Buyer’s Guide to the Best Outdoor BBQ Grill in Australia 2020


An integral part of Aussie culture is the famous Australian barbecue (BBQ).  Thanks to Paul Hogan, the phrase, “Put another shrimp on the barbie,” has become a global stereotype for Australians. As an Aussie, we don’t really mind this stereotype since we are extremely proud of our BBQ’ing skills.

Having a BBQ doesn’t only provide you with deliciously cooked meats and vegetables, but it creates a social affair enjoyed by everyone in the neighbourhood. In the same way you would do research on buying the best car, you should consider a few key factors when purchasing an outdoor BBQ.

Especially when you have friends and family over for an Aussie barbie on a regular basis, you have to make sure your meat is cooked to perfection. Having the perfect BBQ grill will ensure a delicious cook and happy faces.

In this guide, we go in-depth about the ins and outs of the Australian BBQ unit and how you should go about choosing the perfect one.

Top 7 Outdoor BBQ Grill in Australia 2020

ImageBrandTypesCooking SpaceCheck Prices
Char-Griller E16620Charcoal447 sq inCheck price on Amazon AU
Coleman NXT 100Gas321 sq inCheck price on Amazon AU
BeefEater Discovery 1100SGas4608 cm sqCheck price on Amazon AU
Gasmate CatererGas(1200x450)mmCheck price on Amazon AU
George Foreman GrillElectrical200 sq in Check price on Amazon AU
Grillz 3-in-1 BBQ SmokerCharcoal38cm(diameter)Check price on Amazon AU
Pit Boss Grills PB440TGWooden pellets440 sq inCheck price on Amazon AU

What Is The Difference Between BBQ and Grill?

Barbecue is when you cook meat or vegetables at a consistent heat with the intent of slow cooking.  People who want to slow cook their meats will do so with the lid closed to ensure consistent heat from all sides.

When you grill your meat, it will be done with the lid open. A direct heat source from below requires you to flip the meat to ensure an evenly cooked dish.

Many outdoor barbecues can be used for grilling as well as barbecuing. It is normal for people to confuse the one for the other. And the two terms are used interchangeably because the same units can perform both functions.

What are Outdoor Barbecues?

Instead of cooking your meats on a stovetop inside the house, an outdoor BBQ allows you to move outdoors. They are portable units that vary in size, shape, and function.

An outdoor BBQ combines the delicious flavour of wood and charcoal-grilled meats, with the convenience of using quick-heating gas or propane combined with charcoal. Furthermore, the BBQ can be closed to ensure it is kept protected during harsh rain.

A grate is placed above either charcoal or wood flames, or a burner. Meats and vegetables are cooked on the grate.

Barbecues are popular amongst families who enjoy cooking burgers, sausages, other meats, and vegetables. Having a BBQ during warm summer days next to the pool is a great social event.

What Parts do a BBQ Grill Consist of?

Of course, you know how to barbecue and grill, but do you know all the components of your BBQ Grill? When you are a first-time buyer, you might see some of its components for the first time.

Here is a list of the parts that make the BBQ Grill, the magnificent machine that we all love:

Cooking Grate

The grate should be highly-durable and heat resistant. It takes the most heat during barbecuing as it is placed directly above the heat source. It requires regular cleaning.


These are the primary source of heat that will cook your food. They need regular cleaning because they can get quite greasy with food, fat, grease and spice build up.

Warming Rack 

This rack is placed away from the direct heat source, but close enough for you to place cooked meats and even bread, to keep them from getting cold.

Control Settings 

Usually in the shape of a knob, they can be used to adjust the temperature and height of flames.

Carryover Tubes

When you light the grill, these tubes make sure that the flame is carried from burner to burner.

Heat Plates

Triangular shaped tubes with the sole purpose of protecting a grill’s burners. They burn away sauce drippings and channels fat from meat away from the burners.


Basically the grills lighter. It finds its source of power from a battery and ignites the flame in the burners.

Temperature Gauge

Especially for cooks who are extremely specific about the temperature in which they cook their meats. The temperature gauge measures the heat produced inside the grill.

Side Burner 

A smaller grill that’s attached to the side of the machine (not found on all BBQ grilling machines). It can be used to cook delicious sauces and other side dishes. Allowing you to prepare an entire meal on the grill.

Grease Tray

Grease trays collect all excess liquids, fats, and grease. This tray can be emptied and cleaned after each use.

Extra Accessories

Other accessories that might be included or otherwise purchased separately include; Tongs, Thermometers, Grill Covers, Basting Brushes, and Steel Spatulas.

Best Brands


One of the most reliable stainless steel grill brands is Weber. Their innovative technology and designs have resulted in high-quality grills recommended by griller enthusiasts from all over the world.


Char-griller is popularly known for the manufacturing of kamado grills. Furthermore, they provide customers with a wide variety of charcoal grills, gas grills, and dual fuel grills. Some of their models feature as much as 6 burners.


Coleman is an excellent brand that is known for creating quality camping gear that includes chairs, coolers, gadgets, and portable grills. They provide consumers with the convenience of buying replacement parts for most of their products.

