Complete Buyer’s Guide to the Best Bean Bags (For Gaming) in Australia


Since the beginning of time, humans have tried to find more comfortable and luxurious ways of sitting. Yes, we like to be comfortable. Whether it’s while watching our favorite television show, having a barbecue with friends, playing video games, or while at the office. We want our derrieres to have a comfy and cozy spot to rest on.

When wooden chairs and steel stools proved to be functional but extremely uncomfortable, along came the lazy man’s couch – the bean bag. Since its creation, many manufacturers and designers have tried to perfect the bag. Basically just a huge sack filled with a number of foam balls, the bean bag has taken on many shapes, sizes, and designs.

It has increased in popularity since it is such a versatile piece of furniture that can adapt to any part of the home. Not only are they used as fun colourful decorative pieces that can be snoozed on, they can also create a supportive sitting experience while gaming.

Top 10 Bean Bags (For Gaming) in Australia 2020

ImageBrandFabricSizeWeightCheck Prices
Ambient Lounge Butterfly SofaUV resistant fabric95 x 80 x 80 cm3.8 kgCheck price on Amazon AU
Intex Beanless BagWaterproof soft fabric and vinyl69 x 104 x 107 cm2.08 KgCheck price on Amazon AU
ATI Shell Bean BagPolyester Linen70 x 35 x 70 cm1 kgCheck price on Amazon AU
ThunderX3 DB5Spandex fabric94 x 94 x 49 cm6 kgCheck price on Amazon AU
InkCraft HighbackJute with PVC Backing127 x 127 x 117 cm2.2 kgCheck price on Amazon AU
KEHUASHINA Multi ShapeSoft Cloth63 x 43 x 75 cm-Check price on Amazon AU
Dachenzi JapaneseMicrosuede65 x 65 x 43 cm3 kgCheck price on Amazon AU
AMAZACER Japanese Style TatamiMesh and carbon steel92 x 54 x 13.5 cm-Check price on Amazon AU
CCJC Bean BagPolyester and Soft Cloth120 X 90 X 20 cm5.5 kgCheck price on Amazon AU
LLRYN Lazy SofaLinen and cotton72 x 100 cm-Check price on Amazon AU

Bean Bag History


The history of the bean bag is debatable. Some experts say that the design dates back to ancient Egypt, almost 4000 years. Originally made from leather and filled with small pebbles and dried beans.  The shape was round and small. They were used by jugglers to sit on while entertaining guests.

Native Americans used an alternate design that consisted of pig bladders filled with dried beans, to play with. In modern times this game is known as the bean bag toss or hacky sack.

The Ancient Chinese used bean bags during the training of Tai Chi. A small bag filled with small rocks, dried beans, or sand were to be held in the air by striking it with sticks or different body parts.


William Roger Dean is responsible for the first patented bean bag chair in 1968. William designed the Sea Urchin Chair A spheroidal shaped bag made from synthetic materials. Inside it had individual sacks filled with foam. This design was considered comfortable, durable, resilient, and functional.

Even though this chair wasn’t filled with beans, it is seen as the design which changed the future forever.

Shortly after, in 1969, an Italian trio designed the Sacco. It was an Italian modernism piece that was designed with the main purpose of being comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and unique. Viola! The bean bag was born.

The use of the bean bag chair was popular amongst hippies in the United States, and for a long time, it has been associated with the hippie culture. Even though they lost their popularity because of this association during the 80s and 90s, as well as the unfortunate deaths of small children who would climb inside and suffocate.

They quickly started climbing the pop polls again, when new safety mechanisms were designed to keep children from opening them. Nowadays, bean bags are safe furniture alternatives.

Benefits of Using a Bean Bag Chair

There are loads of surprising benefits to using a bean bag chair, here are a few:

Economically Friendly

Since the increase in wooden housing and furniture, the world’s tree population has decreased with 46%. Billions of trees are being cut down to make space for new developments and fuel manufacturing.

Bean bags are eco-friendly and a healthier alternative to wooden furniture.

Relieves Pain

For those who suffer from joint, muscle, or lower back pain, opting for a bean bag chair might just bring some relief.  Some bean bag chairs even come with memory foam, allowing the chair to completely conform to your body.

