Complete Buyer’s Guide to the Best Wet Vacuum Cleaner in Australia 2020


In 1901, all housecleaner’s lives changed when British engineer, Hubert Cecil Booth invented the vacuum cleaner. Since then, vacuum cleaners have undergone a series of design and functional changes to make cleaning easy and convenient.

Through a strong suction mechanism, the vacuum cleaner sucks up dust, dirt, and small particles from all surfaces and floors. It has been the go-to apparatus for cleaners all over the world. Since its existence, the vacuum’s main purpose was to tackle dry dirt and dust.

But what happened when your toddler spilled their juice? or things got a bit out of hand at a barbecue leaving wine and beer stains all over the carpets? It was because of these wet spills, that designers invented the wet vacuum cleaner. Equipped in sucking up any liquid spill or waste without the liquid damaging the apparatus.

The wet vacuum cleaner has become a staple in most homes and we scoured the internet in looking for the best of the best.

Top 6 Wet Vacuum Cleaner in Australia 2020

ImageBrandTank CapacityFilterPowerCheck Prices
Bosch Universal Vac 1515 litersCartridge1000WCheck price on Amazon AU
DeWalt DCV5807.5 litersWashable100WhCheck price on Amazon AU
Bissell 2225F828ml (Water)
428ml (Dirt)
HEPA1200WCheck price on Amazon AU
Enigma30 litersWashable2000W Check price on Amazon AU
YOMYMn/aHEPAn/aCheck price on Amazon AU
Hoover ONEPWR Cordless650ml (detergent)
325ml (dirty water)
Washable157W (motor)Check price on eBay AU

Purpose of a Wet Vacuum Cleaner

Compared to a dry vacuum, that can only suck up dry dirt and dust, the wet vacuum is designed to clean liquid spills. In most cases, wet vacuum cleaners are equipped in sucking up dry debris as well. This apparatus will be referred to as a wet&dry vacuum.

The purpose of a wet vacuum is to clean wet or damp patches as well as liquid spillage indoors or outdoors. Different to dry cleaning canisters, the wet vacuum has a special insulated machine that protects the electrical components from getting wet and damaging the machine.

It’s perfect for sucking up liquid spillage after (and during) a party to keep the floor safe and slip-free. Users can even tackle a lot of liquid when cleaning out the fish pond or swimming pool.

Difference Between Regular and Commercial Grade Vacuums

Regular or residential vacuums are used to clean surfaces in and around the house. The devices are usually not heavy-duty and can be used on a daily basis to suck up dust, dirt, and debris. Residential vacuums come in different sizes, weights, and designs. They should be functional to move around furniture and get into nooks and crannies. Typically, residential vacuums are lightweight, portable, and easy to store away in the cleaning cupboard.

Commercial vacuums come in both canister and upright vacuums. Its main purpose is to clean commercial-sized buildings with big surfaces and floors. They are much bigger than residential vacuums and also have a higher suction strength. To make moveability easier, they will have much longer chords and accessories.

Because commercial vacuums should be made to last longer and be more durable, they are typically more expensive than home wet&dry vacuums.

Difference Between Wet and Dry Vacuuming

There’s not too much to be discussed here. Basically, the only difference between wet and dry vacuuming is just that – whether the dirt the vacuum is sucking up is either wet or dry.

Dry vacuums are designed only to pick up dry dirt and dust from carpets and floors. This unit’s body is compact with a motor situated directly next to the suction area and waste container. Whereas a wet vacuum cleaner has a barrier between the motor and the waste container. This is to ensure that liquids don’t reach the mechanics and damage the electronics. When you suck up liquids with a dry vacuum, you will damage the entire machine.

Wet vacuums can suck up mud tracks, newly spilled drinks, and larger amounts of water.

If you are shopping around for a vacuum, it’s best to purchase a vacuum that can suck up both wet and dry messes.

Different Types of Vacuums

Apart from residential or commercial and wet or dry, there is one other main difference in types of vacuum and that is the overall exterior design. The exterior design has an impact on its moveability through the house, storage, type of flooring it can be used on, and whether it can reach all areas.