BBQ Grill Key Features to Consider

Here is a list of the key factors you have to consider when shopping around for the perfect BBQ grill.

Kind of BBQ Grills

There are three types of BBQs; Gas, Charcoal, and Electrical.


The most common outdoor BBQ is the gas-powered grill. Its popularity is due to the speed at which it can cook meals. A gas bottle is placed next to the unit, a tube takes the gas into the burners. The gas bottle has to be refilled or replaced once the gas runs out.


Also known as a kettle barbecue, the charcoal grill does exactly as the name says. It uses heated charcoal to cook meats. Even though it’s a time-consuming way of grilling, the smoke created by the charcoal gives the meat a delicious smoky taste.

The ashes that are left by the burning charcoal has to be cleaned after each cook.


An electrical BBQ doesn’t require any fire, it’s powered by electricity. Not very popular for outdoor use, as they don’t create the chargrilled taste. But perfect for indoor use.


When it comes to BBQs, size really does matter.  Small portable BBQs are perfect for a camping trip or a quick BBQ for two at your home. It won’t be that efficient when you invite the whole neighbourhood. You’re going to have to cook your meat in batches.

Compact BBQs are medium-sized and perfect for families of 2-4 members. They usually contain 3-4 burners and provide users with just enough space to cook an entire meal for the family.

Go all out an purchase a big BBQ to entertain a multitude of family and friends. These big BBQs come with a range of extra features that include a rotisserie, smokers, and side burners. Perfect for keen grilling enthusiasts who want to use their BBQ more than once a week.

Depending on what you want to use the BBQ grill for and for how many people, will influence the size of the grill.

Construction Material

BBQs are made from a variety of materials, ranging from low to high durability and quality. You can choose between cast-iron, porcelain, iron, stainless steel, and chrome-plated grills.

Maintenance and Portability

It’s important to consider the cleanup process after the BBQ party is over. Grease can build up inside the grill and needs regular cleaning to function properly. Consider getting a BBQ that makes cleaning easier with added extras like a grease and ash tray, or external grease collectors.

To protect the grill from extreme heats or pouring rain, consider one that comes with a protective cover.

Some grills make maneuverability easy with added wheels and breaks on the grill’s feet. Which makes storing and relocating easy.

Extra Features

Check for added features like heat control, thermometers, covers and lids, ignition mechanisms, trolleys, grease trays, added lighting, and the ratio between hotplate and grill.

The Best BBQ Grills Australia Reviews

Char-Griller E16620

Char-Griller E16620 Akorn Kamado Kooker Charcoal Barbecue Grill and Smoker

Overview: Char-Griller’s Akorn Kamado Grill is a perfectly average-sized, portable grill. The black barrel provides the consumer with 314 square inches of cooking space plus a further 133 square inches given to the warming rack.

The grit is made from cast-iron, whilst the body is manufactured from gauge steel. For extra heat-resistance and durability, the inside of the barrel is coated in porcelain powder and the exterior in steel powder.

The entire BBQ can be insulated perfectly with the tight lock lid. This ensures that more heat is trapped inside, which in effect allows for less airflow and use of charcoal. An external built-in thermometer lets you track heat inside the barrel for optimum control.

It’s easy to move around as the entire BBQ is placed on a tubular steel cart with rubber wheels. A safety breaking feature is placed on the wheels for extra control.

Cost: $767
Key Features: Built-in heat gauge, double-wall insulation, tight lock lid, ash pan, foldable metal shelves, and portability.

Perfect For

  • Smoking and barbecuing meats and vegetables
  • Small families



Coleman NXT 100

Coleman NXT 100

Overview: The Coleman NXT 100 has 15,000 BTU (British Thermal Unit) energy measurement. With this powerful heating system, the Coleman NXT can be used as a barbecue, grill, and cooker or fryer.

The igniter is quick and faultless, which allows for a matchless lighting experience. In order for you to keep an eye on the heat levels inside the unit, you can check the external heat gauge.

The griddle has enough space to BBQ and grill up to 18 burger patties. Enough cooking space is provided, in comparison to other barbecues, the Coleman NXT measure up to 321 square inches. The lid is tall to provide optimum space.

Weighing only 26.5 kilograms, the unit is easy to move around.

Cost: $343
Key Features: Low profile storing design, no-spill grease cup, Instastart ignition technology, rugged wheels.

Perfect For: 

  • Families who like to take the BBQ to another venue
  • Big families and groups of friends
  • Those who like easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Barbecue enthusiasts who like a smokey flavour



BeefEater Discovery 1100S

BeefEater Discovery 1100S 5 Burner BBQ

Overview: The 105-kilogram grilling BeefEater Discovery barbecue, is a monster of its kind. The design features an all-inclusive cooking experience complete with 5 burners, side burner, heating plates, griddle,  and a lot of space.

The whole unit is coated with a porcelain enamel that provides resistance against rust. A barbecue frame that’s made from high-quality stainless steel provides ultimate protection and durability.

Specifically designed for those who want an all-inclusive cooking experience. You can cook side dishes using the 21 MJ/hr side burner. A peek-a-boo hole at the top of the hood allows you to check your meat without lifting the lid and letting the heat escape.

