Best Filter Coffee Machine in Australia 2019

Introduction to Filter Coffee Machines

There’s nothing like a freshly brewed coffee early in the morning to kick you right out of your slumber into work mode. If you’re a hardworking and hard playing individual, chances are you completely understand the importance of a strong cup of joe.

Filter coffee is the common term for drip coffee. It was invented by a German lady, Amalie Auguste Melitta Bentz, who tried to perfect the best cup of coffee without burning the beans. Whenever you brew coffee in boiling hot water it burns and changes the taste of the coffee beans. In 1908 Amalie invented filter coffee by pouring boiling water over ground coffee beans, she would then filter the liquid that passes through the coffee beans by using a filtered paper. Before inventing and patenting the coffee filtered paper, Amalie used ink blotting paper.

Thanks to Amalie we can now enjoy deliciously strong coffee without the burnt taste. If there is one aspect about this whole process you didn’t like it would probably be the time-consuming method to achieve filter coffee. That’s why genius minds invented the Filter Coffee Machine. By inventing this genius contraption, they’ve opened up a world to new tastes and saved us from becoming walking mummies.

There are many other kinds of coffee machines, but the filter coffee machine is the most common household appliance for coffee lovers. If you like a decent cup of strong black coffee then a filter coffee machine will become your next best friend. I will review 7 different kinds of filter coffee machines in this review to give you an idea of what to look for.

Top 7 Filter Coffee Machine in Australia 2019

ImageModelCapacityFilterCheck Prices
DeLonghi Distinta ICMI 211 Filter Coffee MakerDeLonghi Distinta ICMI 211 10 cupsPermanentCheck price on Amazon AU
Melitta Look IV Therm Selection Filter Coffee MachineMelitta Look IV Therm Selection12 cupsReplaceableCheck price on Amazon AU
Breville Aroma Style ElectronicBreville Aroma Style Electronic12 cupsRemovable meshCheck price on Amazon AU
Moccamaster Filter CoffeeMoccamaster Filter Coffee10 cupsReplaceableCheck price on Amazon AU
Morphy Richards Equip Filter Coffee Maker Morphy Richards Equip Filter12 cupsPermanentCheck price on Amazon AU
Russell Hobbs Chester Grind and BrewRussell Hobbs Chester Grind and Brew12 cupsPermanentCheck price on Amazon AU
Yanjinghong 650ml Portable Mini Drip Coffee PotYanjinghong 650ml Portable Mini Drip6 cupsPermanentCheck price on Amazon AU

Different Kinds Of Coffee Machines

variety coffee machine

Throughout the years coffee machines have taken on many different forms.  They have many different settings and features to make our lives easier.  Although there are many great coffee machine brands out there, the saying “different strokes, for different folks” do apply.

When you are considering purchasing a coffee machine you need to be informed on the different kinds of coffee machines. Here are four kinds of coffee machines that you can consider investing in.

Bean-to-Cup Machine

The bean-to-cup coffee machine is an automatic coffee machine that does all the work for you. This is the high-end coffee machine type that you’ll spot at your local coffee brewery. They are designed to produce coffee after coffee at the push of a button. For this machine you only need to add water and coffee beans, it does the rest for you. It can grind the coffee beans, steam the water and froth the milk.

What’s great is that you don’t have to clean it after every use, making it extremely user-friendly. When you do have to clean it, it can be a tedious affair. Some bean-to-cup coffee machines can make more than one coffee at a time. You will be restricted to the kinds of coffee you want to produce though, as it doesn’t give you the flexibility as a manual coffee machine does.

This coffee machine does not use a filter system. Instead, it forces hot water directly through coffee beans into the cup.

Manual Coffee Machines

With the manual coffee machine, you have the flexibility to create and experiment with different kinds and strengths. You can create anything from cappuccino to espresso.  This machine also doesn’t use a filtration system and you have to manually grind the coffee beans, steam and froth your own milk as well as clean it after every single use.

