Buyer’s Guide to the Best Gazebos in Australia 2020


Gazebos are wondrous structures that provide shade and shelter. The earliest gazebo was built as a freestanding structure in the late 14th century in France. Four French-style gazebos were built near the Louvre. Since their introduction, the trend made its way to other countries, including England.

During the Elizabethan era, they were used to host and entertain guests. This structure couldn’t be moved and was typically placed in a garden or gorgeous landscape. Its main purpose was to provide a resting place from which people could gaze at their surroundings. Hence the name ‘gaze’bo – interesting, isn’t it?

An ornamental roof was placed on top of 4-8 supporting pillars. With the sides left uncovered. Leaving open space for people sitting inside to look outwards. Basically, it was a spot where your guests could sit and look at your amazing garden – while you revel in their jealousy.

In more recent years, the gazebo has metamorphosed into a device that can be transported and quickly set up. Especially, if your an outdoorsy individual – a high-quality gazebo is almost a necessity amongst your camping and outdoor gear.

Top 6 Gazebos in Australia 2020

ImageBrandSizeFrameCanopy/RoofWeightCheck Prices
Alice’s Garden 3m x 4mAluminumPolyester34 kgCheck price on Amazon AU
Coleman3m x 3mSteelPolyester20.2 kgCheck price on Amazon AU
Sunjoy Canopy2.4m x 1.5mSteelPolyester1.8kgCheck price on Amazon AU
Instahut3m x 6mSteelPVC coated33 kgCheck price on Amazon AU
Festnight5.3m x 3.5mSteelPolyester55 kgCheck price on Amazon AU
EzyFast1.8m x 1.8mSteel190T Fabric 7 kgCheck price on Amazon AU

Different Functions of a Gazebo

Whether you want to invest in a permanent gazebo, for your garden, or a portable one, for travel and camping, it will provide you with a lot of different functions. Here is a list of the things you can use a gazebo for:

  • Gazing at the gardens
  • Shelter from rain
  • Shade in sunny weather
  • Hosting parties
  • Getting married underneath one
  • A tranquil escape and resting area
  • For camping
  • Blocking wind when using detachable side panels

Difference Between a Gazebo and an Awning

For many campers, there’s a big choice between whether they want to purchase a gazebo or an awning. Before you make that decision, you should understand the difference.

An awning is a sail and two metal poles that are attached to a vehicle. It can usually be rolled up and stored on the side of a vehicle’s roof.  When you move, your awning will be moving along with you.

A gazebo, on the other hand, is freestanding, it can be set up and secured into the ground. Perfect for when you need to set up in an area where cars aren’t allowed.

Different Types of Gazebos

There’s a wide variety of gazebos that can be purchased online or in outdoor shops. Depending on what you want to use it for, here are the most common types of gazebos:

Portable Instant Pop-up Gazebo

These gazebos are lightweight and easy to move around. They usually have steel frames that have an easy-to-setup design. On top of the steel frame is a canvas that is usually rain and UV resistant.

The entire gazebo can be folded up into a compact unit and stored in a bag until the next use. Some portable pop-up gazebos come with detachable side sails to protect from wind and other heavy weather.

These gazebos are popular amongst campers and travelers.  They are made in a variety of shapes and sizes. But ultimately it will have a marquee tent-like appeal that allows water to roll down on all sides.

Garden Gazebo

A garden gazebo is a permanent structure that is built in the garden. Usually built from brick, wood, metal, and roof shingles of high durability. Also known as a pavilion, which derives from ancient Japanese and Chinese architecture. Designed to enhance the beauty of a garden and provide a social gathering or resting spot for guests.

The garden gazebo serves the ancient purpose of gazebos by providing shade and covered seating for people. While gazing out on the garden and enjoying the view. In modern times, you will be able to find a variety of garden gazebos built next to rivers, lakes, and ocean views.


Different from a normal round or octagonal gazebo, the pergola is rectangular or square in shape. Usually placed on a patio or deck, the pergola has cross beams that provide light shade over a seating area.

The structure is made from either durable steel or wood.

Originally, the pergola is designed without a sail on the roof, but recently pergolas have been designed with water-resistant flat roofing. It serves the same purpose as a gazebo, and that’s why it deserves a spot in the Best Aussie reviews list.