This gives your body postural support that helps with the relief of shoulder, back, and neck pain.


Bean bags are extremely versatile. You can use them at the office when you spend a lot of time in front of the computer. They are used as theater seats in movie cinemas and to play games on. They are easy to store away and take out when you entertain guests.

Because they come in a wide variety of colours, sizes, and designs, you can decide whether you want to sit, lie, lean back, sit up straight, or curl up on it.


Bean bags can be extremely stylish and fit in with your interior or exterior design plans. They are affordable and can give a fun splash of colour and texture to your home.


Made from a variety of durable fabrics, bean bags are extremely durable. Especially, since they’ve undergone a vigorous change in design in order for it not to be opened as easily by children.

Some fabrics, used in the manufacturing of the chair, are waterproof and easy to clean. Designed to be dragged and carried around, they aren’t prone to breaking or tearing. Nothing happens when you drop them from a high building, compared to when you drop a normal wooden chair – bad idea though.

Why Bean Bags are Great Chair Alternatives for Gaming

There are many reasons why you should consider moving to bean bag chairs for either gaming or working. The biggest reason is that it is much more ergonomic for you. Since you’ll be spending quite a great amount of time on your chair while playing games, you are going to need some lumber support.

Hard chairs on wheels can become quite uncomfortable. A bean bag provides natural postural support that prevents the lower back and spine to slouch. When your spine is supported, your neck will also be supported. Giving your shoulders the opportunity to relax.

Plus, you’ll be much more comfortable on a bean bag than on a chair.

Bean Bag Maintenance

It’s important that you keep your bean bag clean and safe, to ensure its ultimate longevity. Typical leather bean bags can be wiped down with a cloth dipped in lukewarm water and soft soap. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove excess dust and debris from the surface.

Always make sure that the bean bag is kept away from any fire hazard. Australian laws require bean bags to have a childproof safety zipper that locks in place. This ensures the safety of children. The zipper should be checked and made sure that it’s kept in place.

Alternatively, you can add extra foam or stuffing after an extended period of use.

Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Bean Bag Chair

With the vast number of bean bag chairs available on the market, it’s important that you consider a few key factors before making a purchase.

Quality and Longevity

Especially when you’ll be spending a lot of quantity time on your bean bag whether gaming or lounging, you have to look at the quality. Quality is determined by the kind of fabric that is used, the inner, as well as the stitching of the sack.

Consider purchasing from high-quality brands that ensure a child safety lock and include maintenance tips. The stitching should be thick and almost invisible. When the sections come apart it is like opening Pandora’s box – beans and stuffing will mess everywhere.

The higher the quality, the more durable and longer-lasting the bean bag chair will be.


Typically, most bean bags are made from durable polyester. Polyester is water-resistant, affordable, durable and can be used outdoors.  When it comes to these fun bean sacks, you can choose which fabric fits your comfort needs. Options include:

Cotton: Breathable, textural, and affordable. Although it looks good, it is prone to staining and is difficult to clean as it absorbs liquids.

Silk: For a luxurious look, silk is a glistening option that adds value to a room. It’s more expensive.

Leather: An expensive option, but is commonly used in furniture. It’s durable and easy to clean. A more affordable option is a faux leather fabric. It has the same aesthetic appeal as real leather but isn’t as comfortable as it is made from polyurethane or PVC.

Microsuede: A leather underlining coated with either a furry fabric or soft velvet. Extremely comfortable, cozy, and soft to the touch. It needs a bit more maintenance and care, as it can be difficult to wash.

Polyester: The common fabric used for bean bags as it is waterproof, easy to clean, affordable, and light in weight.

Nylon: Can be used outdoors. Perfect for on the beach, or next to the swimming pool. A very durable fabric with strong fibres.

Some manufacturers use a variety of custom fabric blends to create the perfect sensory experience.


When there aren’t enough stuffing or foam support inside the bean bag, then it can cause muscle cramps and backaches. Not only should you feel comfortable while sitting/laying on the bean bag chair. You should also feel supported.

