Best Kitchen Timers In Australia

Introduction To Kitchen Timers

So you burnt the turkey or bricked that cake because you didn’t bother buying a kitchen timer.  Originally, kitchen timers were designed for the boiling of eggs. Timers were used to achieve a fully hard-boiled egg, a half-boiled egg, and the soft-boiled egg, popular in Britain. These variations required different boiling times and a kitchen timer worked admirably in catering to all those different timings.

Kitchen egg timer

Getting dinner together for guests would involve a reasonable array of dishes being prepared, two or three at a time. A kitchen timer is indispensable for multitasking. A retro recipe like liver and onions or Baked Alaska requires careful monitoring.

Whether you are a rookie or a Michelin cook, kitchen timers will keep you on track, no matter how complex the menu. Cooking is all about timing. A 30-second delay or 1-minute too soon can transform your chicken roast to toast.

Top 8 Kitchen Timers in Australia

ImageBrand/ModelTiming RangeTypePrices
KitchenAid Digital Kitchen Timer BlackKitchenAid Classic Digital Timer9 hours 59 minutes and 59 secondsDigitalCheck price on Amazon AU
Wrenwane Digital Kitchen TimerWrenwane Digital Kitchen Timer99 minutes and 59 secondsDigitalCheck price on Amazon AU
Elegant Digital Kitchen Timer Stainless SteelElegant Digital Kitchen Timer99 minutes and 99 secondsDigitalCheck price on Amazon AU
YOOYIST 4 Channels Kitchen Timers Restaurant TimerYOOYIST Restaurant Kitchen Timer99 hours 99 minutes and 99 secondsDigitalCheck price on Amazon AU
Kirot Red Magnetic Mechanical Rotate Kitchen TimerKirot Visual Countdown Timer60 minutesMechanicalCheck price on Amazon AU
Datexx Miracle TimeCube Kitchen TimerDatexx Miracle TimeCubeFixed from 10 seconds to 40 minutesDigitalCheck price on Amazon AU
KeeQii Kitchen Timer Countdown Stainless MechanicalKeeQii Mechanical Kitchen Timer60 minutesMechanicalCheck price on Amazon AU
Sunbeam Digital Large Display TimerSunbeam Kitchen Timer20 hoursDigitalCheck price on Amazon AU

Types Of Kitchen Timers

Even though a kitchen timer might seem like a very simple kitchen appliance, you’ll be surprised at the variation of timers available on the market. When you invest in the perfect time it will help you achieve great things in the kitchen.

Electronic Or Digital Timer

Just like a digital watch, the electronic or digital timer needs to be powered by either a battery or an electricity socket. Electronic timers can have up to 4 timers in one and are ideal for batch cooking. The numbers appear big on a digital screen and are perfectly suited for elderly folks who may have vision problems.

Mechanical Timers

Mechanical timers usually only have a 60-minute limited time tracker. The timer is a knob that can be turned clockwise and ticks off time like a ticking time bomb.

Electromechanical Timer

The electromechanical kitchen timer’s function is to start or stop a device at preset or delayed intervals. It simply has an on/off control that allows it to start and stop at the press of a button.  You can set the timer to start at a specific time and stop after running for a certain amount of time. These timers aren’t only used in kitchens but can also be used for outdoor lighting, washing machines, and water heaters.

The Difference between an LCD and A Dial Type Kitchen Timer

LCD timers have an LCD, Liquid Crystal Display. The screen is a thin, flat visual electronic display that holds liquid crystals. The optical properties are transformed in the presence of an electric field. LCDs depend on external sources of light to be visible. Hence, they produce an image using a backlight.

The main difference between dial type kitchen timers and LCD is that they don’t need any power source whereas LCD is power dependable. Dial type kitchen timers work on an action compress spring that mechanically ticks of time.

Kitchen Timer Features To Look Out For

Mechanical kitchen timer

Timer Visibility

It’s important that you see what’s going on on the kitchen timer. It must be visible from any part of the kitchen. LCD timers with large numerals are ideal for visibility, especially if you are wearing glasses.

An Alarm System

The audible alarm must be loud enough so that you don’t miss your oven’s time out. Duration of the alarm is also important, it must ring for at least 15 seconds. Kitchen timers with multiple timers should each have a different alarm tone in order for you to differentiate between your baked goods and your roasts.

Timing Range

Some timers only have 60-minutes on the clock, if you’re someone who cooks large meals that can take hours, you will need a timing range of a few hours. Mechanical timers only display minutes and not seconds whereas digital timers have wider timing ranges and more specific timers that can time seconds.