Maintenance and Gazebo Care

Because gazebos are usually used outdoors, it’s important that you take good care of it to ensure its longevity. Here are a few tips you can follow to maintain your gazebo and prolong its lifespan.

  • After using a pop-up gazebo make sure that it’s completely dry before storing it away, this will ensure that the metal frame doesn’t rust
  • Always store your gazebo in a dry area or bag
  • Wash off any ocean water, sand, and dirt with clean water after use
  • Make sure that you anchor your gazebo securely into the ground with leg weights, to avoid it being lifted up by a strong wind
  • Avoid leaving your pop-up gazebo outside for too long. Long exposure to hot Aussie sun rays can damage the canvas
  • Remove all leaves and debris from a permanent gazebo every 1-2 months
  • Wash the permanent gazebo with mild soap water
  • Use a bug and insect repellent to avoid the formation of unwanted nests
  • Use a waterproof sealant every 2-4 years on permanent gazebos, especially those made from wood
  • Give a fresh coat of paint to pergolas

Gazebo Personalization

Instant pop-up gazebos can be customized with prints and colors of your choosing. They can serve as excellent promotional units that you can move around from venue to venue.

If you are a company who are looking for personalized shading, which isn’t an umbrella, then personalized gazebos are for you. Printing your company’s logo and slogan on all four sides of the canvas is an excellent idea to brand your products and services.

Best Brands of Gazebos

Gazebos take a lot of heat, literally. They are constantly exposed to harsh UV rays, strong winds, and pouring rain. Definitely not something where you can compromise quality over a cheaper price.

Buying a gazebo from a brand that specializes in the manufacturing of these outdoor canopies, will guarantee quality and longevity. Here is a list of the top three brands you can consider purchasing from:


Coleman is a brand name directly associated with everything outdoor and camping. It all started in 1905 when the founders created the first gas-powered lantern to provide light to a Mississippi evening football game. During World War 2, Coleman provided soldiers with gas-powered camping stoves.

After the war, they continued their journey and continued to design and develop a variety of outdoor equipment. Including cooler boxes, sleeping bags, tents, lighting, camping chairs, stoves, and gazebos.

With 120 years of experience, Coleman creates high-quality camping gear that’s perfect for any outdoor party.

Sunjoy Group

Sunjoy Group is a leader in indoor and outdoor home furnishings for more than a decade. They have a team of dedicated and innovative designers and product developers that create modern patio furniture and gazebos.

They pride themselves in creating lux items that are practical and consistently high quality. Sunjoy Group also provides consumers with outdoor furniture like couches, dining sets and of course, gazebos.

A great thing about this group is that replacement parts can be bought. Instead of replacing the entire gazebo, consumers can buy replacement canopies, curtains, and accessories.

Alice’s Garden

In the business for more than a decade, Alice’s Garden is dedicated to creating and developing modern and durable furniture. All furniture created by Alice’s Garden comes with a 2-year warranty, which is proof that they provide constant quality products.

The U.K. based company has the slogan ‘Every day is a holiday’ and its furniture designs are fun, modern, and forward-thinking.

Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Gazebo

It’s not only a structure that provides shade from the sun and shelter from the rain. There are a few important key factors you have to consider before entering your banking details.


How many people do you want to host underneath the gazebo? If you usually travel around with only a couple of people then you don’t have to invest in a huge gazebo. You can find small models of 2mx2m ranging to 3mx6m.

For permanent garden gazebos, you should consider how much space you have available in your back garden. Make sure that you buy a size that comfortably fits into your back yard. When you are planning on putting tables and chairs underneath the gazebo, make sure that all furniture is able to fit underneath while getting shade.

Durability and Strength

A gazebo is like a little home without walls. It needs to be strong and sturdy to achieve its ultimate purpose. Consider models that are made from durable materials.

For a gazebo frame consider a unit made from:

  • Aluminum – It’s lightweight and extremely resistant to rust
  • Powder-coated Steel- A heavy steel that’s covered in epoxy resin. The resin can be found in a variety of colors and provides protection against corrosion. Typically used in pop-up gazebos, and when scratched or damaged, it reveals the steel underneath which can result in rust.
  • Resin- A UV resistant material that’s made from steel and covered in a rust-resistant coating. Even though resin fades over time, it’s great value for money.
  • Wrought-Iron – A material that’s extremely durable and strong. It can be repainted and recoated with anti-corrosion. Typically used in permanent gazebo fixtures because of its heavyweight
  • Wood – Wooden gazebos look natural in a garden setting. It needs a lot of maintenance in the form of stain coatings, wood treatments, varnishes, and insecticide or fungicide treatments.

