Best Bathroom Scales In Australia

Best Bathroom Scales Australia 

For many of us stepping on a set of weighing scales is something we try to avoid. The numbers that pop up when we do, can even send some people into bouts of depression. However, knowing your weight is a great way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, that is if you try to keep it within healthy limits.

In the past bathroom weighing scales were simple in design and only had the one function, to tell your weight. Today’s bathroom scales are a bit more advanced and can measure your body fat and take a BMI reading. With that been said, buying a set of weighing scales is more complicated than it used to be.

In our ultimate guide to choosing the best bathroom scales Australia has to offer we will be sharing all the information you ned to know for when buying as well as bringing you the top rated bathroom scales in our bathroom scales reviews.

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Top 5 Best Bathroom Scales Comparison Table

ImageBrand/ModelRatingCheck Prices
Nokia Body+ Black - Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale5Check price on Amazon AU
Weight Watchers Body Fit Smart Scale4.5Check price on Amazon AU
RENPHO Smart Digital Bathroom Body Fat Composition Scales5Check price on Amazon AU
Propert Speedo Mechanical Bathroom Scale4Check price on Amazon AU

Best Bathroom Scales Australia Buyers Guide

Before buying a set of bathroom scales there are a few purchasing considerations to think about first. If you are to buy the best bathroom scales for your needs you would be well advised learning as much as you can before you splash the cash. The following information will explain all you need to know for when buying and choosing the model that is best for you.

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Different Types Of Bathroom Scales

Mechanical Bathroom Scales – these are the type most people are familiar with and although they lack the features of more advanced models they are still used by millions of people all over the world. They come with a speedometer type dial that gives you an accurate overall body weight. Testament to how good this type of scales are is the fact that you will see them in every GPs office in the country. Simple to use and giving an accurate measurement, these are the perfect no fuss bathroom weighing scales.

Simple Electronic Bathroom Scales – similar to mechanical weighing scales these only give a readout of your weight and are simple to use. The main difference is that they feature an LED screen opposed to a speedometer type dial.

Smart Bathroom Scales – it seems as though every household appliance is a smart one these days and bathroom scales are no different. The latest incarnation of bathroom scales have a host of features to help you keep track of vital statistics such as weight, BMI,

Features To Look Out For When Buying

Now that you know about the different types of bathroom weighing scales its time to take a look at the features they come with. The majority of the following information applies mainly to Smart bathroom scales as digital and mechanical versions are simpler in design.


All the best models you can buy will give a number of readouts that help users keep track of important overall health information. As time goes by future models will no doubt become more sophisticated and give even more vital health information, for now the following readouts can be expected from a top rated set of weighing scales. We have also included a little information as to why the information given by these readouts is important for your health.

BMI – this readout will tell you the percentage of fat your body contains compared to lean body mass. Healthy body fat levels can help reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes as well as many more health related conditions.

Water Percentage – knowing the percentage of water in your body goes a long way to maintaining good hydration. Good hydration helps to regulate body temperature and improve overall health and feeling of well-being.

Bone Mass – as we get older our bones become weaker that is why monitoring your bone mass is an important thing to do. Weighing scales that give a bone mass readout do so in percentages, if you notice your bone mass decreasing its time to make an appointment with your GP.

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Apps And Wi-Fi Connectivity

The very best bathroom scales to buy in Australia now come with built-in Apps and have Wi-Fi capabilities. The App varies from brand to brand, however, they are all essentially the same in terms of functions. Generally speaking most Apps will allow you to set calorie budgets and weight loss targets among others.

Max User Weight

If you are a little on the heavy side then you may want to check the maximum user weight capacity before buying. For the very large majority of people this won’t be a problem as most bathroom scales have a max user weight of at least 150Kg.

How Much Do I Need To Spend?

The price you have to pay for a good pair of bathroom scales depends on the type you choose. Simple set of mechanical or digital bathroom scales can cost anything up to $50. The newer Smart bathroom scales are a bit pricier and the best rated bathroom scales can cost $200 or more.

Bathroom Scales Reviews

If you are wondering “what are the best bathroom scales to buy” we have listed the top rated models in our best bathroom scales reviews. All of the models featured come with excellent feedback and many positive reviews from previous buyers on Amazon and eBay.