Here are the main style types of vacuums:


Canisters are designed with a low profile to help the user reach difficult areas within the bathroom, underneath furniture, and on the stairs. They are perfect for low- medium carpets and bare flooring. Its main component hosts the filter, dust bag, and motor.

What is great, is that they can be dragged across the floor, since they mostly always have wheels attached to the canister.

Upright Vacuum

The first upright vacuum was manufactured by Hoover in the early 1900s. It is steered by holding onto a handle that’s attached to the unit and then pushed around the room. Some come with attachments to reach the ceiling and other upholstery, as well as different height and suction power settings.

This design is perfect for homes with deep-pile carpets since they have a beater bar with an attached rotating brush. The brush pushes into the carpet’s fibers and loosens hair, dust, and debris that is then sucked up through the device.

Handheld and Stick Vacuums

Perfect for homeowners of smaller apartments and bachelor flats, the handheld or stick vacuum is compact and easy to use. Most stick vacuums are cordless and use rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. They also feature the HEPA filtration system for better air quality and are extremely lightweight for ultimate maneuverability.

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To ensure your vacuum stays in tip-top shape you have to do proper maintenance. Especially if you spent a few hundred dollars on the piece of equipment, you can really lengthen its lifespan by applying some simple maintenance tasks:

  •  Check the motor belt and replace it when it’s broken
  • Clean the brush roll from hairs and dust build-up
  • Always ensure that the waste bag and attachments are properly attached
  • Clean the vacuum filter regularly
  • Store it in a dry clean space
  • Replace or clean the waste bag regularly
  • Bagless models should be cleaned out properly on a regular basis
  • When performance or suction strength change, take it to a vacuum shop for a quick service
  • Keep all nozzles and attachments clean

Best Brands

Why not just buy a cheap vacuum cleaner and be done with it? After all, all designs basically do the same thing, right? Well, yes. All vacuum cleaners’ function is ultimately to suck up dirt, dust, and liquids, but there’s much more to it than meets the eye.

Vacuums shouldn’t only remove dirt from the carpets. Higher-quality vacuums will also remove unseen allergens from surfaces and capture them inside well-insulated vac bags. The purpose is to not let the dust flow back into the room.

Higher-end machines will usually have higher prices, this is because they use different types of filtration systems. HEPA filtration systems are sealed, ensuring that small dust particles aren’t released back into the air again. The high-quality parts will also give the machine a longer warranty. Vacuums from credible brands will also have a wider range of accessories and tools as well as offer exclusive features.

Big brands will also offer different types of vacuums, varying from heavy-duty, commercial-grade, residential stick vacuums, and handheld.  The top three vacuum manufacturing brands are:


For the past 65-years, Bosch has developed and produced top-notch German-engineered vacuum cleaners. With the highest level of precision in their engineering, Bosch truly lives up to its reputation.

Bosch manufacturers a series of cordless, bagless, bagged, and corded wet&dry vacuum cleaners. With a 10 years motor guarantee on all their vacuums, users are guaranteed a high-quality performance.

An added addition to the Bosch vacuum family is the ProAnimal AirTurbo that ensures faster pet hair cleaning.


Known for their amazing durable power tools, DeWalt also manufactures a series of high-quality cordless wet&dry vacuum cleaners.  Found in 1922, DeWalt focused on designing heavy-duty power tools, but in 2012, they introduced a series of products to contain and control dust for better air quality.

With an array of sizes, styles, and performance levels, DeWalt has a vacuum that suits everyone’s needs. All of DeWalt’s vacuums use a strong suction to sip up gallons of wet or dry debris.


In 1908, 7 years after the initial invention of the vacuum, Hoover purchased the upright vacuum patent from John Murray Spangler. The upright vacuum was known as the Hoover vacuum cleaner and has become a household name. Almost 120 years later, Hoover is still producing some of the best household and commercial vacuums on the market.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Wet Vacuum Cleaner

To help you make the right decision when purchasing a wet vacuum, we’ve compiled a list of factors you have to consider.

Size and Type

Depending on the size of your living space or commercial property, you are going to need a compatible sized vacuum. Consider the space you have available for storage, as well as the layout of the rooms. The last thing you want is dragging a huge machine across the living room, knocking over valuable vases.