LCD or Dial Type Timer

LCD timers require batteries, which could be troublesome if you don’t have spare batteries lying around the house. If your kitchen timer runs out of power mid-cooking it could end up in a disastrous dish whereas dial type timers don’t need an electrical source.

LCD timers have no moving parts, unlike dial type timers who do. This means that dial type timers are fragile in their own way as their moving parts may break or cause the timer to run slower or faster than real-time.


Although simple device kitchen timers come in a wide variety of designs, shapes, and colors. Some can look really dull whereas others are aesthetically pleasing and modern. Whether you like funky design, something retro or futuristic you’ll have options. themes are some examples and are available too. Choose a model that adds value to your kitchen decor.

Kitchen Timer Reviews

By looking at the specific features that kitchen timers should have, I’ve compiled a complete list of the best kitchen timers in Australia. Also bearing in mind quality, warranty, costs, and design I’ve narrowed down the list to the top 8 kitchen timers available in Australia.

1. KitchenAid Classic Digital Timer

KitchenAid Digital Kitchen Timer

Overview:  The sturdy KitchenAid kitchen timer comes in an array of colors and displays buttons that are easy to use. With an exhaustive range of attractive features, this digital timer has multiplied the excitement of cooking by going digital.

A compact digital timer, circular in shape available in three colors; red, black and ocean blue. User reviews have vouched for its durability and sturdiness. The display of this digital timer is easy-to-read and clear. The display is large enough to hold all the push buttons for setting the time, stop/reset and start/stop.

The KitchenAid timer features simple buttons that are used to set the timing interval. It can be set from 1 second to 9 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Cleaning is made easy by simply wiping down with a damp cloth. It measures 7.6cm in diameter and is 6.35cm high.

Price: $22
Weight: 68 grams
Timing Range: 9 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds
Key Features: 10-hour timing range, durable, Stop/Restart/Start button, made from quality PVC, easy-to-use


  • Easy push buttons operation
  • A large digital LCD display
  • Simple to operate with push buttons.
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Lifetime warranty with a smooth, hassle-free one-year replacement
  • Affordable pricing


  • Unsafe for dishwasher
  • Shorting problems reported
  • Poor packaging
  • Low volume beeper



2. Wrenwane Digital Kitchen Timer

Wrenwane Digital Timer Refrigerator Retractable

Overview:  The essential purpose of a kitchen timer is to guarantee that food is cooked exactly at the right time. Over or undercooking will kill the dish especially if you are baking or managing meats. The Wrenwane Digital Kitchen Timer has left no stones unturned in figuring out the small and vexing facets of any other kitchen timer, forging positive changes in revealing this splendid device.

The big digital display is clearly visible from the other side of the kitchen and the alarm is loud enough to raise the dead. It’s a small and lightweight device at 33 x 63 mm. The conveniently placed hook allows it to be hung around your neck, a magnetic back allows it to be stuck on the refrigerator or simply propped on any surface as it comes with an extra stand. It’s placement options make it great to use as a stopwatch, in the gym or timing device while playing board games.

The Wrenwane Digital Kitchen Timer is fabricated of durable, hard plastic and is long-lasting.  The surface is splatter proof which makes cleaning easy, a quick rub-down with a damp cloth and voila.

The design is uncluttered with a big display screen and three buttons; A single start/stop button, a button for hours and another for minutes. It uses AAA batteries that can easily be replaced.  The alarm is loud and it has a memory.

Price: $113
Weight: 82 grams
Timing Range: 99 minutes and 59 seconds
Key Features:  Large display, convenient placement options, On/Off switch, Setting for stored memory.


  • Loud timer alarm
  • Can be worn around ones’ neck
  • Alarm rings for 60 seconds


  • Not a very flattering appeal, dull looking
  • No beeping sound when the timer starts
  • When used as a fridge magnet, tends to fall off as the provided magnets are a bit flaky



3. Elegant Digital Kitchen Timer

Elegant Kitchen Timer Stainless Magnetic Shut Off

Overview: The silver exterior of the Elegant Digital Kitchen timer is sturdy and durable. Elegant gadgets are known to be extremely durable and designed with the latest technology. It boasts with a variety of features makes cooking fuss-free and easy.

The digital kitchen timer is fabricated with durable stainless steel and presents a wide display. The digital display has plus-sized digits making it easy to view from a distance.

