Buyer’s Guide to the Best Gel Blaster Guns in Australia 2020


Playing ‘Cops and Robbers’ is part of most children’s upbringing. A fun game where you would hold a stick and pretend it is a gun that can shoot baddies. Chasing the neighbourhood’s friends while making pew-pew sounds brought joy to our lives.

Fortunately, as we grow older, we don’t necessarily have to let go of this fun past time. Only now, we can play with guns that resemble the real deal. While living our best childhood fantasies as adults.

Introduced by the Chinese as an air-soft gun replacement, the gel blaster gun has increased in popularity over the past decade. South Australia and Queensland are front runners in the gel blaster gun trend. Not only because the gel blaster gun is legal in these parts, but also because residents love the hobby itself.

Top 5 Gel Blaster Guns in Australia 2020

ZhenDuo P902.3 kg245 FPS25 metersCheck price on Amazon AU
JinMing J102 kg290 FPS35 metersCheck price on Amazon AU
RX Desert Eagle380g170 FPS20 metersCheck price on Amazon AU
SAW M249 V31.5 kg250 FPS25 meters Check price on Amazon AU
Warriors Gel Blaster Bow1.5 kg-30 metersCheck price on Amazon AU

What is a Gel Blaster Gun?

Similar in design to air-soft guns, the gel blaster gun is a toy gun that uses water beads as ammunition. Commercially known as a gel marker, gel blaster, gel shooter, or hydro marker.

The ammunition is made from super absorbent polymer water beads that are also known as gel beads, water bullets, gel balls, or Hydrogel balls. They contain Sodium Polyacrylate and are sold as moisture retainers in garden and hardware shops.

Their appearance can be mistaken for that of a real gun, although the mechanics are much different. Basically, it’s the perfect blend between airsoft and paintball. The perfect hybrid baby.

Gel blaster enthusiasts can team up and fight the enemy at a variety of shooting playing fields.

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Toy or Gun?

Gel blaster guns are classified as toys by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). They were designed by the Chinese as a better alternative to dart guns that would shoot foam bullets.

The reason why it is seen as a toy and not a weapon is because of the ammunition type it uses. The gel pellets are sold in hardware and gardening stores to anyone and they aren’t classified as ammunition.

Even though they resemble the real deal, the gel blaster guns are purely used for fun and entertainment. Similar to guns used in laser tag and paintball, the guns are used for tag matches and not hunting or killing.

It is advised that players do wear protective gear when playing, as a hit from the water bead can be painful. At least, leaving a few blue bruises – luckily never fatal.

There is a bit of a grey area when it comes to the legalisation of the gel blaster. As the legalisation also depends on which country or state you are in. Luckily for anyone in South Australia and Queensland, gel guns are here to stay.

It has been reported that many blasters were seized at customs. Because authorities would mistake them for real firearms. It’s therefore advised that you purchase blasters from locals or well-known brands.

How Does a Gel Blaster Gun Work?

Gel blaster guns are usually made from hard plastic. A metal motor designed inside the imitation gun projects a water pellet.  It’s typically a plunger tube that uses compressed air. Some gel blasters are powered by electricity compared to ones with a spring and plunger system.

Typically, blasters have a short-range that isn’t so accurate compared to paintball guns.   However, modern models have introduced a backspin effect on water balls to increase precision and range.

The soft gel water balls aren’t harmful to humans, as they can’t penetrate through the skin. They keep their form inside the gun and after being fired, only to explode once they hit their target. Water balls vary in size and can be as small as 7-8mm and as big as 13-15mm.

Depending on the model and type of gel blaster design, the water ball can be blasted a distance of up to 20 meters – with accuracy.

Maintenance of a Gel Blaster Gun

In the same way, as you would wear protective gear when playing with a paintball or air-soft gun, you should always wear protective gear when handling a blaster. Protective eyewear and face protection are the most important.

Even though there isn’t an age limit on the purchase or use of these toy guns, it is advised that only 12 years and up handle them.

Here are a few tips on maintaining and caring for your blaster gun:

  • Keep the unit dry and out of water or rain
  • Water ball pellets should be moist but not dripping wet when inserted into the unit
  • Consult a professional to do gun repairs and services
  • When the gun isn’t in use, remove the battery
  • When the gun isn’t in use, remove the water ball pellets
  • Don’t obstruct the barrel when you are shooting
  • Charge the battery to 100% before the first use
  • Don’t leave the battery charging unattended, or charge it for more than the recommended time – typically 2-4 hours

Best Brands of Gel Blaster Guns

If you want the best results when shooting a blaster, you’ll do yourself a favour to purchase a blaster from a reputable blaster manufacturer.  Here is our top 3:


JinMing is known as the largest gel blaster manufacturing company in China. Because of their quality designs, they are now exporting their magnificent creations to the rest of the world.

