Complete Buyer’s Guide to the Best Kitchen Blow Torch in Australia


For all those Aussies who want to take their culinary and cooking skills to the next level – a kitchen blow torch is for you. Create a unique brown crust on a lemon meringue or impress your family with the perfect Crème Brûlée. If you’ve ever tried achieving a precise ‘burn’ on a dish without a blow torch, then you’ll understand how a kitchen torch can change the game.

Why not just use a lighter or a match?

The reason why German inventor, August von Marquardt, created the blow torch was to invent a device that could blow heat in a precise manner towards steel or other objects. Used to weld metals together, the blow torch is perfect when you need immediate heat that’s focused on one specific spot. The flame can be switched on and off as needed by the user. As a result, a surface could be exposed to intense heat for as long as needed to achieve whatever purpose.

This design was later adapted in the kitchen and slowly became a staple accessory for chefs and amateur cooks. The gadget provides an immediate hot flame that can be used in caramelizing deserts, browning crusts of pies, or unmolding desserts, among many other uses.

Amateur cooks and chefs can reach high perfection with the control they have over the flame, creating the dishes to perfection.  For those wanting to invest in this nifty gadget, there are a few things you have to consider though.

Come take a warm dive with us, as we take a deeper look into the world of the best kitchen blow torches available in Australia.

Top 6 Blow Torches in Australia 2020

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What is a Kitchen Blow Torch?

Kitchen blowtorches are small handheld gadgets used to add professional finishing touches to dishes. It features a nozzle through which a controlled flame is excreted for optimum control. The flame can reach intense heats and can get much hotter than a typical grill.

All blow torches use a kind of fuel to light the flame. The flame’s intensity can be controlled by a controller knob. It can be used by either professional chefs or amateur cooks to char food or caramelize desserts.

How does it Work?

It’s a very easy little gadget to use and get used to. Each kitchen torch will have a capsule in which fuel (usually Butane gas) is stored. Blow torches are usually sold without the lighter fuel already inserted – it’s safer for transportation.

Before you fill the blow torch with lighter fuel, you have to make sure that the valve is switched off. This will prevent the user from accidentally burning themselves. Turn the gadget upside down and push the fill stem into the fill valve. Once a back spray is created, you’ll know that the fuel capsule is full.

In order to light the blow torch, you’ll switch the valve open, once opened a hissing sound will be heard – this is the gas escaping the valve. Gas is usually butane, a highly flammable and colorless liquid.  To light the kitchen blow torch, the user should press the ignition button. In the same way, as lighters light immediately, the blow torch will also.

The torch or flame can be adjusted using the adjustable knob to create a dark blue and short flame that can be aimed towards food.

Intense heat and strong flames are created because the device uses highly combustible gases. Professional kitchen blow torches can reach temperatures of as high as 1370 degrees celsius.  Even though this is highly beneficial in the kitchen, it can also cause great risks.

Uses for a Kitchen Blow Torch

Spicy Dew Blow Torch Neutral

There are many different uses for a kitchen blow torch, here is a list of a few:

  • Caramelize sugar
  • Caramelize fruits
  • Lightly toast soft marshmallow to a crispy golden brown topping
  • Blast tomatoes and peppers for easy peeling
  • Warm up kitchen knives to cut through frozen food or cake
  • Sear meats like fish, beef, and poultry
  • Char peppers and other veggies
  • Prepare browned soft cheese
  • Create deliciously soft s’mores without lighting the fire outside
  • Unmold chilled or frozen desserts

Safety Tips for Using a Kitchen Blow Torch

Because a kitchen blow torch can reach intense heats in a split second, it’s important to handle the device with care. Not only can misuse result in serious burn injuries it can also lead to accidental fires breaking out. Therefore, it’s important to use the device with strict caution.