Especially if you use your chair for gaming, you’ll be spending hours (maybe days) in one spot. Having a bean bag chair that doesn’t give your limbs feelings of numbness is important to remain alert while playing.


A bean bag chair is a great alternative choice because it is so easy to use. You want a model that can be easily and conveniently set up in different rooms. Moving your chair with you to the outdoors, into the gaming room in the basement, or in the living room for a movie night.

Consider whether the model you want to purchase can be easily stowed away and moved around.


Most bean bag chairs won’t cost even close to the price of a couch or sofa. They are quite affordable, perfect for gamers or individuals who like to host parties with many people. It is evident that you’ll pay more for a special designer beanbag compared to low-end beanbags that have been mass-produced.

Ease of Cleaning

Always consider the maintenance of the bean bag. This usually depends on the fabric it is made out of, but also the inner layer. Some bean bags have separate insertions that can be removed in order for the outer layer to be cleaned.

The separate insertion can be filled with more beans, foam balls, or foam to plush up the bag once it has lost some of its volume.

Size and Style

This is the fun part – choosing a size and style. Small bean bags are 1.25mx1m, medium bean bags range between 1.25m-1.50m and large bean bags range between 1.4m-2m. Depending on what function you want it to serve you can choose a variety of sizes and styles.

Whether it’s round, triangular, huge, or small it will all depend on what kind of support you’d like as well as how you want it to fit into your interior.

Top Bean Bag Chair Reviews

Find below a list of our favorite and highly recommended bean bag reviews for Australians:

Ambient Lounge Butterfly Bean Bag

Overview: The super comfy Ambient lounge Butterfly sofa is specifically designed for outdoor use. It creates a cocoon effect, that lets you snuggle comfily into the chair. For ease of use, the Butterfly bean bag chair can be carried anywhere with the use of an easy-accessible handle.

Made from durable UV-resistant fabric that’s also waterproof and breathable with a SmartVent system.  The cover can be washed by hand or in a normal washing machine, with the inner having an easy to unfill feature.

Cost: $509
Fabric:  UV Resistant Outdoor Fabric
Colour: Blue, Pink, Silver, Yellow-Green
Best For: Outdoor lounging at the beach or next to a swimming pool


Intex Beanless Bag Chair

Overview: Intex brings a twist onto the original bean-filled bean bag. Known for creating durable and funky coloured inflatable pool gear, they turned their attention to an inflatable bean bag.

The fabric is waterproof and soft with a 15 gauge vinyl base to keep air inside. The design is perfect to fold up and store away when not in use.

Cost: $25
Fabric: Waterproof soft fabric and vinyl
Colour: Pink, lime green, purple, magenta
Best For: Lounging, studying, watching movies


Shell Bean Bag Sofa

Overview: The extremely lightweight Shell bean bag sofa weighs only 1 kilogram. Made from durable polyester linen, the chair can be filled with 200 liters of bean filling of your choice.

Because the linen is so soft it can be used in nurseries and daycare centers, as well as arcade rooms and offices. Size is more suitable for younger children at 70cm in height and width, the chair part is 35cm high.

Cost: $24
Fabric: Polyester Linen
Colour: Red
Best For: Young gamers and apartment furniture for young children


ThunderX3 DB5 Consoles Bean Bag

Overview: The ThunderX3 Consoles bean bag is any gamer’s dream. Made from durable and high-quality spandex, the gaming chair provides the ultimate comfort for the user.

Made with Aerocool technology the fabric remains breathable and airy. The triple stitching allows for a stress and tension resistant experience, assuring durability. For easy portability, the model has a strongly attached handle.

The product ensures ultimate safety with a two-layer zipper complete with a safety lock.

Cost: $80
Fabric: Spandex
Colour: Black
Best For: Hardcore Gamers


InkCraft Highback Beanbag 

The perfect bucket seat with adequate neck and back support. The bean bag chair comes with a convenient footstool that adds extra comfort for the user. Available in three sizes X-Large, XX-Large, and XXX-Large and a wide array of colour choices.

Fabric is a high-quality PVC that makes it durable, waterproof and easy to clean. The bean bag chair and footstool cover are both interchangeable with other colours in the same design.