Nokia Body+ Black – Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale

There are a lot of Smart bathroom scales on the market and the Nokia Body+ Smart bathroom scales top the poll in many of review list. Although there are far more expensive option this model has all the features of a very good set of scales and there really is no need to spend more.

Featuring full body composition analysis it can give accurate body fat measurements and water percentages. In addition it can also calculate muscle and bone mass making it an excellent all in one model.

It comes with the Health Mate App which relays information to your phone to keep track of any goals you have set. Achieving these goals is also more attainable with the nutrition tracking option which allows you to set weight goals and daily calorie budgets.

In total eight different users can access the weight history with the Nokia Body+ making it suitable for the whole family to keep track of their weight.

If you want as much help as possible to maintain a healthy weight then the Body+ are the best smart bathroom scales Australia has to offer.

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Nokia Body+ Black - Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale

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Last update was in: April 16, 2021 7:49 am

Weight Watchers Body Fit Smart Scale

Weight Watchers have a number of weight related products on the market now and are no longer considered just a diet shake brand. The Weight Watchers Bodyfit Smart scale comes recommended as some of the best value bathroom scales on the market. With many features of models twice the price they can’t be ignored.

All together these set of scales give four readouts which are body fat in weight and %, body water and bone mass. With a maximum user weight of 204 Kg or 450lbs they are well within range for the large majority of people.

As with all the best models there are a good number of user profiles, in total eight people can store their data on the Weight Watchers Bodyfit.

One very good thing to say about these bathroom scales is the multiple load cell system, which uses precision electronic strain gauges for accurate measurements.

These are without doubt some of the best digital bathroom scales. In addition they provide good value for money. The only negative thing to say is that they don’t come with an App, that is to be expected though due to the low price.

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Weight Watchers Body Fit Smart Scale

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RENPHO Smart Digital Bathroom Body Fat Composition Scales

There isn’t a better contender for the best cheap bathroom scales in Australia than the Renpho Smart Digital bathroom scales. For those that haven’t heard of Renpho, they are one of the biggest sellers of affordable Smart bathroom scales. This particular model has been bought by literally millions of people around the world.

Why are they so popular?

Costing a fraction of the price of top of the range models and with all the same features including Wi-fi and App capabilities they are simply a bargain!

In terms of readouts these bathroom scales actually give more than some of the more expensive models. These include the following Body Weight, BMI, Body fat, Water Percentage, Skeletal Muscle, Bone Mass, Protein, Calorie and Body Age.

Offering a good mix of affordability and quality Renpho are definitely a brand worth checking out if you are intending to buy a set of bathroom scales

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RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale with IOS and Android APP,Smart Digital Bathroom...

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AU $32.99 AU $41.99

Propert Speedo Mechanical Bathroom Scale 

If none of the Smart or digital bathroom scales in our reviews are for you then it really only leaves you with one option, which is traditional mechanical bathroom scales. There are many models to choose when buying mechanical bathroom scales, however, not many offer a great mix of affordability and quality like the Propert Scales.

They are solid in design and have a maximum weight capacity of 150 Kg. In terms of design they are fairly simple, but then all mechanical models tend to be. Features include a large speedometer type dial and a spacious weighing platform. There is also a non slip platform mat which is a feature you don’t get with more modern designs as they tend to be made from tempered glass.

If you are looking to buy the best mechanical bathroom scales then check them out on Amazon and read previous customer reviews to see how good they actually are.

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RENPHO FDA Approved Bluetooth Smart Digital Bathroom Body Fat Composition Scale Monitor...

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Final Words

As you can see there is a lot more to buying the best bathroom scales Australia hat to offer than simply choosing the ones you like the look of the most. Owning a good set will go a long way to helping you keep track of some very important health information as well as motivating you to maintain a healthy weight. As time goes by we can expect bathroom scales to become even more sophisticated to the point where they can give a lot more information.

Hopefully with the help of our buyers guide and reviews you managed to find a set suitable for your budget and needs.

If you think we missed anything out of our buyers guide or maybe a model from our review section then please leave a message in the comments below.

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