Here are a few safety tips you’ll need to apply once you’ve purchased your kitchen blow torch:

  • Ensure that the valve is switched off before filling with lighter fuel
  • Keep highly flammable liquids (like alcohol) or other substances away from the torch
  • Never touch the flame or point directly onto someone’s clothes or skin
  • Always ensure that the gas is switched off when the gadget is not in use
  • Place food on a metal tray or heat resistant material before pointing flame at it
  • Light the device pointing away from food, adjust the flame, and then point onto food
  • Never leave the torch close to warm ovens, stovetops, or other heating appliances
  • Ensure that there’s no gas leaking from the valve
  • Wait until the valve and torch have cooled down after use, before touching and storing away
  • Before lighting the torch, ensure that there’s nothing obstructing the valve
  • Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for filling the fuel capsule

Parts of a Kitchen Blow Torch

The kitchen blow torch is a nifty compact tool with a few primary parts. Parts include:

  • Handle – Especially when used for long periods of time, the handle should be ergonomic as well as heat resistant and comfortable to hold
  • Gas Flow Control – A small knob at the back of the blow torch that control the amount of gas allowed through the opening.
  • Safety Lock – To ensure that gas doesn’t leak or torch doesn’t switch on accidentally
  • Ignition Button – Similar to a trigger, the ignition button is pushed to create a spark that lights the fuel
  • Flame Guard
  • Air Vent
  • Burner Adjuster Collar
  • Gas Window – To see how much fuel liquid is left
  • Stand

Different manufacturers will create different designs in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and durability. Overall, all kitchen blow torches have the same parts.

Key Factors to Consider when Using a Kitchen Blow Torch

Before you lock and load your cart with the first kitchen blow torch you come across. It’s important that you consider the following key factors in order to purchase a high quality, durable, and functional kitchen blow torch for your future dishes.

CaCaCook Kitchen Blow Torch Refillable

Type of Torch

There are two main types of torches you can choose from: a torch-head and built-in fuel tank torch.


This type of kitchen torch is sold as a separate head. The head of the blowtorch can be attached to the fuel tank by being screwed on securely. Once the fuel runs out, a new tank can be swapped in. This means that you’ll throw away the empty tanks and replace them with new ones.

The advantage of this type of torch is that you’ll be able to get more fuel. Since you’ll be purchasing individual butane tanks. Butane tanks that are sold separately are much larger than those who need to be filled with liquid fuel.

The disadvantage of this type of tank is that it doesn’t have a handle. Making it more difficult to hold and maneuver.

Built-in Fuel Tank

This unit is sold as a combined head and fuel tank. Once the tank is empty it has to be refilled with liquid fuel. Since the head is already attached to the base, you don’t have to worry about purchasing the right fitted fuel tank.

The advantage of a built-in fuel tank is that the handle can be custom designed to be more ergonomic. Making maneuvering much easier.

The disadvantage of this unit is that you’ll have to keep extra butane around to refill whenever it is empty.  The tank will have a window through which you can see how low you are running on fuel.

Most chefs do prefer a built-in fuel tank as they can get more precision when working with it.

Safety Features

Working with any highly flammable gas can pose hazardous situations. You wouldn’t want to purchase a low quality unit that will be more prone to gas leaks. It’s vital that you choose a kitchen blow torch that has safety features to prevent any dangerous situations.

Look out for a safety lock, a flame guard, a heat shield, and a nozzle made from durable stainless steel or aluminum.

The safety lock can be switched on after use and will ensure that untrained hands won’t accidentally switch on the gas.

A flame guard is a safety feature that keeps the flame from flaring out when you are making adjustments.

The heat shield protects the immediate area around the nozzle to ensure that your fingers don’t burn or get too hot when held closeby.

A nozzle made from durable stainless steel or aluminum will ensure that it doesn’t overheat.

High quality kitchen blow torches will have all these safety features incorporated into the design.

Fuel and Refill

Refilling your fuel tank should be easy. If you are buying a built-in fuel tank unit, then you should make sure that you understand the refilling process.