Depending on your personal needs and size of your home, you can buy either an upright, canister, robotic, handheld or stick vacuum.


Vacuums can be quite loud, especially commercial-style ones. Typically, noise output of regular vacuum cleaners is between 70-80 decibels. As long as it doesn’t exceed 80 decibels, the vacuum cleaner has good sound output.

Filtration System

A vacuum uses different kinds of filtration systems to suck up liquids and debris. The overall purpose of a filtration system is to remove particles off of surfaces without excreting them back into the air again.

High-quality filtration systems remove airborne particles that can cause asthma and allergies. If you do suffer from allergies or asthma, then you really have to invest in a proper vacuum that is able to remove all of these unpleasantries from your home.

Modern vacuums can have 2 filters to ensure better air quality in the home. The two filters consist of a primary and a secondary filter.

The types of filters are:

  • Cartridge filters
  • Foam filters
  • Disk filters
  • Cloth filters

Filters need to be replaced and cleaned regularly. Extra features within the vacuum consist of a:

  • HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air)
  • Microfresh filters
  • Allergen filters
  • Washable filters

These are all filters that improve air quality by ensuring the removal of micro-organisms in the air. The HEPA filter is of the highest quality and can remove 99.995% of 0.3 microns out of the air.

Attachments and Extension Wands

Vacuums can come with as much as 12 attachments, ranging in function and size. If you would like to remove accumulated dust from curtains, ceiling fans, wall corners, moldings, and furniture then you will need different types of nozzles to get to those tricky spots.

Especially if you have pets whose hair is everywhere, you’ll need an extra mini-motorized tool with special brushes. Look out for other specialized nozzles that will help you get to dust in between car seats and under tight spots.

Dust Bag

Dust bags are kept inside the vacuum cleaner and can be replaced or washed and reused. Don’t be fooled here, so-called ‘high performance’ bags are just the same as regular dust bags. As long as they can hold a pile of nails, dirt, and debris they’re good to go.

Do consider the removing process.  When you want to switch from dry vacuuming to wet vacuuming, you would want the dust bag removal to be easy.

Hose Fittings and Lock

Consider getting a vacuum that has a hose lock that will secure the hose and fittings into place, instead of a simple press-on fitting.

Floor Type

It’s extremely important that you consider the kind of surface you’ll be vacuuming. When you have a home filled with thick carpets, then you’ll need an upright vacuum.  Many canister vacuums have different height adjustment settings as well as a brush roll, that will help you deep clean your carpets.

Generally, canister vacuums are perfect for hardwood floors and low-pile carpets. Consider your floor type to ensure that the vacuum’s wheels won’t damage the floors.

If you have a smaller apartment with not a lot of floor space, then a small stick will do the trick.

Top Reviews of the Best Wet Vacuums

Here is a list of our top wet vacuum cleaner choices for Australians:

Bosch Universal Vac 15

Bosch Universal Vac 15 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Overview: The canister styled Bosch Universal Vac 15, is an excellent multi-purpose residential wet and dry vacuum cleaner.  With a built-in cartridge filter, the vacuum makes cleaning any dry or wet debris a breeze.

It has a high suction power that can clean up 15 liters of liquid and dust all at once. The container is impact-resistant, which makes it perfect to use in the garage. In addition to its suction, the Universal Vac 15 can even blast air.

Other great features of the Vac 15 include an ergonomic carry handle, a light weight of only 9.5 kilograms,  and attachment storage on the unit itself.

Cost: $150
Key Features: Blowing function, 1000 watts, 15 liters, Impact resistant container, air blaster
Includes: Rubber lip/brush insert, floor nozzle, extra length crevice nozzle, 2 0.5 meter extraction pipes, extraction adapter, handle, paper filter bag, and a 2.2 meter hose


DeWalt DCV580

DEWALT DCV580 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum

Overview: This cordless beast is one of Dewalt’s best vacuum designs for heavy-duty work in the garage or outdoors. It’s powered with a rechargeable 18 or 20-volt battery (sold separately).

The DeWalt Cordless has an ergonomic handle that allows the user to carry the unit into tight spaces, like under the patio or into the back of your truck. With a tank capacity of 7.5 liters, you’ll be able to suck up a whole lot.

