Buyer’s Guide to the Best Portable Blenders in Australia 2020


Buying gifts can become quite a headache. Especially if you’re used to showing up at a party with a small envelope containing a gift card. There might be an item that can replace that non-personal gift card – a portable blender.

Not only is it perfect for anyone who loves freshly blended juices, smoothies, and drinks. It’s also great for fitness fanatics who are constantly on the go.  A portable blender is a fresh and new item to add to your shopping list and gift list.

Its name describes it spot on, it’s a blender that’s portable.  Take it with you anywhere you go and in less than one minute you can enjoy healthy smoothies, fresh juices, or an experimental alcoholic beverage, whatever tickles your fancy.

Portable blenders don’t need a special plug or cable to plug into the dusty walls of one’s kitchen. You can simply charge it with your phone charger or even use a USB cord and you are ready to go.

Top 9 Portable Blenders in Australia 2020

ImageBrandContainerSpeedBladeBatteryCheck Prices
Huafly500 ml22000 RPM44000 mAhCheck price on Amazon AU
Morphy Richards300 ml17500 RPM21400 mAhCheck price on Amazon AU
Tersely480 ml22000 RPM64000 mAhCheck price on Amazon AU
TOPQSC450 ml16500 RPM45200 mAhCheck price on Amazon AU
PINSOON350 ml18000 RPM44400 mAhCheck price on Amazon AU
PopBabies480 ml22000 RPM44000 mAhCheck price on Amazon AU
Vitagoods600 ml8000 RPM-2000 mAhCheck price on Amazon AU
Bhuato380 ml-62000 mAhCheck price on Amazon AU
PopBabies Glass500 ml--5200 mAhCheck price on Amazon AU

What Exactly is a Portable Blender?

A portable blender is a blender that is portable, as simple as that. If you didn’t quite get it yet keep on reading.

A portable blender is just like a normal food blender, you can blend fruits, vegetables and actually anything that suits your appetite in seconds. The only difference is that portable blenders don’t need to be on a shelf in your kitchen connected to a power source. You can take it with you anywhere you go and use it anytime you want.

Perfect for anyone who is constantly on the go and not close to an electrical outlet.

What is a Portable Blender’s Function?

Chop-chop-chop. Let’s face it, no sane person likes standing at the counter and chopping or juicing fruits to make a quick drink.  Even though fruit drinks are extremely healthy, it’s not always fun to spend hours slicing and dicing.

Countertop blenders are great, but they are limited to use in the kitchen or near an electrical outlet.  Furthermore, they are heavy and difficult to transport.

Fancy designers combined the functionality of a stick blender, food processor, and immersion blender together with portability and viola, the portable blender made its appearance.

The function of a portable blender is simple, it is lightweight and small making it easy to carry around. It can be used to blend and chop soups, smoothies, vegetable and fruit juices, and cocktails.  Blenders are there to save us time and to make our lives a little bit easier.

Benefits of Owning the Best Portable Blender

There are loads of benefits attached to owning a portable blender. Here is a list of the main ones:

  • Saves Time – It has been proven that it will take a person using a knife 50 times longer to do the same job as a portable blender.
  • Healthy Meals – When you are on the go, it’s much easier to derail from healthy eating habits. Resorting to quick fast foods, sodas, and sugary milkshakes. If you have a portable blender in your backpack you can conveniently prepare a healthy meal on the go.
  • Anywhere – Portable blenders (AKA travel blender) can be used anywhere, they will become your best travel friend.  At work, while camping, at the gym, a long road trip, and even when there’s a power outage.
  • Affordability – Portable blenders are extremely affordable compared to countertop blenders. Having your own smoothie maker will save you money in the long run. Not purchasing drinks at every fancy corner beverage store, is a great money saver. With a portable blender, you can make your own shakes and smoothies for a fraction of the cost. Depending on the brand and functions you can pay anywhere between $40-$100.

Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Portable Blender

With the number of options to choose from, picking the right portable blender that is of high quality and durability can be quite tricky. Here are a few important factors you have to consider:

Blender Speed

Different blenders come with different speeds. Depending on what you want to blend, you are going to need a slower or faster-blending speed. If you like your shakes on the thick side, then you need to be able to adjust the speed in order for the blades to slice and dice at a minimum. For extra smooth and less chunky drinks you need an increased speed.

Typical portable blenders have three different speed settings.

Blender Power

Typically a blender ranges between 300-1500 watts. Bearing in mind that 1 horsepower is equal to 746 watts.  Power is more important than speed.  A higher wattage is needed to make an apple, peanut, and mango smoothie than you would need for making a banana split.

Portable blenders should be charged between 2-4 hours either using a USB charger or a Lithium-ion battery.

If the blender comes with more power, the blades won’t stop mid-blend. The more power your blender has the more options you can add to your blending menu. For example: crushing ice for frozen drinks and making peanut butter from tough nuts.

Blender Container/Jar

The blender jar or container is the cup in which you will add your ingredients to. It is also the container that you’ll drink out of or pour from. It’s important to consider the shape and size, as it will affect the convenience of drinking.