This is one product we don’t mind being made in China. As it is the birthing place of the blaster gun. JinMing is known for creating products that successfully imitates real guns. They put extra effort and technology into creating blasters that have good range and precision while looking sleek.


SKD is known for manufacturing a variety of toy guns that include gel blaster, gel blaster parts, foam shooters, and even protective gear. They are mostly known for the 7-8mm pistol blasters that can be modified and altered.

Many gel blaster fanatics enjoy shooting the SKD Beretta 90. This model is extremely well-made with a two gel blasting feature. Most of their new models also feature a pullback system for better precision.


ZhenDuo is a toy manufacturing company based in China. They produce a variety of gel blaster guns, gel ball ammunition, gel blaster upgrade equipment and different tactical equipment for their toys.

They distribute their products to Asia, Australia, Europe, and the USA. ZhenDuo prides itself in that they create and design all their toys in-house. Creating an excellent client service track record, as they are known to go the extra mile to create quality and unique toy experiences.

Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Gel Blaster Gun

With the wide variety of blasters available on the market, it’s important that you consider the following key features when looking for the perfect fit:

Performance and Speed

The main purpose of obtaining a blaster is for the user to get a real-gun experience. Therefore, the performance of the blaster is an important factor that will determine the user’s overall shooting experience. A blaster that has a pull-back function and looks like a real gun, will give the user a much better and realistic experience.

Blasters that have full and semi-automatic firing options, provide the user with a wider versatility range. A shooting performance speed should reach at least 250FPS (foot per second) which is equivalent to about 275 km/h.

Bear in mind that the strength of the shot, shouldn’t be too powerful. Yes, you want the real experience, but the aim of the game is to have fun and not injure your friend. Always consider the impact that the water ball will have on someone you target.


Many manufacturers design and create extra parts for blasters in order for them to be upgraded. This varies from extra handgrips to stronger batteries and higher quality magazines and internal components.

Check whether the model you choose has any upgradable options available. Whether it’s a series of accessories or upgrades to higher-quality parts. When your model has a versatile design, you’ll be able to adapt it to different playing fields.

Ammo Capacity and Gel Ball Ammo Size

Water balls can be found in a variety of sizes. From as small as 7-8mm to as big as 13-15mm. The smaller the ammo size the more accurate the range. Ammo water balls that are bigger in size, won’t have such an accurate range, as they are heavier.

One can run out of ammo pretty fast when the game gets heated. Reloading your magazine can steal valuable time, that you could’ve used to sneak up on the enemy. Check the ammo capacity of your blaster by looking at the size of the magazine drum.  Some blasters have options to upgrade their magazines to bigger ones, in order to hold more gel balls.

A high-quality blaster will have a T-shape ammo feed that won’t allow it to jam, especially if you’re using an automatic feature.

Construction and Durability

When you spend a few hundred dollars on a blaster, you would want it to endure a few blaster games, wouldn’t you? Look out for high-quality designs and constructions.

Blasters that are well-made are durable to falling on hard surfaces and bumping against tree stumps or other obstacles. The blaster will be used outside a lot. Therefore, it should be able to withstand weather conditions.

They are also easier to clean, as they have removable parts that make it easier. Keep in mind that you buy a model that can be upgraded by adding better elements.


pistol toy gun blaster

Blasters come in a variety of models and designs. Whether you want a toy gun that resembles a pistol, shotgun, or a rifle, you have a choice.

Different designs come in different colours too. Depending on your preference you can get a really big colourful blaster and even customise it with stickers or dangerous logo design.

Automatic and manual types of blasters are also a choice you have to make. An automatic will continue to shoot multiple water balls as long as you hold the trigger down. Whilst a manual needs you to pull the trigger with each fire.

Power Drive

Most blasters are battery-driven and either come with a charging pack or batteries. Batteries take between 2-4 hours to charge. Make sure that the battery included is of high quality that has a long-lasting effect.

Especially if you want to win at the next blaster gun shootout, you need to make sure that your purchase has all the features needed to reign victorious over your enemies.

Reviews of the Best Gel Blaster Guns in Australia 2020

We’ve tried and tested a few blasters on your behalf. Here follow reviews of our top-rated choices.

Zhenduo P90 Grafitti

P90 Electric Water Gun Toy Soft Water Paintball Gel Blaster

Overview: The ZhenDuo P90 Grafitti features a colorful design. If you’re not into the graffiti design, this model comes in other colours like black and khaki. ZhenDuo created the P90 with a large ammo container for optimal playtime.

Made from durable and high-quality ABS plastic, the model provides a shock-resistant device. At 63 cm long and 24 cm in height, the blaster resembles a big powerful gun.

The bullet warehouse can contain 250 9mm water bullets. Which are powered through the long muzzle and can be shot at a distance ranges between 15-25 meters. 

The entire device is dismountable making it easy to clean and safe for children to use.  It comes with a holographic aiming system and a silencer. A battery warehouse is situated in the handle of the blaster, making charging easy.

