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If you are anything like me in the kitchen, when it comes to cooking rice in a saucepan, you will make a mess of it almost every time. I don’t know what it is about cooking rice, but i just can’t seem to get the hang of it. They best chefs say to stir it once half way through cooking and to boil for 10 to 12 minutes, which i do every time, but i still end up with something that resembles very lumpy rice pudding. Due to my love of Asian cuisine and hatred of rice cooking, I decided to invest in one of the best rice cookers Australia has to offer.

While trying to decide on which model to buy I realised there is quite a lot to consider before purchasing, unlike with a saucepan. If you love Asian food just as much as me and struggle to cook your rice to an edible standard, then my ultimate Aussie buying guide and rice cooker reviews have all the information you need for when buying a rice cooker.

Let’s take a look!

Best Rice Cooker Australia Buying Guide

best rice cooker australia

What Is A Rice Cooker & How Do Rice Cookers Work?

A rice cooker is an electrical kitchen appliance designd to make the process of cooking high-quality rice a lot easier than it actually is, for me at least anyway? They consist of a removeable bowl that sits inside a pot above a heating element. To cook the rice you fill the bowl with the correct amount of water for the amount of rice you are cooking and turn on. From there on the water is boiled to produce steam which cooks the rice to perfection, depending on the model you have bought.

The benefits of owning one are that they don’t have to be attended, leaving you to relax or get on with other cooking duties.

What Rice Varieties Can I Cook?

With so many different varieties of rice used in cooking you may be wondering if a rice cooker is suitable for all of them. The answer to that question depends on the model you buy. All rice cookers are capable of cooking long grain white rice to a very good standard, however, some of the cheaper are not suitable for the more exotic varieties that are used in some Asian dishes. The more expensive models are more versatile and can cook both long and short-grain varieties.

different varieties of rice

Key Features To Look Out For

Buying a rice cooker isn’t as simple as choosing the one you like the look of most. If you are to get the best quality rice every time then you need to know exactly what you are looking for in a top rated rice cooker. Below you can find all of the key features to look for when buying the model best suited for your needs.


The capacity of rice that a model holds is a very important factor to consider when buying, after all its no good buying one that isn’t capable of cooking enough rice in one go for a family meal. With that been saud, rice cookers come in all manor of sizes from just big enough for a couple to cook enough rice for a meal to the very big which can cater for the largest of family meals. It is worth mentioning that the capacity is measured in cup size with one cup being enough for one person.

 rice cooker

Lid Type

There are two different types of lid that a rice cooker can have these are sealed and unsealed. For obvious reasons a sealed lid is far safer than an unsealed one as rice cookers that feature an unsealed lid can spatter boiling hot starchy water over your worktops. Furthermore an unsealed lid can also rattle which can be very annoying. The only positive to an unsealed lid is that it is easier to clean. In my opinion safety should come first and i would highly recommend buying a model that features a sealed lid, especially if you have children.

Digital Display

The best electric rice cookers come with a built-in digital display. From here it is possible to navigate through all of the various functions and settings with ease. When buying you will find that the more expensive models come with a wide variety of cooking settings for different varieties of rice, where as the less expensive models have limited cooking options.

Easy To Clean

After slaving in the kitchen and cooking up a treat, nobody wants to spend ages scrubbing pots and pans. Bearing this in mind, rice cookers come with either a metal or ceramic pot that are very easy to clean. Personally, i prefer the models with a metal pot as they are less likely to be broken.


Most rice cookers come with a handful of accessories and these can vary depending on the brand. The most common ones are a rice measuring cup, steamer basket, serving spoon/ladle and a rice cooker recipe book.


When buying any electrical appliance it is always wise to check the manufacturers warranty. The warranty that you get with a rice cooker varies depending on the price range. The best cheap rice cookers usually come with a 12 month warranty. When you get to the top of the range models it can be anything up to 5 years, remember to check!

Top 5 Best Rice Cooker Reviews

So, now that you are prepared for buying your next rice cooker its time to take a look at the best rice cookers Australia has to offer in our rice cooker reviews. In our top list you will find models suitable for all budgets as we have included some of the best ones from different price brackets.

Breville LRC480WHT The Smart Rice Box Cooker Review

Breville LRC480WHT The Smart Rice Box Cooker

Breville are one of the most reputable kitchen appliance brands in the world and pretty much all of their products are of the very best quality. The Breville Smart Rice Cooker is one of their top of the range electric rice cookers and it comes with excellent customer feedback from previous buyers on Amazon.

With a 10 cup capacity this model is capable of cooking enough perfectly cooked rice for the largest of families. In addition to its brown/white and short/long grain rice cooking capabilities it can also be used to cook porridge, soup and even sushi rice. With 8 pre-set cooking functions all you have to do is select the one you want and away you go.