Material that the container is manufactured from will ultimately affect longevity.  Typically, it’s going to be made from polycarbonate (hard plastic) or glass. Polycarbonate is lighter than glass. Just make sure that it’s BPA free which makes it environmentally friendly and recyclable.

For easy cleaning, it should be dishwasher safe, scratch, and break-resistant.


Most blenders come with strong stainless steel blades. This will ensure that they don’t rust as fast as normal steel.  Stainless steel blades also stay sharper for longer. If you spot a blender with a plastic blade, it’s probably a fan.

Depending on the design, there can be 2, 4, or 6 pronged blades. Typically, a portable blender comes with 2-4 blades. For easy cleaning, some units come with blades that are detachable.

Easy of Use and Cleaning

As stated above, you should always consider a unit that is crack and scratch-resistant with detachable blades. Look for words like easy clean and dishwasher-safe. This will make the cleaning process as easy as possible and more convenient for you.

Make sure that the seal can be washed and can absorb heat. This will ensure that the cup will seal tightly, locking in drinks. You wouldn’t want to find your phone swimming around in a delicious smoothie when you open your backpack.

Some portable blenders have small handles that make carrying around easy.

Pitcher Volume

Jar capacity sizes vary depending on the model and design. Typical pitcher sizes can hold between 300 ml – 600 ml.

The size of your cup, will depend on your own needs. If you are addicted to sipping on smoothies throughout the day, you can opt for a bigger volume pitcher. When you will only use the portable blender for a healthy breakfast smoothie or shake before your spinning class, go small to medium.


Look for a portable blender that is easy to use, easy to hold, easy to wash, and easy to store. There are some pretty cool designs out there. Do remember that a funky shape won’t result in practical or functional use.

Do bear in mind that you are going to have to carry the unit around with you. No one would like carrying a brick around in their backpack or handbag. So, do consider the weight of the entire device and the container separately.

Reviews of the Best Portable Blenders in Australia

For your on-the-go needs, we’ve compiled a list of the best portable blenders available to purchase on Amazon.AU.

Huafly Portable Blender

Overview: The Huafly personal blender is USB rechargeable. It features a cute colorful body with a handle for ease of use.  You can either take the entire model with you on-the-go or only bottle itself. It’s lightweight and fits into your car’s cup holder perfectly.

Made from non-toxic food-grade plastic that is eco-friendly.  The device features 4 stainless steel blades for superb mixing. Even though it doesn’t have different speed settings, the Huafly is perfect for small drinks using soft fruits.

Cost:  $47

Key Features: 175 Watts, Lithium battery, battery volume of 4000 mAh, Stainless steel, 4 leaves blade, 500 ml container

Blender Weight: 223 grams


Morphy Richards Portable Blender

Overview: With its compact and lightweight design, the Morphy Richards mini cordless portable blender reaches maximum portability. Weighs only 450 grams and can contain 300 ml of liquid.

The durable device has an integrated seal design, giving it a tight seal that avoids leakage. Attached to the lid is a silicone loop handle which allows for easy carry. An added non-slip cup holder surrounds the container.

When the device is fully charged using its unique magnetic induction charger, it can blend 10 times. Charging takes about 2-5 hours. All parts can be rinsed entirely with water making it solidly waterproof. Unfortunately, it’s not dishwasher safe, but extremely easy to clean in the sink.

Made from food-grade BPA-free materials, Tritan, and Stainless steel. Different to other portable blenders in that its 2 blades sit on the bottom of the lid. The Morhpy Richards compact portable blender is great value for money.

Cost: $52

Key Features: Lithium-ion batteries, 300 ml container, 2 Stainless steel blades, food-grade materials, Colours: pink, white, and blue

Blender Weight: 450 grams


Tersely Portable Blender

Overview: The Tersesly portable blender is a safe design that packs a powerful punch – to make a delicious punch. The blender only functions once the cup body has been screwed on tightly. A little light indicator goes on to indicate when blender can be used.  Made from eco-friendly, non-toxic, and food-grade Borosilicate Glass and stainless steel.

The 6 stainless steel blades are detachable. Easily take off the bottle and drink from it directly or take it on the go. A handle is cleverly designed into the lid of the unit, pop it up for easy-carrying, or click it back into place.

A powerful blend that can chop up ice, nuts, and hard fruits. Fully charge the device using a USB charger for 3-5 hours. When fully charged the unit can blend 16 times.

The cup can hold 480 ml and is detachable from the motor and blades.

Cost: $60

Key Features: 4000 mah battery capacity, 6x stainless steel blades, lightweight, 22000 RPM, detachable blades and motor, 1 speed

Blender Weight: 898 grams


TOPQSC Portable Blender

Overview: The TOPQSC portable blender is a powerful smoothie blender featuring 4 stainless blades and 16500 RPM. The 5200 mAh battery is rechargeable and can be fully charged within 3-5 hours. When fully charged the device can blend between 18-20 cups.