Elegant has designed this timer with loads of features and the means to get the best out of it. The accuracy levels are pegged at 98% and the timer can be set to 99 minutes and 99 seconds. A strong magnet ensures a non-slip stick to the fridge, without any pop off, pivot or wobble.

The stainless steel body ensures the quality of this kitchen timer and makes it a definite bestseller perfect for industrial and private kitchens. The pushbuttons are simple to use and the whole device has an auto-shutoff feature making it convenient and energy-efficient.

With a size of 6.4 x 1.9 x 7cm, the Elegant Kitchen timer is not too big or small.

Price: $46
Weight: 27.4 grams
Timing Range: 99 minutes and 99 seconds
Key Features: Automatic off switch, Durable Stainless steel exterior, Strong back magnet,  Auto Memory setting.


  • Multi-purpose use
  • Strong holding magnet
  • Auto memory which retains last usage timing
  • Lifetime guarantee that is unconditional
  • Loud alarm


  • No pre-beep facility
  • Numbers not visible from slight angles



4. YOOYIST Restaurant Kitchen Timer

YOOYIST Commercial Channels Restaurant Reminder Stainless

Overview: The incredible YOOYIST commercial kitchen timer is perfect for restaurant owners who need to keep an eye on multiple dishes at a time. Goodbye to AA batteries and hello to an electricity socket, it requires 110Volts power for operating. The timer alarm is extremely loud making it audible in a noisy restaurant kitchen. Even though the alarm can siren above all the noise the volume is adjustable to adapt to different kitchen environments.

Setting up the timers can be a bit tricky at first, but once you’ve programmed different times you will be able to set timers for specific dishes in no time

It has 4 timer windows, each can be set independently and simultaneously. The timers can be switch effortlessly from minutes/seconds to hours/minutes. Giving it a range of 99 hours 99 minutes and 99 seconds.  Any time setting is memorized by the clock to help with repeat cooking times.

The digital display of the red digits makes it visual for the whole kitchen. A high decibel buzzer alarm for noisy commercial kitchens can be heard from far away.

The device is made from pure stainless steel and durable plastic which makes it easy to clean with a quick wipe. Weighing almost 1kg the timer won’t be able to be propped with a magnet onto the fridge but it can be mounted onto the wall.  What it boils down to, while cooking is plug in the power source, set your channels and you’re on your way.

The front screen has five settings which include:

A TIME button- set the total cooking time. When time ends, the alarm sounds.
A REMINDER button- set the reminder. Before the total cooking time comes to an end, the reminder alarm goes off. If you don’t want to use a reminder, set it to 00:00.
A DECREASE button- To decrease time while the clock is ticking. This button is also used to decrease volume.
An INCREASE button- To increase the time set for a dish or increasing the volume of the alarm.
A NUMBER KEY button- To start or stop the time.

Price: $91
Weight: 700 grams
Timing Range: 99 minutes and 99 seconds
Key Features: Electricity operated, Timing memory setting, Four timers that work simultaneously, Loud and adjustable alarm, Stainless Steel exterior.


  • Great for convenient cooking in commercial kitchens
  • Stainless steel exterior, comfortable buttons, and a crystal clear display
  • Needs 110 Volt power which saves on batteries
  • Loud alarm.
  • Multiple functions and settings
  • Four timing screens that can be set independently and simultaneously


  • Wall mounting can be difficult and should be close to an electrical outlet
  • The instruction manual is in Chinglish (A combination of bad English and Chinese)
  • It’s more expensive than handheld kitchen timers



5. Kirot Visual Countdown Timer

Kirot Red Magnetic Mechanical Capacity Timekeeper

Overview: A simplistically and smart designed Kirot timekeeper is perfect for an on-the-go chef. Time can be set by twisting a central turning knob that displays the red disk which shrinks as time goes on. The bold red disk shrinks as time passes giving the user an indication of time running out.

The circular manual timer can tick off 60 minutes at a time without making an irritating clicking noise.  Not only made for kitchen use, the Kirot timekeeper is fitting for classroom teaching, business meetings, getting homework done, for games, sports and workouts.

The device runs on two AAA batteries that can be replaced easily. The alarm’s volume can be adjusted as well as the duration of the alarm. Alarm running time can either be 3 seconds or 60 seconds and can be turned off by the push of a button.