One of the most mentionable features about this rice cooker is the fuzzy logic technology that it has. This allows the rice to be cooked to absolute perfection everytime due to the way the rice cooker lowers and raises temperature at the optimum time.

From the LED display it is possible to control all the functions including the very handy pre-set timer. Simple to use it shouldn’t take too long before you get the hang of all the functions and settings

If you are looking for perfectly cooked rice every time then the Breville Smart Rice Cooker is definitely worth taking a look at. For a very reasonable price it has all you need in the best rice cooker for your home, including fuzzy logic technology.

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Breville LRC480WHT The Smart Rice Box Cooker, White

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Last update was in: September 16, 2021 6:05 am

AU $119.00

Tefal Multicook & Grain RK900 Smart Rice Cooker Review

Tefal Multicook & Grain RK900 Smart Rice cooker

The Tefal Smart Rice Cooker is a versatile little machine with all the features that you would expect one of the best models to have, it even features a patented design feature which allows you to cook rice to a certain texture and there are four settings to choose from. Additional patented technology ensures your rice is cooked as healthy as possible by preserving nutrients while cooking.

In total it features over 80 cooking programs and the Myrecipe mode allows you to save your five favourite menus for convenience. In addition to cooking perfect brown and white rice every time, the Tefal Smart Cooker also does a very good job at cooking lentils, beans, chick peas among many others.

Featuring 3D heating for a through and even cook and for convenience an automatic keep-warm and delayed start function.

Also included with every purchase are the accessories which include a recipe book full of healthy rice dishes, 2 measuring cups, a soaking and a steam basket as well as a grain spoon.

Tefal have revolutionised rice cookers recently with their patented technology and the extra functions that come with that technology is the reason we recommend it as the best rated rice cooker.

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Tefal Multicook & Grain RK900 Smart Rice cooker and grain mulitcooker (rices,...

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AU $129.00 AU $299.95

Philips Grain Master Review

Philips Grain Master

With practicality and convenience in mind the Philips Grain Master is perfect for the family on the go. Simply put your rice in the Grain Master in the morning and the automatic keep-warm function ensures you have fluffly and fragrant rice ready the moment you walk through the door. Or if you prefer even fresher cooked rice the 24 hour pre-set timer allows you to choose when it starts cooking.

With 8 cooking programs in total there is the ability to cook a variety of grains, lentils and even porridge.

The standout feature of this model is the fuzzy logic technology that all the best models have, ensuring fluffy rice with ideal moisture content every time. Other positives are the 5 layer crystal black easy to clean pan which has anti-scratch properties for durability.

Sleek in design and very functional the Grain Master would be a welcome addition in any rice lovers kitchen.

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Philips Grain Master HD4514/72

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AU $99.00

Breville BRC550SIL The Multi Grains Rice Cooker Review

Breville BRC550SIL The Multi Grains Rice Cooker

The Breville Multi Grain rice cooker offers great value for money and is perfect for those that only want a model with a handful of cooking settings. When compared to top of the range models the price is considerably less, however, it still has more than enough cooking functions for most households.

In addition to high-quality rice a variety of other food types can be cooked with this model these include quinoa, porridge, lentils and even risotto, stir free as well i might add. A positive function is the saute/sear feature which gives the option of browning/caramalising your food before cooking.

With a very good capacity of 10 cups this is a good mid-price model capable of cooking enough food for a the family with room to spare for bigger family gatherings.

If you aren’t looking to spend too much on a new rice cooker, but still want a reasonable amount of cooking options then the Breville Multi Grains Rice Cooker is a good choice.

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Breville BRC460WHT The Rice Box Cooker, White

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AU $89.00

Sunbeam Rice Perfect 7 Deluxe Review

Sunbeam Rice Perfect 7 Deluxe

There are a lot of cheap rice cookers on the market to choose from, however, only a few are of any real quality. The Sunbeam rice cooker is one of them and comes recommended as the best cheap rice cooker in Australia. For a very affordable model it has a lot to offer. In addition to its rice cooking capabilities it can also cook fish, poultry and vegetables in the steam basket that comes with it.

In total there is a capacity of 14 cups, which is exceptional for a budget rice cooker. It also features an automatic keep warm function which works a treat, as the rice stays fluffy and doesn’t clump together even after 12 hours.

With a choice of two colours which are black and silver it should look the part in most kitchens.

The Sunbeam rice cooker is the ideal beginners rice cooker and well worth taking a look at if you are in the market for a budget model.

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Sunbeam Rice Perfect 7 Deluxe Jar, Stainless Steel

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AU $47.00

Final Words

Hopefully, with the help of our Ultimate Aussie Buyers Guide you managed to find the best rice cooker for your budget and needs. In our guide we have tried to include all the information you need for when choosing a rice cooker, if you think we have left anything out leave us a message in the comments. We love hearing your feedback!

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