Buyer’s Guide to the Best Bluetooth FM Transmitter in Australia 2020


Nothing quite beats a road trip along the coast or through the adventurous outback.  There is one thing that can make your long trip much less boring – Being serenaded by Kylie Minogue and Keith Urban, of course. Yes, music can turn any long drive into an enjoyable experience.

Most modern cars come with built-in Bluetooth devices that automatically connects to your smartphone. Some have auxiliary units and USB ports that also allows you to connect your phone’s music into your car. If you are the owner of an older model vehicle, then you have to resort to complete silence.

Investing in a Bluetooth FM transmitter device will allow you to blare your music over speakers for full-on enjoyment. It allows you to cruise along the coast in your Ford Model T while listening to the Beach Boys.

Similarly, this nifty device can be used with other older audio output machines like desktop computers, MP3 players, DVD players, CD players, and iPods. You can stream your favorite talk shows from Triple J and listen to it at full volume.

Top 6 Bluetooth FM Transmitter in Australia 2020

ImageBrandDesignDisplayUSB PortCheck Prices
Nulaxy KM18Gooseneck1.44 inch LCD1Check price on Amazon AU
IMDENCompact/FixedLED screen2Check price on Amazon AU
VicTsingGooseneck1.8 inch colour LCD3Check price on Amazon AU
JETechPower CordLCD screen1Check price on Amazon AU
FirstECompact/FixedLED screen2Check price on Amazon AU
Trekpow ABOXCompact/FixedLED screen3Check price on Amazon AU

How Does a Bluetooth FM Transmitter Work?

The little device connects to any kind of phone that has a Bluetooth setting. Audio from the phone is received by the device’s transmitter. The audio is converted into an FM signal (similar to that of a radio station). Transmitters utilize free FM frequencies that aren’t used by nearby radio stations. The FM signal is then transferred to the speaker and stereo system.

Since your phone’s speakers don’t allow for a high volume output, the transferral allows you to use bigger speakers from other devices. This allows you to stream music, podcasts, and audiobooks from your Android or iOS over other stereo systems. Quite clever, right?

Benefits of Using a Bluetooth FM Transmitter

There are loads of benefits to using this smart little device in your vehicle. Here is a list of the most common benefits:

  • Allows for hands-free phone calls
  • Amplifies GPS audio for clearer directions
  • Downloaded music and other audio on your phone can be played on higher volume speakers
  • Cheaper than re-doing your car’s stereo system or buying a new sound system
  • Not device-specific; can be used in an array of different older models
  • No need to throw out old stereo systems as this nifty device turns it into a modern audio machine
  • Creates a strong wireless connection that’s faster than picking up radio frequencies, especially if you’re driving through the outback
  • Signal can be picked up, for up to 10 meters away.
  • It’s extremely easy to use

Bluetooth FM Transmitters Work With These Devices

A Bluetooth FM transmitter can be used with a variety of different audio devices, not only an older vehicle model. You can use a Bluetooth FM transmitter with any of the following devices:

  • DVD Player
  • CD Player
  • Older Stereo Systems
  • Vehicle’s Stereo System
  • Desktop Computer
  • iPods and older Audio Boosters
  • Television

Although the most common use for these little power machines is in older model cars.

Mono vs Stereo Audio

First, understand the difference between mono and stereo audio outputs. Mono audio uses one signal. This single signal is then channeled and reproduced through one or more speakers. The same monaural audio is reproduced through different speakers using a copy of the frequency or signal.

A stereo uses more than one signal.  This allows for a variety of different audio to be played through different speakers. Different signals, when played together, allows for a much fuller audio experience.

Typically, transmitters are set in mono sound, but if your car’s speakers and audio system have the stereo setting, you’ll find Bluetooth FM transmitters that can produce stereo sound.

A full rounded stereo sound is a much better experience than a single-channel audio.

How to Get the Best out Of Your Bluetooth FM Transmitter

You can get the best out of your Bluetooth FM transmitter experience when you buy a great product. There are loads of different options on the market, but if you purchase a low-quality device, you’ll end up with low-quality functionality.

When you follow guidelines from this buyer’s guide, you will definitely be able to make the right decision before putting down the dollars.

Start off by setting the right frequency to your head unit. Making sure that your Bluetooth device and the main source connect in a free FM space is important.

There is a possibility that you might cross some lines with neighbours. If you don’t want to listen to their audio choices, then you have to find a frequency that has at least 0.2 MHz space in between. Some radio stations’ signals are so strong that they will bleed over to adjoining FM frequencies.

Best Brands of Bluetooth FM Transmitters

There are so many really good quality brands of Bluetooth FM Transmitters around. Here are our top picks (it was a tight race):


Known as the best selling car Bluetooth FM Transmitter on Amazon, Nulaxy provides great quality products. The company was created in 2015 and soon became a leader in electronic accessories and Bluetooth devices. Their products include a variety of automotive electronics, PC/Mobile peripherals, and Laptop Mounts and Stands.

Since their commencement, they’ve stayed true to their ultimate goal, which is providing quality products without any compromising.  Millions of consumers have jumped on the Nulaxy train to enjoy their quality products – with great reviews and results.