Capsule Coffee Machines

This mess-free coffee machine has become quite a hit under consumers. Nespresso is extremely popular for its capsule pod machine (George Clooney even advertised their product for them). Pods come in different strengths and flavors and with a quick no-hassle insertion you’ll have the perfect cup of coffee in no time.

The capsule coffee machine is great for a person on the run. There is a downside to this machine as you can’t choose specific coffee beans and you always have to resort to the pods available at the coffee shop. Pods can become quite expensive as you can only use a capsule once.

Filter Coffee Machines

A filter coffee machine is a coffee machine that is known for making, just that, great coffee. There isn’t a lot more versatility to the machine as you can’t create wondrous lattes or cappuccinos. You do have the freedom of using a wide variety of different coffee beans and because it uses a filtration system you don’t get that burnt coffee bean taste.

It’s a very affordable coffee machine for any coffee lover who enjoys strong coffee in the morning without the fuss. I will be reviewing the best filter coffee machines in this review to help you make an informed decision on purchasing the appliance.

Filter Coffee Machine Features to Look Out For

Insulated Jug

An insulated jug means that your coffee will stay fresher and warmer for longer. Many filter coffee machines come with a glass jug that is situated on a warming plate. A better feature is the incorporation of an insulated jug.

Automatic Off-switch

Regulations state that your electronic filter coffee machine must have an automatic switch-off. Machines with glass jugs must turn off after forty minutes and insulated jugs after five minutes.


An incredibly nifty feature is that of the programmable timer. You can set your coffee machine’s timer to a desirable brewing start time. Some machines don’t have this feature and it’s definitely something you should look out for when you enjoy waking up to the smell of coffee.

Water Tanks

Water tanks are part of the filter coffee machine and in most cases fixed. When the water tank is not removable it makes the cleaning process trickier. It’s not extremely common but removable water tanks are available in certain coffee filter machines.

Pouring Mechanism

Also known as the ‘showerhead’, this is the part inside the coffee machine where the water pours over the coffee beans. The best option in showerheads is a fine spray of water that sprinkles over the beans, instead of a single strong stream.

Best Filter Coffee Machines Australia 2019 Reviews

Below I’ve listed and reviewed the best Coffee Filter machines available in Australia. By considering all the key features I have chosen only the best machines on the market.

By purchasing any one of the following machines, you are guaranteed to have a great coffee shop experience in the comfort of your own home.

DeLonghi Distinta ICMI 211 Filter Coffee Maker

Overview: The first thing that grabs your eye when you look at the Delonghi Distinta is it’s gorgeously sleek design. The coffee machine sure looks like it’s wrapped in luxury metallic and chrome. The sleek design comes in metallic colors of bronze, black, and pearl. The appliance measures at 17.6 x 28 x 34.3 cm which makes it a neat addition to your kitchen.

The carafe is made from durable glass and rests on a hot plate that can keep coffee warm for up to 40 minutes. The jug has a capacity of 10 cups. A fixed water tank is also part of the machine’s design and can take up to 600ml. A permanent filter is included in the machine and it can be removed, cleaned and reused as necessary.  The button system is easy-to-use, with a manual on/off button as well as an eco-friendly 40-minute automatic off-switch after brewing.

Even though this coffee filter machine is on the high-end side of the budget it has a 2-year warranty and a very durable exterior.

Construction Materials: Metal wrap and chrome
2 Years
Key Features: 
Automatic off switch,  Hot plate, Permanent filter,  10 cup capacity, Sleek design.


Melitta Look IV Therm Selection Filter Coffee Machine

Overview: The Melitta Look Therm Selection is a German-made coffee filter machine that combines a great look with an excellent coffee aroma. The appliance comes in the colors all white or all black with an elegant stainless steel panel on the filter lid.

The coffee filter isn’t permanent and can be used approximately 100 times before it needs to be replaced. You can purchase replaceable coffee filters at about $25 for two. Melitta’s water tank is fixed and has a capacity of 8 mugs or 12 cups of coffee – depending on how much coffee you’d like on that day. This is one of the few filter coffee machines that have an insulated pot that keeps your coffee warmer for longer.