It’s easy to transport the Inkcraft chair around as it weighs merely 1 kilogram. Perfect for storing and taking out as needed.

Cost: $65
Fabric:  Textured Fabric with PVC backing
Colour: Blue, Red, Orange, Purple, Black, Yellow, Grey, Pink, Lime Green, Navy
Best For: Outside use


KEHUASHINA Multi-Shape Bean Bag

Overview: The multi-functional Kehuashina is extremely lightweight and the perfect one-size-fits-all model. Made from extremely soft and stretchy cloth fabric with only a few panels, the bean bag can be maneuvered into a variety of different seating arrangements.

The zipper is hidden which prevents friction and scratching on the ground. Small foam balls are inserted into an inner lining that can be removed when you want to clean the cover.

Another great function of the bean bag cover is that you can use it as a storage bag for soft toys or bed linens.

Cost: $50
Fabric: Soft Cloth
Colour: Mint, Yellow, Pink, Grey, Red, Black
Best For: Watching movies and lounging around


Dachenzi Japanese Bean Bag Chair

Overview:  The unique Dachenzi Japanese bean bag chair is made from memory foam, to give the user a personal seating experience. Shaped like a little square, the bean bag can be alternatively shaped into a variety of different forms that fit your body.

Made from a microsuede cover and a soft, shredded, memory foam mixture as the inner. The bean bag cube perfectly fits and shapes your body. For maximum durability and strength, the cover is double stitched.

Its size is 65cmx65cmx43cm, making it perfect for a comfortable solo sitter, or a snug couple seat. Weighing only 3 kg the bean bag chair is easy to move around from the living room to the game room.

Cost: $520
Fabric: Microsuede 
Colour: Yellow, Blue, Orange, Browns, Grey, Pink, Red, Black, Multi-colored
Best For: Gaming chair


AMAZACER Creative Japanese-Style Tatami Bean Bag
AMAZACER Creative Japanese-Style Tatami beanbag Cushions Cushion Dormitory Gaming PC TV Game seat Cushion Breathable (Color : Red, Size : 92 * 54 * 13.5cm)

Overview:  A creative chair design by Amazacer that supports the back while sitting on the floor. The chair has a 360-degree rotating feature, making it the perfect gaming chair.

Even though the design moves away from the typical bean bag chair aesthetic, it follows the same sit-on-flow-in-comfort approach. Made from durable and breathable mesh with a carbon steel bracket for back support, the chair is comfortable and supportive.

The cover has a double-stitched zipper that can be removed for easy cleaning.

Cost: $208
Fabric: Mesh and carbon steel
Colour: Orange, Black, Red, and Grey
Best For: Gaming



Overview: The CCJC bean bag, provides the perfect relaxing lounger for gamers. Made from durable and soft polyester and cotton, the bean bag lounge chair is breathable and comfy.

With a full length of 120cm and a height of 90cm, the CCJC bean bag is perfect for adults who enjoy having an option between either laying down sitting upright. The backrest has a 3D support that has high rebound particles.

Weighs only 5.5kg and is easy to move around.

Cost: $220
Fabric: Polyester and Soft Cloth
Colour: Red, Black, Blue, Yellow
Best For: Gaming and lounging


LLRYN Lazy Sofa Bean Bag

Overview: Made from a fine linen and breathable cotton, the LLRYN lazy sofa bean bag brings an organic and natural feel into the home. Designed with a triangular back rest which can be adjusted to your personal needs.

The inner consists of non-toxic, anti-static, easy to remove, and high elasticity epp granules. Which adds to the quality of this bean bag chair.

100cm in length and 72cm in height, the chair is perfect for adults who like a modern, sophisticated, and stylish approach to the otherwise bold coloured bean bag chair.

Cost: $235
Fabric: Linen and cotton
Colour: Tan and Grey
Best For: Lounging



If you want a fun, comfortable, and new kind of sitting experience. Then consider purchasing a bean bag chair by considering all of the above factors and information. Whether it’s for your gaming room, social gatherings, or just a comfortable lounging experience in front of the television.

Bean bag chairs are great alternatives to uncomfortable, big, and expensive furniture.

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