With your purchase, you’ll receive a convenient shoulder strap, water bullets, USB charger cable, battery, and protective eye goggles.

Cost: $196
Key Features:

  • Holographic aiming
  • ABS plastic
  • 9mm water bullets
  • 2.3 kg in weight.


JinMing ACR J10

Overview: Released in early 2019, the JinMing J10 is the second, more updated, version of the J9 Gearbox.  Made from high-quality nylon, the blaster is guaranteed to withstand different weather conditions. The gun weighs 2kg and comes with Lithium-ion batteries.

With a V2 gearbox it’s a powerful toy gun. The blaster can reach high speeds of up to 22 rounds per second and 290 FPS. With a full automatic firing mode that can be set to a single fire mode with a switch.

Water balls can reach distances of up to 25 meters.  Conveniently, the blaster is compatible with JM Generation 8 magazine that uses 7-8mm gel balls. When you interchange to the JM Gen 8, water balls can reach distances of 35 meters.

The design resembles a real machine gun and is available in black and tan colours. Product includes a variety of accessories including a shoulder strap, USB charger and Lithium-ion batteries.

Cost: $280
Key Features:

  • 22 rounds per second
  • 290 FPS, 25-35 meter range
  • Interchangeable with JM Gen 8 magazine
  • V2 gearbox
  • Lithium-ion battery power driven
  • Switch between full and single automation


Desert Eagle Nylon

Nylon Desert Eagle Gel Blaster Pistol


Overview: Also known as the RX Desert Eagle,  this gel blaster pistol is made completely from high-quality Nylon. The handle is made from alloy and resembles a genuine Desert Eagle pistol to a perfect 1:1 scale.

It can shoot 6 rounds per second with a fully automatic firing mode. The specific model has a pullback mechanism which adds excitement to the usage. Because of its size, users will have to feed water balls manually through the magazine by pushing a button.

Because the blaster is designed to a 1:1 ratio users need to use 7.3mm water gels, which fits best with the barrel size. When triggered it can reach a shooting performance of 170 FPS.

The battery can be found in the bottom rail of the pistol. You’ll need a custom connector to charge the battery. There is an option of purchasing an additional magazine extension.

Cost: $175
Key Features: 

  • 170 FPS
  • Designed 1:1 scale
  • Full Nylon design with Nylon gearbox
  • Pullback mechanism
  • High-quality design


SAW M249 V3

SAW M249 V3 Gel Blaster

Overview: SAW’s M249 V3 is designed for players who like to be trigger happy. Resembling a real machine gun, this blaster even comes with extendable leg stand which are perfect for playing sniper.

The large magazine holds between 800-1000 7-8mm water gel balls. With a powerful shooting force of 30 rounds per second, with ammo reaching distances of up to 25 meters and 250 FPS.

Made from durable ABS plastic, the model is a high-quality product. The vertical foregrip tip is removable and features a tactical red dot laser attachment for aiming. As well as a torch for night play.

Great value for money purchase, as you’ll receive 9 different accessories with your investment.

Cost: $270
Key Features:

  • High volume magazine
  • Safety Switch
  • Removable parts and accessories
  • 240 FPS
  • ABS plastic
  • Red dot laser attachment


Warriors Gel Blaster Bow

Overview: Yes, we know it’s not a gun, but definitely worth a mention in this review. The Warriors gel blaster bow is a special add on to your blaster gun collection. At a price point of only $70, you can pretend to be a real-life superhero (or villain).

Made from PVC, it’s not necessarily the most durable toy, but definitely loads of fun. It has a power range of 30 meters and uses 7-8mm water gel balls.

Recommended for recreational use for children 8 years and up.

Cost: $70
Key Features:

  • Lightweight weighing 1.5kg
  • 6V battery operated
  • Laser beam


STD Gel Water Ball Packs

Gel Ball Clear STD 7-8mm 10,000 Pack Hardened

Overview: Just as important as your weapon, is the ammunition that you use to defeat your army. STD manufacturers gel water balls in packs of 10,000 pieces and in a variety of sizes and colours. They are compatible with most gel blaster guns.

STD water gel balls have been reportedly tested as the leader in blaster ammo manufacturing. Gel balls are tough, durable, firm, and strong. Soak them for 3-4 hours in water to allow them to reach their full size.

Cost: $19



Tap into your inner-child or army man and stock up on gel balls and gel blasters. Join the craze by going full throttle and diving deep into the world of gel blaster gun competitions. When you switch from an airsoft and paintball gun to a gel blaster gun, you’ll get the full real-weapon experience without the injury.

As long as you keep in mind the key factors to consider and follow our full buyer’s guide, you’ll be able to choose a blaster gun that fits your needs perfectly. Whether it’s a pistol, a rifle, or a bow, outwit your opponents by investing in a high-quality and durable product.

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