Best Vibration Machines To Buy In Australia 2019

Best Vibration Machines Australia

In recent years vibration machines have become increasingly popular, this mainly has a lot to do with them being able to help with weight loss, building strength and increasing muscle tone. Recent published studies have also revealed many other benefits associated with using vibration platform machines which has added to their popularity. If you are looking to buy a vibration machine there are plenty of brands and models to choose from, but which is the best vibration machine to buy? The answer to that question all depends on what it is you expect to gain from using one. In this guide to the best vibration machines in Australia we will be bringing you the top models in our reviews as well as sharing all the information you need to know for when buying in our buyers guide.

Top 5 Vibration Machine Comparison Table

ImageBrand/ModelRatingCheck Prices
Everfit Vibration Machine5Check price on Amazon AU
GENKI Fitness Vibration Platform4.5Check price on Amazon AU
Vibrofit Pro-X Vibration Fitness Plate4.5Check price on Amazon AU
ProFlex VB400 Vibration Platform4Check price on Amazon AU
Yescom 3500W Slim Fitness Vibration Machine 4Check price on Amazon AU

Vibration Machine Buyers Guide

Before buying a vibration platform machine there are a few things worth considering first, especially if you are to get the most for your money. It is worth knowing that vibration platforms come with a number of functions and specifications that should be thought about before buying. The more you know about vibration machines before you buy one the more likely you are to get the best one for your needs.

Plate Size

The plate size refers to the platform that users stand on and its dimensions. The larger the plate size is the more comfortable it is to workout. In addition a large plate size also leads to more exercises been able to be performed.

Pre-Set Programmes

Top of the range models come with pre-set programmes which are specifically designed to work certain areas of the body. When buying you will find that the more you spend the more you get in terms of programmes and exercise options. Furthermore, many top of the range vibration machines allow the user to customize their own workouts for future use.


The intensity/frequency refers to how many times a vibration machine oscillates per second. The intensity/frequency is measured in Hertz and is what provides the full body workout that you get with a vibration platform. The intensity can be adjusted on the LCD display and some models even come with a remote control for convenience.


With home exercise machines generally being quite expensive, it is always worth checking out the manufacturers warrant. With vibration platforms a warranty of 1 year is the norm for budget models. High-end models tend to come with a better warranty and some even include parts and labour.

Top 5 Vibration Machine Reviews

1. Everfit Vibration Machine

Everfit Vibration MachineEverfit are a brand well-known for their high-quality vibration plates and this model is one of their best-sellers and it comes with very good customer feedback. Due to its unique 4D motion, affordable price and overall quality it comes recommended as one of the top vibration machines to buy in 2019.

Most vibration platforms feature either an oscillating, linear or tri-planer platform. The Everfit features unique  360-degree 4D Shake Motion Technology which allows it to move on more planes than an oscillating or linear vibration platform. Due to this the workout it provides is of a higher intensity. Consequently users may see quicker results with this model when compared to many others.

With a maximum user weight of 180 Kg this is a very durable and sturdy model. Other positives include a large plate size for comfort and easy to use controls.

Who Should Buy It?

If you are looking for the best results in the shortest time then the Everfit Home Vibration Machine is the best option. Featuring unique technology that offers a workout that no other model does, it comes highly recommended for both beginners and experienced users.

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2. Vibrofit Pro-X Vibration Fitness Plate

Vibrofit Pro-X Vibration Fitness PlateThe Vibro Pro-X incorporates the same oscillation technology that is used by NASA and professional athletes. It oscillates in between 3 and 8Hz and at an amplitude of exactly 16mm. This is proven to be effective for reaching the deepest layers of the skin, muscles and bones. Consequently it helps to reduce the time it takes to reach your fitness goals.

In total the Pro-X features 99 adjustable speed settings which can be easily changed during a workout with the remote control provided. In addition there are 10 exercise programmes and 1 manual programme.

Included with the price is a 3-year parts, labor and motor unit domestic warranty and 24/7 access to Optimum’s Expert Support Team.

Who Should Buy It?

Proven to be effective and with a good number of exercise programmes, most people would find this model to be suited to their needs. The only negative thing to say is that the maximum user weight of 120 Kg is a bit on the low side.

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3. GENKI Fitness Vibration Platform

GENKI Fitness Vibration PlatformGenki are another popular brand and they have a very good reputation for their high quality and affordable vibration plates. This particular model comes with a choice of four colour options and provides good value for money.

The compact design features rollers for portability and easy storage. It comes with two 400W motors that provide continuous power. In total there are 120 levels of intensity and exercise programmes. The LED shows time/mode and speed for keeping track of a workout. Easy to use and as with all the best models it comes with a remote control for convenience.

Who Should Buy It?

Offering good quality at a great price the Genki vibration exercise machine has a lot too offer. With a good number of pre-set programmes and a high intensity on the top setting this one is definitely worth taking a look at.

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4. Norflex Vibration Machine

Norflex Vibration MachineThe Norflex vibration plate is a cheap vibration plate that offers very good value for money. It comes with many of the features of more expensive vibration platforms at a fraction of the cost. The only real difference between the Norflex and other models is that the motor isn’t quite as powerful. However, it is still capable of giving an effective whole-body vibration workout.

In total there are 180 vibration levels and on the highest setting the level of intensity is surprisingly very noticeable. As with all the best vibration plates the Norflex has an LED display from where users can control the settings. In addition it also comes with a remote which is easier than bending down and changing the settings.

Other features include a built-in speaker and Bluetooth function for playing music. The Norflex vibration platform also comes with resistance bands for resistance training.

Who Should Buy It?

If some of the more costlier options are out of your price range then the Norflex is a great choice if you are looking for value for money. It comes with better features and specifications than all other budget vibration machines.

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5. ProFlex VB400 Vibration Platform

ProFlex VB400 Vibration PlatformThe Proflex VB400 Vibration platform comes in at the budget end of the market, however, it offers great value for money as it is does have a good degree of quality too it. With a powerful 3500W motor it has more than enough power to provide a high intensity vibration workout.

There are 3 pre-set programmes built-in to the Proflex VB400 ranging from 1 to 10 minutes with varying intensities throughout. The variation in speeds is fine-tuned with 1-180 speed levelsto select from, meaning you can stay within your comfort zone or step way out of it!

Speed, time and program variables are displayed on the large LED screen. For convenience it comes with a remote control to adjust settings mid-workout without having to reach for the control panel built into the platform

Another positive feature is the Bluetooth connectivity that allows any smartphone, tablet or mobile device to play music through the built-in speaker.

Who Should Buy It?

The Proflex VB400 is the perfect introductory model. It comes in at a very affordable price and has some positive features the bluetooth connectivity being one. If you aren’t looking to spend too much and are still looking for a good quality vibration plate then the proflex VB400 comes recommended as the best choice.

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Benefits Of Vibration Machines

  • Can help to burn fat
  • Enhance joint function
  • Can tone your muscles
  • Boost flexibility
  • Exercise at home
  • Full body workout
  • No need for a gym membership fee
  • Can help with injury recovery

Final Words

Buying a vibration platform is an excellent way to stay fit and healthy in the comfort of your own home. If you have read our full buyers guide you will be better informed for when you do decide to buy the best vibration machine for your needs. All of the models featured in our reviews are among the very best and well worth taking a look at.

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    • Thought I would comment. Mark, two incredibly important settings regarding vibration machines and the health benefits associated with those settings are: hz, and g-force. A vibration machine should be able to hit somewhere between 20 to 45hz with a minimum g-force of around 10g. If those numbers aren’t being met, then the consumer is simply wasting their hard earned cash.

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