No doubt that this red and silver design is minimalistic and simple. It can be used as either a timer or a stopwatch. Weighing only 136 grams it’s a nifty device to carry around or put in your apron’s pockets. With an 8 x 8 x 3cm size the kitchen timer can be stuck onto the fridge with a powerful magnet – no slip.

Price: $90
Weight:  136 grams
Timing Range: 60 minutes
Key Features: Small and portable, Red countdown disk, multiple uses, durable, Stainless steel design


  • Can be used in the kitchen and in other places
  • No ticking sound while counting down
  • 2x AAA Batteries included


  • Not very visible from a distance away



6. Datexx Miracle TimeCube

Datexx Miracle TimeCube Minutes Management Kitchen

Overview: The Miracle TimeCube’s unconventional design is quirky and captivating. A quick timer setting cube that’s available in an array of bold colors. For a quick time setting feature, you only need to put the block down on the desired minutes and tick-tick off it goes.

Blocks are available in a variety of minutes and seconds. Only four timing ranges per block. Flip the block face up for the timer to start. For convenience, there’s a digital display of a timer at the bottom of the clock with an on/off button.

The clock isn’t programmable and can only be used for specific times. Either 5, 15, 30, and 60 minutes per block or other blocks have 1, 3, 5, and 7 minutes.  Cost is dependant on timing range and blocks can be collected to fulfill different timing needs.

A blaring alarm goes off once the countdown is finished. At the bottom of the block, there is a flashing red light that indicates the timer is ongoing.  A quaint sized block at 6 x 6 x 6cm that only weighs 9grams.

Price: From $24
Weight:  9 grams
Timing Range: Fixed times from 10 seconds to 40 minutes
Key Features: Small in size, Color designs, Quick and easy to use, Can double as a timer for other activities, Durable, Battery operated


  • Funky, colorful designs
  • On/Off button
  • Light indicator
  • Collectible blocks


  • Limited countdown time
  • Can’t be set to a customized time
  • Doesn’t include batteries
  • Not suitable for a restaurant kitchen, or an avid cook.



7. KeeQii Mechanical Kitchen Timer

KeeQii Kitchen Timer Countdown Stainless Mechanical

Overview: The KeeQii Timer is one of the bestselling kitchen timers on the market. It has an extremely solid exterior made from Stainless steel. The timer features a traditional knob that can easily be turned to the desired time of under 60 minutes.

An 80 decibel sound alarm goes off for 3-30 seconds to alert you that your time has run out. The sound of the alarm can be heard almost 9 meters away depending on how noisy the kitchen is.

A strong magnet is attached to the timer’s ABS plastic back cover and therefore it can be attached to any iron surface in the kitchen including the fridge. The great thing about the KeeQii timer is that the company will replace it within 30 days if you aren’t happy with the result.

Price: $46
Weight:  113 grams
Timing Range: 60 minutes
Key Features: Simple design, 80 decibel sound alarm, 60 minutes timer, strong magnet, skidproof protrusion


  • A lifetime warranty
  • Stainless steel exterior that is incredibly durable
  • Easy-to-use knob turning timer
  • Reasonable priced for the great value


  • Minimal portability
  • Works with 2x AAA batteries



8. Sunbeam Kitchen Timer

Sunbeam Digital Large Display Kitchen Timer

Overview: The cheapest approved kitchen timer on our list is the Sunbeam kitchen timer. Known for their various other kitchen appliances it is evident that Sunbeam knows what they are doing and created an easy-to-use kitchen timer to go along with their other kitchenware.

Made from durable plastic, the Sunbeam kitchen timer has a timing range of 20 hours. It features a big display screen and a loud alarm. The 5 x 14 x 12 cm device is portable with a magnetic back. Not the best-looking kitchen timer, but it serves its purpose.

A quick stop/start button lets you pause the timer whenever you’d like. If you push both Hour and Minute button simultaneously you can reset the timer in a jiffy. It’s battery operated and long-lasting.

Price: $17
Weight:  91 grams
Timing Range: 20 hours
Key Features: Magnetic back, Start/Stop button, Quick reset feature, Warranty available


  • Easy-to-use setting
  • Batteries included
  • Great value for the low budget price tag


  • Not a modern design
  • The alarm could be a bit louder



After all this talk about kitchen timers, I have become hungry. Whether you want to time your turkey dish or multiple other dishes a kitchen timer will help you keep everything on track. If you’ve been using your smartphone as a timer in the kitchen, the time has come to invest in a kitchen timer – one that has the perfect time range, one that is easy to clean, and that fits into your kitchen space.

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