It comes with a bunch of customizable settings including the water hardness setting (you can decide whether you’d like a light shower stream pouring over your coffee beans or a strong single stream).  Another custom set is Melitta’s patented Aromaselector technology, you can adjust the strength of your coffee with the touch of a button. From a gentle breakfast coffee to a strong kick-me-in-the face coffee.

The best thing about this machine is that it can clean itself. The water descaling program is a very convenient built-in cleaning system where you add vinegar and water into the water tank. Run a brewing cycle halfway through, let it sit for an hour and finish the brewing cycle. Pour out the carafe and voila, as good as new.

Like many other filter coffee machines, the Melitta also has an automatic off switch, a detachable filter unit with drip stop, and a timer. The buttons display in an illuminated light which means you can make coffee in the pitch dark.

Personally, this is my favorite coffee filter machine.

Construction Materials: Stainless Steel
Warranty: 2 years
Price: $286
Key Features: Insulated pot, Patented Aroma selector design, Automatic off switch, VDE-tested for safety, Descaling program


Breville Aroma Style Electronic

Overview: Breville has proven itself to be a market leader when it comes to the creation of the perfect coffee maker. They’ve done it again with this extremely affordable filter coffee machine. The Breville Aroma Style electronic coffee maker has a multiple flow system that allows for optimum coffee extraction.

The glass jug is situated on a hot plate that is thermostat controlled and will keep your coffee hot for two hours.  The glass jug has a capacity of 12 cups. An easy removable mesh filter basket and holder. A very sleek and stylish design with an LCD display screen. The 36 x 30 x 42.5 cm unit won’t take up too much space in your kitchen.

It has a programmable timer to provide you with the comfort of waking up to a fresh cup of joe. The setting buttons are extremely user-friendly with an Auto On button that triggers an automatic brew. We don’t mind the great price either.

Construction Materials: Plastic with Stainless steel trims
Warranty: 1 Year
Price: $68
Key Features:  Easy removable filter holder and basket, 12 cup capacity, Stainless steel design, programmable timer, glass jug, multiple flow system


Moccamaster Filter Coffee

Overview: The Moccamaster Filter coffee machine looks a bit like an alien space ship. Handmade in the Netherlands, the Moccamaster is true to a unique signature style that was designed by Gerard c. Smit. This filter coffee machine is a long-lasting, energy-efficient, and reliable product. The 5-year warranty that comes with the machine is a confident indication that this machine is made to last.

The solid aluminum exterior houses a high-quality copper heating element. Which heats up in a matter of seconds. The copper heating element heats the 10 cup capacity fixed water tank at 92 degrees celcius. Because of this quick-heating technology you can enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee within 6 minutes.

Going out of the BPA free water tank is a 9-hole water pouring outlet that’s made from stainless steel. The water drips down this tube onto the coffee beans in a linear line, creating a quick coffee turnover. The hot plate will keep your coffee extra hot for at least 45 minutes.

Filters should be replaced after every 100 coffees made and the BPA free plastic filter container is easy to remove and clean. The Moccamaster has the required 40 minutes automatic off switch.

Although it’s extremely durable it doesn’t have an incorporated timer and therefore needs to be switched on. That being said, if you only have to wait 6 minutes it’s not that bad. Hopefully, the quick coffee doesn’t compromise the quality and taste.

Construction Materials: Aluminium and Non-toxic plastic
Warranty: 5 years
Price: $460
Key Features: BPA Free, Durable and long-lasting, Quick heating, Wide array of color choices


Morphy Richards Equip Filter Coffee Maker 

Overview: The sleek bronze design of the Morphy Richards coffee machine gives an elegant coffee vibe to any kitchen. An affordable appliance that is perfect for anyone who enjoys a freshly brewed filter coffee in the morning.

The removable glass jug has the capacity for 12 cups of coffee and is thermally infused.  The hot plate can keep your coffee warm for 30 minutes, which is a little bit less than other coffee machines who have a warming plate of 45 minutes and up.  Coffee is heated above 70-degree celsius.