Luckily, most kitchen blow torches work with any liquid butane fuel. Keeping an extra bottle of it in your kitchen will ensure that you’ll always have extra to fill up when you run empty.

Some models have a fuel window or gauge that allows you to see how much fuel you have left inside. If you don’t want to guess how much fuel is left in your blow torch, then it’s best you get a unit with one of these indicators.

Handle Type

It’s important that you have a good grip on your kitchen blow torch when using it. You wouldn’t want it to slip out of your hand and into your Crème Brûlée.

Especially for cooks who have to use their units on a regular basis, it’s best to look for an ergonomic handle that is safe and easy to hold.

Flame Adjustment

Different dishes require different types of flames. For example, if you are making a Crème Brûlée, you’ll need an intense flame to melt the sugar on top, once the sugar starts melting and bubbling, you’ll need to adjust the flame to be less intense. This is where a flame adjustment feature comes in handy.

A knob or control knob situated on the blow torch will allow you to adjust the intensity of the flame as you work your way around different types of dishes.

Burning Time

Keep in mind the duration at which the torch can operate, without switching it off and without having to refill the tank. You wouldn’t want a kitchen blow torch with such a small capacity that you can only operate it for 5 minutes at a time.

Most torch’s burning time is at least half an hour. Some units can burn up to 2 hours. Depending on how long you’ll want to use it at a time, you’ll have to keep the burning time in mind.


The great news about this nifty gadget is that you won’t pay an arm and a leg to acquire one for your kitchen.  Low to mid-range units are extremely affordable, ranging between $15-$30. Higher quality kitchen blow torches range between $35-$60.


The most important part of a kitchen blow torch is the nozzle. This will be the place where the flame exits. It’s the area that receives the most heat and therefore should be able to withstand it.

Nozzles are made from stainless steel or aluminum. Depending on your needs you can consider a thicker or thinner nozzle that’s either long or short. As long as it has a flame guard and heat shield protector, it’s a good option to purchase.


In between flaming sessions, you’ll want to ensure that the blow torch can be safely placed on the kitchen counter without falling over. Consider the shape of the stand, whether it’s already built-in or if it comes as a separate stand, it should create a stable setting place for the unit.


Most kitchen blow torches will come with a one year warranty. Because they are extremely affordable, you can pay a little bit extra to receive a unit that can last longer. Do check out the quality of the brand and manufacturer before purchasing. Spending a few dollars extra might buy you a few extra months or even years.

You’ll know that your unit has lived its life when it starts creating light bubbles in the nozzle and doesn’t create a strong flame anymore.

Best Kitchen Blow Torches Available in Australia

To help you choose, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite kitchen blow torches available on Amazon AU.

Spicy Dew Blow Torch

Overview: The Spicy Dew blow torch is a nifty unit with a built-in fuel tank. It comes with many additional features that allow for precise chef work.

The flame adjuster can be set to three different flame sizes:
Candle Light Flame – a short flame that burns at 460 degrees celsius
Mini Torch Flame – a medium length flame that burns at 815 degrees celsius
Large Torch Flame – a long 17-centimeter flame  that burns at 1300 degrees celsius

The fuel tank can be easily filled from the bottom of the canister with butane gas.  With a sturdy stand, the unit can be easily placed on the counter. Spicy Dew designed a durable kitchen blow torch with a guaranteed 3-year lifespan – if you aren’t happy with the product, you have a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Furthermore, the unit can be used outdoors to light fires or use with resin art.

Cost: $43
Key Features: Adjustable flame, Long Nozzle, Stainless steel, 3-year warranty, Flame guard, Safety lock


CaCaCook Kitchen Blow Torch

Overview: The CaCaCook kitchen blow torch is a funky looking unit that features a great ergonomic design. The main attraction of the CaCaCook’s kitchen blow torch is that it is easy to maneuver and use.

The flame can be gradually adjusted by turning a heat resistant knob at the front of the nozzle. Flame can reach temperatures of between 460-1300 degrees celsius. The jet flame technology allows for an intense and instant heat that has a burning time of 60 minutes.