For the gazebo canopy/roof consider the following materials:

  • Polyester – An expensive but more durable fabric. It’s denser than other materials and is water-repellent.
  • Polyethlene – A material typically used in more affordable gazebos. It’s lightweight and perfect for camping or pop-up gazebos.
  • Vinyl – This material is water-resistant and doesn’t need much maintenance. It’s specifically designed to block out UV rays.
  • Canvas- A thick material that blocks light and heat from the sun. They are extremely durable as they can stretch, making them withstand tears and fading under heavy weather conditions.

Style and Purpose

Gazebos have a variety of purposes, whether you want it to add an outdoor resting space to your yard, a barbecue hotspot, or provide shade during a trip to the ocean. You have to purchase one accordingly.

How regularly will you be using it? What kind of weather will it have to endure? And how portable should it be? It’s important that you consider all these aspects before picking the perfect one.

If you want to use it only once during a camping trip, then you don’t have to purchase the most expensive one on the market. Find a gazebo that fits your personal style, taste, and need. It won’t be that difficult, there are loads of great options to choose from.


Especially if you’re looking for an instant pop-up gazebo, then portability and easy setup are important factors to consider. Will you be spending hours attaching frame parts to each other, or will it be an instant extension set up?

Consider the weight of the unit. Permanently fixed gazebos can weigh between 300-450kg, whereas instant gazebos weigh only 15-25kg.

Most instant portable gazebos come in an easy-to-carry bag, which will allow you to load it into the SUV and carry it to the perfect beach spot.

Extra Features

Some extra accessories that are included in the purchase of a gazebo might include the following:

  • Detachable side panels
  • Gazebo carry bag
  • Sand pegs (either steel or heavy-duty plastic)
  • Rubber mallet for pegs
  • Floor cover
  • Canvas repair kit
  • Tent peg extractor
  • Tool bag

Before you click on the ‘buy now’ button, make sure that some of the above mentioned are included in the purchase or whether you have to buy them separately.

Reviews of the Best Gazebos in Australia 2020

Here is a list of in-detail reviews of the best, tried and tested gazebos for your consideration:

Alice’s Garden Pergola

Overview: Alice’s Garden 3mx4m pergola is a stylish garden fixture for modern homes. The frame is made from aluminum anthracite that’s suitable for all environments. It also has a thermal lacquered paint finish for extra weather resistance.

Topping the classy pergola is a water-resistant polyester that is 180g/m².  With a smart sliding design, the shade is retractable. Although the fabric only has a 6-month warranty from Alice’s garden, it has been proven to last for many years longer when maintained well.

The pergola is easy to set up and has a wide steel base with added holes to be safely secured into the ground. Weighing only 34kg, the pergola can be moved around your back garden quite easily.

Coming in a wide range of colors including off-white, grey, and dark blue, you can pick one according to your style.

Cost: $426
Perfect For:
Garden use
Key Features: 
Lightweight, aluminum frame, polyester fabric, UPF 50, sliding polyester canvas


  • The aluminum frame doesn’t rust
  • Retractable sliding polyester canvas
  • 1-year guarantee


  • Not as sturdy and durable as other heavier weighted pergolas
  • Needs to be well-maintained to extend lifespan


Coleman 3x3m Deluxe Gazebo

Coleman Deluxe Gazebo 3x3m

Overview: The compact Coleman deluxe gazebo is constructed to withstand heavy weather conditions. Made from heavy-duty steel with welded feet for extra sturdiness.

The frame has a unique D shape that enhances easy-of-use and set up. Coleman features its patented no-pinch grip easy glide set up in this model, which makes it the perfect camping mate.

Weighing only 20.2 kilograms and measuring 3mx3m, the Coleman deluxe gazebo is perfect for quick trips to the ocean or swimming pool.