A clever showerhead dispenses water for better coverage over the grounded coffee beans. It also prevents the spill of coffee because the nozzle has an anti-drip feature. A 3-setting turning knob lets you control coffee bean strength – indicated by 1,2 and 3 coffee beans for your brew strength preference.

The coffee machine is extremely convenient not only because you can pre-set a time you wished your coffee was brewed but also because it has a permanent removable filter which makes it easy to clean.  You can set the coffee machine to different timers, programs, and strengths.

You can purchase the Morphy Richards in colors bronze, blue, and platinum.

Construction Materials: Stainless steel
Warranty: 1 year warranty plus 1 year extended warranty when registering to Morphy Richards
Price: $69
Key Features: Permanent filter holder, Anti-drip, Programmable timer, Customized strength


Russell Hobbs Chester Grind and Brew

Overview: I can’t list coffee kitchen appliances without adding at least one Russel Hobbs filter coffee machine. Russel Hobbs is known for creating high-quality appliances and their Chester Grind and Brew is evidence of their technical design and skill. A simplistic machine that is easy to use, clean and master.

The programmable timer works on a 24hour system which allows you to program your coffee cup to the minute. Russel Hobbs tried to quiet down the noise of the coffee machine and against the previous model it has tested 60% quieter. Great for a Saturday morning after a late night out.

An excellent feature is the permanent filter and filter holder which is made from high-quality nylon and can be quickly rinsed and washed. You can use filter coffee or coffee beans with the device. As it has a built-in grinder.

Excellent for when you are in a rush is the pause and pour feature. Stop the pour midstream to grab the glass carafe and pour yourself a cup of joe before putting the carafe back to continue pouring. The glass jug has a capacity of 12 cups which is 1.5 liter. Great for a big family or friend gathering. It also has the keep warm function. The whole appliance has a 3 year guarantee.

Construction Materials: Stainless steel, Plastic and Glass
Warranty: 1 year warranty with 1 year extended warranty when you register with Russel Hobbs.
Price: $270
Key Features: Pause and pour, 12 cup capacity, Permanent filter and filter holder, 24 hour digital programmable timer, Quiet brewing


Yanjinghong 650ml Portable Mini Drip Coffee Pot

Overview: The Yanjinghong is a convenient portable mini coffee filter machine that is perfect for anyone who would like an extra mini coffee maker. Not ideal for home use as it isn’t the best quality. I had to add this filter coffee machine onto the list because it’s an excellent and affordable second coffee machine that you can take with you anywhere you go.

It sizes up to 13 x 18 x 25 cm which makes it a mini portable filter coffee machine that you can put in the caravan while camping or at the office.

The filter coffee machine has a capacity fo 4-6 cups of coffee at 650ml. The no-drip design makes it easy to operate around your office paperwork. Even though there is a stop and pour feature you can’t remove the glass jug for more than 20 seconds while brewing is busy. So, you better pour fast and put the carafe back on the heating pad.

The permanent coffee filter makes it easy to clean. It doesn’t have a programmable timer for convenience, but a quick on/off button lets you brew a few cups of coffee within a few minutes.

Construction Materials: Grade Polypropylene material and Borosilicate Glass
Warranty: No warranty
Price: $69
Key Features: Small and compact, Permanent filter holder and filter, On/off indicator light, On/off switch



When you look at the facts there’s really no price you can put on a decent cup of coffee. And the above-listed filter coffee machines sure proves that a coffee filter machine can be stylish and convenient. You can set it to a convenient timer while choosing your coffee bean strength of taste. Experimenting with different settings and coffee beans and strengths will turn you into a real coffee-aholic in not time.

It’s time to say goodbye to quick coffee from a tin and a kettle, say goodbye to the manual plunger and say hello to the real deal – your very own home brew.  Enjoy your coffee pitch black with a sugar block or add warm milk to the taste.

The next step is to pick your coffee filter machine of choice and brew a great cup of joe by using different coffee beans from all over the world.

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