Also known for their Bluetooth keyboards, computer mice, video projectors, and car accessories, VicTsing creates quality on-brand products. Their products are usually designed with a luminous rainbow border or colour palette, which has also become their signature look.

They have excellent loyalty programs for VIP customers. This includes 20% off of some of their products, 2 years warranties, and Amazon gift cards.


JETech provides a variety of electronic accessories such as screen protectors, cables, adapters, and cases.  Renowned for producing durable and high-quality protective gear.

When you buy a product from JETech, you are guaranteed to have an array of different accessories that will go along with it. Although their Bluetooth FM Transmitters aren’t what they’re known for, it’s still pretty high-quality and functional – increasing in popularity.

Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Check out these key factors when you want to purchase a Bluetooth FM Transmitter:


Most Bluetooth FM Transmitters are likely to be small in size. They will differ in shape, some being designed as squares and others as circular sticks. As long as the device doesn’t obstruct your driving, it’s all good.  Find a size that fits well into your car’s interior design.


You definitely need to check whether the Bluetooth FM Transmitter is compatible with your smartphone and the device you want to connect it to. Double-check the guidelines to see whether the device can actually be connected to the car.

Any older model vehicle will have a cigarette lighter in which you can connect the Bluetooth transmitter. Furthermore, your smartphone should have a Bluetooth setting.

If you want a Bluetooth FM Transmitter specifically for other devices like televisions or computers, then you have to make sure that the transmitter device is specifically designed to connect to these.

Audio Experience

The sound quality will most probably depend on the speakers of the device you will be connecting to. It is worth looking into any interference experienced by previous users.

When a transmitter jumps around between frequencies it can have a negative effect on the general sound output. That’s also why you have to make sure you understand how the device’s connectivity works in order to find the most reliable FM setting.

Functionality and Ease of Use

Especially if you’re going to use it in your vehicle, it needs to be fairly easy to use. You shouldn’t be fiddling around looking for buttons when your eyes should actually be on the road.

Some Bluetooth FM Transmitters come with added remotes and additional buttons to make it easier to use. Some settings will include volume adjustments, skip track, different modes, on/off switches, answer calls, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Most of these devices are pretty straightforward to install and use:

  1. Plug the device into the cigarette lighter or other power input
  2. Switch on your phone’s Bluetooth connectivity and find the connection
  3. Pick a suitable FM audio frequency
  4. Select the audio you want to play
  5. Viola!

If it’s anything more complicated than this – then reconsider.


Luckily, most Bluetooth FM Transmitters are affordable little devices. It sure beats having to re-do your entire sound system. Some lower-quality designs tend to be the same price as higher-quality designs.

It’s therefore important that you check out the brand and all the specs, before buying it. Considering the manufacturer and quality of built will help eliminate any issues in the future.


The display screen is usually a simple LED monitor, ranging in size and style.  If you are someone who likes to know the name of the song playing, find a display monitor that includes caller ID, car battery levels, and song titles.

Remember that your eyes should be on the road, and that the display screen shouldn’t be too distracting. Make sure that the word display is an adequate size for you to have a quick glance at it.

Extra Features

You’ll be surprised at the variety of different features these little devices can come with. Some have built-in USB ports that allow you to charge your phone while you drive. Bluetooth connect buttons make it much easier to pair, instead of waiting for it to just pick up the signal.

Other great features include the hands-free tool, taking a phone call, and audio adjustment buttons.  Added features truly enhance the musical experience.

Bluetooth FM Transmitter Reviews

Here is a concrete review list of our top Bluetooth FM Transmitters that you can find on

Nulaxy Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter KM18

Overview: The Nulaxy KM18 is a top of the range Bluetooth FM Transmitter designed by well-known brand, Nulaxy. This specific design has been praised for its quality and reliability. It’s an extremely exclusive device, that can only be purchased through Nulaxy itself.

It guarantees a crystal clear audio output, with its advanced noise reduction technology. The Bluetooth FM Transmitter has easy connection and can answer phone calls with the press of a button. For optimum audio enjoyment, it comes with a trio of music play input sources – either TF card, Bluetooth, or AUX Cable.

The LCD display is bold and big, allowing for optimum visual effect. With a 1.44 inch screen, you won’t have trouble reading information.  A song’s name can be displayed as well as the caller ID and car battery voltage are displayed on the monitor.

What’s even greater is that the device comes with a voltmeter for complete safety. Measuring the volt of your car’s battery. Checking the voltmeter will avoid you having to push your car home after a day listening to music at the beach.  For further safety, it comes with a hands-free calling option.

The design is sleek, and Nulaxy has definitely considered functionality and ease of use.  It even comes in an array of colours.

The proof is in the pudding with this delectable device – Almost 17,000 reviews on have given it a solid 4.5/5 stars.

Be careful with this device as it can drain your car’s battery when left unattended. A lot of power comes in small packages.

Cost:  $23
Most Android and iOS devices
Key Features: 1.44 inch LCD screen, 3 sound source input, hands-free phoning, voltmeter, quality design


IMDEN Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter QC3.0

Overview: The rod-shaped Bluetooth FM Transmitter from IMDEN, is an easy-to-use device. It has an ultra-compact design that has voltage protection, short circuit protection, current protection, temperature protection, and a Qualcomm charger of 3.0.