Cost: $180
Perfect For:
Couples who need a lightweight, easy-to-setup portable shade
Key Features: 
No pinch grip, Easy-glide setup, 3mx3m


  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Extremely lightweight at 20.2 kg
  • Extremely durable and heavy duty


  • Size is only suitable for 2-4 people sitting comfortably
  • On the expensive side of the spectrum


Sunjoy Canopy Set for Grill

Sunjoy L-GZ238PST-11C 8' x 5' Sylvan Grill Gazebo Large

Overview: Who said gazebos should only be for people? This modern approach to barbecuing outside is an excellent idea. The canopy set is made from 100% durable polyester and is completely weather resistant.

The construction of the canopy is perfect to provide shelter from rain or strong sun rays. Granting you the opportunity to barbecue Aussie style come hell or high water.

Cost: $124
Perfect For:
Those who take barbecuing seriously 
Key Features: 
Weather resistant, 100% polyester, easy to clean


  • User can barbecue whenever they want
  • Specifically for your grill


  • Sunjoy sells gazebo parts separately
  • Not suitable for a group of people


Instahut 3mx6m Gazebo

Overview: The sturdy outdoor Instahut gazebo is constructed from highly durable materials. With an anti-rust coating across the steel frame, the Instahut provides ultimate stability and durability.

Standing on 6 legs and measuring 3mx6m, the gazebo provides space for a large group of people. The legs can be adjusted according to a height of your preference. Saving you lots of time, with a set up time of only minutes.

The PVC coated oxford fabric roof provides protection against UV-rays and wet weather. It features velcro insertions to secure safely onto the frame.

Cost: $184
Perfect For:
Big groups 
Key Features: 
PVC coated roof fabric, steel frame, large size, easy set up, weighs 33 kg


  • It’s size
  •  Adjustable height
  • Velcro fasteners
  • Available in different colors


  • Can’t withstand extreme weather conditions


Festnight Gazebo

Overview: The gorgeous Festnight gazebo creates a beautiful outdoor experience for guests. Made from high-quality powder-coated steel, it’s guaranteed to endure extreme weather.

The canopy top is made from high-quality polyester that has an extra PA coating. Making it water, weather, and UV resistant. Drapes are detachable and can be washed separately. They can also be pulled close to create privacy for your guests or act as a barrier from strong winds.

The whole construction weighs only 55 kg which makes it easy to move around from area to area. It can be secured into the ground using steel pegs. Furthermore, the height of the gazebo is 2 meters, leaving enough space for guests to roam around underneath.

Cost: $423
Perfect For: Outdoor events, weddings, parties, and fancy barbecues 
Key Features: 
Durable cover, high-quality steel frame, beautifully designed, 8 detachable side panels


  • Classy design that can be used for events
  • Quality product


  • Not suitable for camping


EzyFast Ultra Backpack Gazebo

EzyFast Ultra Compact Backpack Canopy, Pop Up Shelter

Overview: Just when you think life can’t get any better, along comes EzyFast with their compact backpack gazebo. The compact gazebo weighs only 7 kilograms and can be easily stowed away in a compact backpack. Making transportation and carrying extremely user friendly.

The frame is made from durable metal and can be set up quite easily by an individual. Using a push-button locking mechanism, the gazebo proves to be sturdy. It includes a back panel that blocks extra sunrays and a canopy that’s made from UV resistant fabric.

When set up the gazebo measures 1.8m1.8m, perfect for an individual or a couple. Added into the combo is 4 weight bags that can be filled with beach sand or camping ground soil, as well as 4 steel pegs to secure the gazebo into the ground.

Cost: $146
Perfect For: Hiking, Picnics, and Camping for solo travelers
Key Features: 
Backpack, lightweight, EzyFast frame system


  • Perfect for solo travelers
  • Extremely lightweight weighing only 7 kg
  • Comes in a fun-sized backpack with side pockets


  • Not made to endure extreme weather conditions
  • Not suitable for large groups




No doubt that anyone who lives in Australia during hot summer weather days can do with a decent gazebo. You don’t have to struggle with an umbrella that’s constantly detaching itself from the ground. Now you can easily set up an outdoor gazebo, under which you and your friends can hide away from the UV rays.

Whether it’s a permanent fixture on your patio for a social barbecue, a quaint relaxing resting spot in your luscious garden, or a quick popup during camping or beach trip; You’ll soon discover that the one with the gazebo, is where the ultimate party is at.

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