Although this unit is extremely pricy, it’s well worth the price tag. Especially for people who cook as professionals, this is the perfect outdoor grill to entertain clients.

Cost: $2,599
Key Features: Rust resistant, Quartz ignition starter, Stainless steel roasting lid, Side Burner, Vaporizing grid system

Perfect For: 

  • Businesses who cook a variety of meats and veg for clients at festivals or events
  • Huge families and groups of friends who like hosting big events



Gasmate Caterer

Gasmate Caterer

Overview: The Gasmate Caterer is an affordable grilling machine with a whopping 6 burner output. With a design that’s sleek and modern, you can cook your meat to perfection while looking fancy.

All 6 burners have individual setting knobs that allow you to adjust the temperature and flame height. The lid is removable and can double as a kind of windshield.

With 2 side shelves and a bottom shelf, you have enough storage for meat holders, gas tank, and other grilling utensils.

Cost: $950
Key Features: 6 burners, individual controls, portable wheels, side panels, storage area, removable lid

Perfect For: 

  • Small-medium sized families who want the benefits of a gas BBQ without paying an extreme price



George Foreman Grill

George Foreman BBQ

Overview: George Foreman is known for its innovative grill designs befitting any kitchen. The larger George Foreman is a great indoor/outdoor barbecue that is powered with electricity.

At an extremely affordable price, you can move the device outdoors for a summer’s day burger, sausage, vegetable, or steak.

The detachable grill is easy and safe to clean. The electrical grill heats up in no time for a great overall cook.

Cost: $87
Key Features: Temperature control, Easy removable grill, adjustable stand,

Perfect For: 

  • Smaller families who like the taste of BBQ indoors or outdoors
  • Those who want an easy portable griller to take camping



Grillz 3-in-1 Charcoal BBQ Smoker

Grillz 3-in-1 BBQ smoker

Overview: The odd-looking Grillz 3-in-1 BBQ smoker is perfect for families who like a smoky taste. Standing 72cm tall, the pitch-black smoker’s design gives users the chance to create mouthwatering dishes. Designed for smoking, grilling, and roasting.

Three detachable tiers give you ultimate control over the amount of meat or vegetables you want to cook. The bottom tier is the perfect size for enough charcoal. Once heated you can place the second tier in the middle with a full-sized chicken, or bigger pieces of meat like a leg of lamb or even an Eisbein. The third tier is placed on top and acts as a griller for smaller pieces of meat and vegetables.

Each tier has a convenient access door which allows you to check on each section individually. Attached to each tier are durable heat resistant handles, which come in handy when you need to detach the three tiers from each other.

A temperature gauge situated on the exterior of the top lid, lets you keep an eye on the heat.   An easy-to-use adjustable vent allows you to let air seep in and out.

The whole unit is easy to clean as it has an easy removable ash tray as well as a water pan that collects moisture. Grillz 3-in-1 is a durable unit that’s constructed from stainless steel and painted in a heat resistant paint.

Cost: $74
Key Features: 3 detachable tiers, heat gauge,  handles, access door, adjustable vent, lid, stainless steel grill plate, and made from heavy-duty stainless steel.

Perfect For: 

  • Families who enjoy experimenting by making their own bacon, jerky, and other interesting dishes.
  • Big families who like cooking a variety of different dishes at once.
  • People who have the patience for a slow cooking experience.



Pit Boss Grills PB440TG

Pit Boss 340 Grills

Overview: The heavy-duty Pit Boss 340 is an extremely durable outdoor grill. The clever design allows you to fold up its legs and roll it on steel wheels to wherever your final destination might be.

The unique grill is powered by wooden pellets. Even more convenient as you don’t have to carry extra bags of charcoal or gas tanks around. A built-in auto-start hot rod allows for a quick and easy fire up.

Even greater is that you don’t have to constantly check the temperature. The unique rear exhaust convection system allows you to input a desired heat temperature.  The LED digital control system lets you clock in heat and time of cooking. This unique feature gives you the freedom to spend time with family and friends, while the Pit Boss does all the work for you.

With a 440 square inch cooking surface, you can cook fish, chicken, kebabs, and beef for up to 18 people.

Cost: $794
Wooden pellets
Key Features: Folding legs, auto-start hot rod,

Perfect For: 

  • People who enjoy barbecuing in harsh weather conditions.
  • Those looking for an adventure while eating perfectly grilled meat when camping




When picking a BBQ you have to consider all factors that go towards its overall function. Whether it’s grilling, barbecuing, or smoking, there’s a BBQ grill for every occasion.

Your outdoor BBQ is more than just a cooking machine. Connect with your inner chef and try all of the extra functions that it has to offer. Play around with temperatures, flame heights, and the grilling and smoking features. Create delicious meals by trying new techniques and surprise your family with your cooking skills.

Bearing in mind the above-mentioned key factors, you will be able to find the perfect BBQ grill for your weekend get-togethers. Whether it’s barbecuing for hundreds of people or only a handful of close friends, nothing beats a perfectly grilled piece of meat on the barbie.

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