It comes with an in-depth user manual to ensure safety. Further safety features include an air control valve, safety lock, and a sturdy stand. What makes this unit any chef’s dream is the abrasive aluminum handle. It creates an easy hold for long use. The piezo ignition design allows for one-hand operation.

With the easy gas filling valve and gas flow regulator, the unit allows for easy operation.

Although a bit pricier than other brands, the CaCacook is worth every extra dollar.

Cost: $79
Key Features: Adjustable flame, Easily refillable, Excellent safety features, jet flame, Abrasive aluminum handle


EurKitchen Blow Torch

Overview: The highly durable Eurkitchen culinary cooking butane torch is great to use when searing meats during a barbecue. It features a transparent fuel gauge, adjustable flame setting, piezo press ignition, and all safety features including a gas flow safety lock.

What makes the EurKitchen kitchen blow torch stand out above the rest is its ergonomic handle design. It features a built-in finger guard that protects the hand from getting in contact with intense heat. The handle is manufactured with ABS plastic and TUV CE certified aluminum.

The torch can create a flame of up to 1300 degrees celsius and 15 centimeters long.

Cost: $55
Key Features: Adjustable flame, Piezo ignition, Safety features, Transparent fuel gauge, ABS plastic, Finger guard.


SPLAKS Culinary Blow Torch

Overview: The SPLAKS kitchen blow torch is a great entry-level gadget that can be easily used by home cooks. It features a high-heat flame nozzle with heat protection, a security lock, and an electronic ignition button.

The base is removable and can be replaced with different butane canisters and refills. As an added bonus, you will receive a screwdriver to remove the base as well as a complimentary baster.

Easy to maneuver, the SPLAKS blow torch is lightweight and features a wide set base for stability.

Unfortunately, the flame isn’t fully adjustable, but it can reach maximum temperatures of up to 1370 degrees celsius.

Cost: $23
Key Features: Detachable base, Heat protection, Safety lock, Piezo ignition, Lightweight


Masterpro Home Blow Torch

Overview: The Masterpro kitchen blow torch is a premium quality unit perfect for home or commercial use. The fuel canister has a capacity of 40 milliliters for longer usage time.

It’s easy to handle with a secure base and ergonomic handle. For safety, it features a flame guard, gas flow control, safety stand, and heat resistant stainless steel nozzle.

Cost: $50
Key Features: Adjustable flame, Long run time, Safety features, ergonomic handle


Kollea Blow Torch

Overview: The Kollea kitchen blow torch is a 4.6 star rating product from almost 3,000 buyer reviews. At an affordable price of only $28, the unit is a perfect addition to any kitchen. Available in either red/silver or black/silver, the Kollea unit features all safety locks for safe use.

It’s a lightweight unit that perfect to use indoors or outdoors. The butane fuel canister has a 10-gram capacity and can be easily refilled. An adjuster knob allows for a customizable flame intensity that can reach temperatures of up to 1370 degrees celsius.

The manufacturers are very secure with their design and offer customers a 2-year warranty or a 45-day money-back guarantee. With your purchase, you’ll receive a free heat resistant baster.

Cost: $28
Key Features: Adjustable flame, 10 gram fuel canister, Lightweight, 2 year warranty, Piezo ignition,



The great thing about the best kitchen blow torches in Australia is that they are extremely affordable. Without breaking the bank you can purchase a gadget that will open up a variety of new recipes and possibilities in the kitchen.

Consider the above-mentioned factors and you’ll track down your own kitchen blow torch to create rich caramel sauces, crispy meringues, and roasted peppers. Who knows, you might end up using it for an experimental dish at your next barbecue with friends.

Regardless of what you use it for, kitchen blow torches have become a staple in most amateur (going on expert) chefs’ kitchens. Without breaking the bank, you can invest in your own kitchen hot tool too.

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