It contains a reusable filter that can be cleaned once it’s dirty. All accessories as well as the hose can be stored on the canister itself.

Cost: $212
Key Features: Cordless, extremely durable, easy portable, washable filter, 7.5 liters tank.
Includes: Fully-integrated hose, wide nozzle tool, crevice tool


Bissell 2225F

BISSELL 2225F Crosswave Pet All in One Wet Dry Vacuum

Overview: The Bissell 2225F PetPro is the perfect all-in-one solution for homes with pets. It has both wet and dry suction function and acts as a washing and cleaning mop. This vacuum can be used on multi-surfaces. Its powerful suction accompanied with the multi-surface pet brush roll minimizes pet hair wrap of up to 20 centimeters. The brush roll uses a smart nylon and microfiber brush that helps wash, mop, and pick up wet and dry dirt.

The PetPro has a clever pet hair strainer that catches all hair before it lands in the container with other liquids. This feature makes it easy to clean. An added benefit to purchasing the Bissel upright vacuum is that it comes with a specialized pet solution that eliminates pet odors from floors and rugs.

An innovative two-tank technology separates clean and dirty water while washing.

Cost: $450
Key Features: Pet hair strainer, brush roll, vacuum and wash, pet cleaning solution, microfiber and nylon brush design
Includes: All-in-one upright vacuum


Enigma 30Liter

Enigma 2000W 30L Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Blower

Overview: The Enigma wet and dry vacuum cleaner is perfect for all industrial jobs. It uses a powerful 2000 Watts power and has a 30 liters dust capacity bin. The bin is made from Stainless steel that can hold any general liquids and heavy debris particles.

The model has a bagless design that eliminates regular maintenance of replacing dust bags.  Only maintenance needed is washing of the filter after every other use. Enigma implemented an easy blow function that gives the unit a multi-function.

Cost: $130
Key Features: Blow function, washable filter, 30 liters bin, wet and dry, bagless
Includes: Floor brush, crevice tool, absorbing brush,


YOMYM R-6053

Overview: The perfect addition for anyone’s home is the handheld dual-use YOMYM vacuum cleaner. Its compact and lightweight design make it easy to carry around the home to areas that need cleaning.  The unit can suck up pollen, mold spores, cigarette ash, pet dander, water, pet hair, dust, bread crumbs and scraps from loads of hard-to-reach spaces.

Use it in the car and home for excellent air quality, as it features a HEPA filter. The unit is cordless and can be recharged anytime through a wireless USB port. 3 hours charging equals to 20-30 minutes of vacuuming.

It’s extremely easy to clean; by the press of a button, you can release the dust cup and empty it.  Wash the filter and the dust cup and it’s ready to work. The unit comes with 5 different nozzles.

Cost: $32
Key Features: HEPA filter, 5 attachments, cordless, lightweight, easy to clean


Hoover ONEPWR Cordless

Hoover ONEPWR Cordless FloorMate Jet Vacuum

Overview: The original creators of the handheld vacuum is Hoover. They didn’t disappoint with the Hoover OnePower handheld vacuum. It’s an all-in-one solution, offering an easy spray clean and vacuuming system specifically designed for cordless wet vacuuming.

The wet vacuum features a two-tank system to keep clean and dirty water separate. Washing the tank is a breeze, simply remove, rinse, and reuse. It’s perfect to use on many different surfaces including tile, wood, and vinyl sealed hard floors.

On the easy to maneuver handle, the user will find a spraying tool that allows the ultimate spray clean solution control. Solution is stored in an easy-fill tank on the back of the unit. The vacuum features an LED display and a ONEPWR lithium ion battery.

Cost: $220
Key Features: Sprayclean solution control, two-tank system, wash and vacuum, LED display, cordless, Easy fill solution tank



Investing in a high-quality vacuum cleaner will not only make cleaning easier, but it will also ensure better air quality in your home, making your living space clean and healthy.

Don’t compromise quality over price when it comes to purchasing a wet vacuum. As you’ll benefit greatly from the added benefits that come with a well-designed vacuum.

Buy any one of the above-reviewed wet vacuums and say goodbye to mud tracks, wet ocean footprints, and liquid spills.





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