By plugging it into your car’s lighter port you’ll be able to use the device with a quick Bluetooth pairing. It has two USB car charger ports, with one Qualcomm 3.0 charger that allows for super-fast charging up to 80%.

You can also input a USB stick into the other port and listen to MP3 files. and listen to FM radio channels.

A high-performance microphone with noise suppression technology gives you a safe hands-free phone call operation. After your call, the device switches swiftly back to music or voice navigation.

The LCD screen is quite small and only displays the FM frequency and a voltage warning. Three buttons are situated on the device which includes 2 skip tracks, and an answer call button.

Cost: $31
Connects to most iOS and Android devices
Key Features: Many safety features, compact and lightweight, easy transportable, USB port, built-in microphone, fast-charging, hands-free phone calls, and echo cancellation


VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Overview: Known for its colourful designs and displays, VicTsing, has done it again. Creating an extremely affordable Bluetooth FM Transmitter that has a full LCD colour screen. The main feature of the device is its 1.8 inch Larger Colour Display. The device design follows that of a fashionable sports car.

Because of the screen’s size, the consumer gets to see loads of information including, phone number, song names, car voltage, track number, FM frequency signal, and track length.

For the ultimate musical atmosphere, the VicTsing offers 5 EQ modes (pop, rock, normal, jazz, and classical).

The VicTsing transmitter has CVC noise reduction technology that allows for a great audio experience. Including a sensitive microphone, that comes in handy when you take a hands-free phone call.

Loads of security protection features including over-voltage, over-current, and short circuit protection, as well as intelligent temperature control.

It has a wireless range of up to 5 meters and includes an audio cable, user manual, and the device. To top it off, the device comes with a 12-month warranty plus free lifetime technical support.

A great value for money kinda deal.

Cost: $27
Compatible with most iOS and Android devices
Key Features: 5 EQ modes, variety of safety features, colour LCD display, easy to use, 5 meter range, CVC noise reduction, hands-free kit, supports AUX, TF Card, and USB drive, and low power consumption.


JETech Wireless FM Transmitter

Overview: Known for excellent quality Bluetooth devices, JETech introduced their own wireless FM transmitter. It comes in beautiful subtle colours (silver and rose pink) and is small in size for better aesthetics.

The small compact devices can be either connect into your car’s lighter charger, or devices with an Audio Jack like headphones. It can be connected to a variety of Bluetooth devices as well as a USB stick. With a RAM memory of 1GB.

With a small display screen that features the FM frequency and two buttons to adjust frequencies, it’s a pretty easy device to use.

Cost: $111
With most Android and iOS devices
Key Features:  3.5 mm headphone jack, USB port, compact, soft colours, 1GB RAM, easy-to-read display screen


FirstE Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Overview: The FirstE Bluetooth FM Transmitter is an best choice, and for good reason. It features three audio play modes that include Bluetooth, TF Card, and USB drive of 64 GB.

It has a sturdy design with next and previous buttons. As well as a large circular answer/play/pause bigger button that doubles as a volume control when rotated and a TX Mode when long pressed.

The device is designed with easy access to the TF Card, Charging, and USB Disk ports.  It can process Mp3, WAV, and WMA tracks. A golden or silver exterior gives the device a luxurious appearance.

At this affordable price point, the FirstE Bluetooth FM Transmitter is an absolute steal. As it guarantees a great connection that won’t be dropped.

Cost: $19
With most Android and iOS devices
Key Features: Three play modes, easy-to-use, clear display, hands-free phone calls,


Trekpow by ABOX Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Overview: Don’t mistake Trekpow’s Bluetooth FM Transmitter design for the driver’s stick. The sleek device doesn’t only look modern, it also has many modern features. It has CVC suppression technology that reduces external noise sources to create a crystal-clear audio output, even with some deep bass. The CVC technology allows for clear hands-free phone calls too.

The device comes with 4.2 Bluetooth technology that maximizes the device compatibility. Playing through a variety of different music modes that include SD card, USB port, AUX audio line-in for non-Bluetooth devices, and Bluetooth devices.

The large knob allows for easy operation that allows you to keep your eyes on the road. The speedy charger can charge three devices at once.

As an extra add-on, the extremely affordable device comes with a 12-month warranty. Which guarantees its durability and quality.

Cost: $19
Most Android and iOS devices 
Key Features: CVC technology, 3 charging ports, multiple music playing modes, sleek and modern design



With the amount of really good devices out there, you might have to browse around until you find the perfect one for your specific use. When you consider all of the above reviews, you will be able to make a well-informed decision on purchasing a Bluetooth FM Transmitter.

Keeping in mind that the overall function is to be able to play audio without any interference. As well as having an easy hands-free call without having to take your eyes off the road for too long.

Owning one is definitely a cost-effective way in which you can stream your favorite podcasts, and sing-a-long to your favorite songs while driving long distances. All of this without having to trade in or re-do your vintage motor’s stereo system.

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