar power. German compressor technology,


Whirlpool Bar Fridge/Freezer

Overview: From Whirlpool comes the quaint 120 Liter bar fridge (93 Liters) and freezer (22 Liters). It features a reversible door that allows a free placement of the device in your room’s layout. The fridge door has 3 full bins to securely store bottles and cans.

A chiller compartment for ice trays or quick cooling of warm beverages is available at the top of the design. For easy cleaning and a no-mess interior, the freezer compartment features a convenient collection tray for frost.

The shelves are adjustable and the temperature can be easily controlled through a control knob. Using 260 KWh, the energy consumption level is great.

Weighing only 32 kg, the clever 2-in-1 is easy to transport around. A two-year warranty stamps this little unit as a high-quality purchase.

Cost: $299
Model Type:
Upright Bar Fridge/Freezer
Key Features:
Stainless Steel construction, reversible doors, chiller compartment, 2-year warranty




Buying a freezer is definitely one of the best investments for your home. Doing some research on different models will help you choose the right model for your family needs. If you consider the above-mentioned factors, you’ll make an investment that will be extremely beneficial.

Many families have a small freezer that’s attached to the refrigerator in the kitchen, with an additional larger freezer in a cool garage or basement. Especially if you have a big family, you can never have enough freezing space.

When you choose the right kind of freezer, that is durable, high-quality, and energy-efficient, you’ll be able to pass it on from generation to generation.

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