Manufactured from high Borosilicate glass, the cup is durable, heat-resistant and stronger than normal glass and plastic, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Cup can hold 450 ml of liquid, perfect for a morning protein shake or late afternoon fresh juice.

It features only one speed and a powerful motor for optimum functionality. For optimal cleaning, you can add water to the cup and press the start button. The device cleans itself.

Cost: $53

Key Features: 126 Watts, 450ml cup, 5200 mAh battery, 16500 rotation speed, High Borosilicate Glass, 4 blades made from stainless steel

Blender Weight: 885 grams


PINSOON Travel Portable Blender

Overview: The PINSOON personal smoothie blender gives you the flexibility to make your morning juices to carry for work and travel. The powerful blender can chop up frozen vegetables and fruit in a jiffy, for a consistently smooth finish.

The unique design allows the user to hold it by the handle, flip it on its head, while the blender does the trick. For ultimate safety, the cup can be locked in place for a solid seal. The container can hold 350 ml of liquid, it has an effective sippy cup spout which allows for a no-spill drinking experience.

You can charge the device through a USB port by using a laptop, computer, power bank, or vehicle. Once fully charged, the PINSOON can be used up to 20 times. PINSOON is confident in their product, that they provide a 30-day full money-back guarantee if the user is unsatisfied.

Cost: $20

Key Features: 10 Watts, 4400 mAh, Powerful Vortex stirring system, stainless steel, 350 ml cup, 30-day money back guarantee

Blender Weight: 700 grams


PopBabies Personal Blender

Overview: Definitely one of our favorites on the portable blender list is the PopBabies personal blender. The device comes in a modern design and color with an added ice tray and funnel. It’s specifically designed as a safe FDA approved unit that is perfect to blend baby foods and other on-the-go drinks. \

It’s extremely lightweight and compact. The cup can hold 480 ml of liquid and is detachable from the motor. Furthermore, it’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe.  The handle doubles as the lid, which makes for a functional carry-around.

One of the few portable blenders that can blend while it’s charging. The 4 leaves blade is made from durable stainless steel for a powerful blend.

Cost: $72

Key Features: 175 Watts, 22000 RPM, Lithium battery, USB 5 Volts,  4000 mAh, 4 leaves blade, 480 ml

Blender Weight:  590 grams


Vitagoods Fit Mix Portable Blender

Overview: Vitagoods designed a sleek and modern portable blender perfect for those who enjoy a generous cup of something. Known as the ultimate fitmix, the Vitagood is designed to blend protein supplements and health drinks.

It features durable stainless steel blades that use a turbo-blade mix turn for smooth, lump-free shakes and drinks. No need to shake the blender while it’s blending. As the engineered turbo-blade design does all the mixing for you. It uses a 8000 RPM motor that achieves a smooth drink within 30 seconds.

Guaranteed as a leak-proof cup, the Vitagood can be carried around in a hikers backpack, or in a gym bag. It’s easy to clean – only add some dishwashing detergent and water into the cup, press the ‘on’ button for a few seconds, and rinse.

The Vitagood is rechargeable using a USB cable. Made from pro acrylic, plastic, and metal.

Cost: $29

Key Features: 8000 RPM, BPA Free, 600 ml cup, Stainless steel blades, leak proof

Blender Weight: 363 grams


BHUATO Portable Blender

Overview: The vibrant Bhuato is a highly functional portable blender perfect for mixing and blending fruits and vegetables. It features a six-blade mixer made from stainless steel. Once the cup is safely secured and locked onto the bottom blender, it can blend.

The cup can hold 380 ml of liquid and is made from food-grade, non-toxic materials. A tightly sealed lid is placed on top with a conveniently attached handle loop for portability. Unit is available in both bright green and pink colours.

The battery needs to be charged for at least 3 hours, in order for the blender to perform at an optimal level.

Cost: $38

Key Features: Stainless Steel blades, 2000 mAh,  BPA-free materials, 380 ml

Blender Weight: 530 grams


PopBabies Glass Portable Blender

Overview: Another great design from PopBabies, is their glass portable blender. Designed in a sleek silver and modern design, the blender is perfect for travel as it fits perfectly into the cupholder.

It uses 5200 mAh to create a powerful blending action. After the device is fully USB-charged it can blend more than 25 times.

The glass cup is heat resistant, durable, and made from high borosilicate glass. It can hold up to 500 ml of liquid and is detachable from the blender bottom. It comes with an ice tray, making sure that its users know that the strong blades can chop through tough ice cubes.

Cost: $65

Key Features: 5200 mAh, 480 ml cup, durable glass cup, USB rechargeable, 1 speed, stainless steel blades

Blender Weight: 771 grams



There’s no denying that the portable food blender has loads of functions. Whether you want a quick blend for your morning protein shake or a delicious afternoon beverage, you can prepare your own while you are on-the-go.

Perfect to take along on a picnic, in the car during a road trip, or gift to someone for a special event. When you consider the above-mentioned factors, you’ll be able to pick a unit that’s perfect for you or a friend.

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