Ultimate Guide to The Best Baby Monitor 2019 Australia

The peace of mind you get from knowing your baby is safe and sound asleep is something we can all relate to as  parents. For most of us this usually comes with owning a baby monitor and the best model that is currently available. These handy little devices have come a long way from their simple beginnings as an audio monitor. The best baby monitor 2019 has to offer has many features, more of which we will cover later on.

Depending on your needs, you could be looking for the best video baby monitor or maybe even the best long range baby monitor, either way we have you covered. In this guide to choosing the best baby monitor Australia has to offer we will be explaining all the information you need to know when buying with the aim of helping you to choose the best one for your needs and budget.

In our baby monitor reviews Australia section you can find a range of the top rated baby monitors. We all know raising children can be expensive and there are some very good affordable options out there. If you take a look at our comparison table you can see that you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a top quality baby monitor.

Best Baby Monitor 2019 Australia Comparison Table

The comparison table below features the top 10 baby monitors from our reviews. Compare the main features to find the best rated baby monitor for your needs.

1. iBaby M7 Video Baby Monitor Audio - VideoCheck price on Amazon AU
2. Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor Audio - VideoCheck price on Amazon AU
3. Arlo Baby by Netgear Smart HD Baby MonitorAudio - VideoCheck price on Amazon AU
4. Motorola MBP8 Digital Audio Baby MonitorAudio Check price on Amazon AU
5. Oricom Secure 320 DECT Digital Wireless Baby MonitorAudio Check price on Amazon AU
6. VTech BM2000 Audio Baby MonitorAudio Check price on Amazon AU
7. Motorola MBP36S Baby MonitorAudio - VideoCheck price on Amazon AU
8. HelloBaby Wireless Video Baby MonitorAudio - VideoCheck price on Amazon AU
9. YOHOOLYO Wireless Baby MonitorAudio - VideoCheck price on Amazon AU

Best Baby Monitors Australia Buying Guide

There was a time when buying a baby monitor was a simple task. This was due to the fact that all the models available were audio baby monitors and there was little difference between models. Those days are long gone and there are now a variety of different types of baby monitors to choose from.

Below you can find a bit of information about all the different types of baby monitors available. This will help you to decide what type of baby monitor is best suited to your needs.

Different Types Of Baby Monitors

Audio Baby Monitor

Audio baby monitors are the original baby monitor and the type most people are familiar with. Their main purpose is to let you hear your baby when they cry or wake up from their nap.

Audio monitors include a baby unit, the base, and a parent unit. The baby unit is designed to stay in the room that your baby sleeps whereas the parent unit can be both wired and battery-powered, offering more flexibility on where you use it.

Simple to use and very affordable even the best audio baby monitor Australia has to offer is relatively cheap.

Video Baby Monitor

A video baby monitor allows you to see your baby through the use of a camera. If you are looking to buy the best video baby monitor Australia has to offer it will come with a high quality camera that produces very clear images. Furthermore it is even possible to buy a video camera with built-in night vision.

The best baby video monitor will typically be more expensive than the best audio baby monitor. However, there are a good number of good quality and affordable video monitors available, some of which you can find in our review section.

Audio-Video Baby Monitor

As you may have guessed an audio-video baby monitor is a combination of both of the above. These are the most popular type of baby monitor as they offer the benefit of being able to see and hear your child.

Due to their popularity there are a lot of audio-video baby monitors to choose from. In our baby monitor reviews you will find the best ones available to buy in 2019.

Image result for best baby monitors

Smart Baby Monitor

With every other electrical appliance/gadget going Smart it was inevitable that baby monitors would go the same way. Smart baby monitors are Bluetooth and WiFi compatible and come with an app that allows you to see your baby using your phone, tablet or computer.

The benefit of owning the best WiFi baby monitor Australia has to offer is that they let you know if your baby stops breathing. This is particularly useful for those with a child that suffers from breathing problems. The reliability of this feature is in doubt as there have been numerous reports of false alarms among parents.

Although Smart baby monitors are becoming increasingly popular they are still playing catch up with audio-video baby monitors. I have no doubt that as they get even more sophistiated and reliable they will eventually become the more popular of the two.

Wearable Baby Monitor

It is possible to buy a wearable baby monitor for your child. Wearable baby monitors use sensors to monitor heart rate, temperature, breathing and oxygen levels. They are relatively small and most commonly come as a sock, babygrow or detachable clip.

There is no denying that the idea of wearable baby monitors is very appealing. That been said there are a lot of reports from parents and baby monitor reviews stating that they give off false alarms, which is worrying.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Baby Monitor


The range is an an important factor when choosing a baby monitor. It refers to the maximum distance between the baby and the parent unit before they stop working. Most models have a range that will cover the average size home with no problems. If you live in a big house then you may want to check out our recommendation for the best long range baby monitor 2019.

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Battery Life

The battery life of a baby monitor varies from model to model.

Most baby monitors come with a rechargeable unit that recharges itself when plugged into the mains power. Owning a model with a good battery life is perfect for situations when you are moving from room to room, such as when cleaning. A good battery eliminates having to plug and unplug the parent unit, which can become annoying.

It is possible to buy baby monitors which use standard batteries. These often tend to be cheap baby monitors and with the additional cost of constantly buying batteries, it makes sense to spend a little bit more and purchase a rechargeable baby monitor.

Pan Tilt Zoom

To save you from having to enter your your baby’s bedroom and disturbing them to readjust the camera when they have moved out of view, a baby monitor with a pan tilt feature is a must. This allows you to find the perfect angle for the monitor, especially helpful if your child is a light sleeper.

Temperature Display

This allows you to see the temperature in your baby’s bedroom and takes the guesswork out of keeping them at a comfortable temperature.

Two Way Talk

Sometimes all it takes to settle your child is the sound of your voice. A baby monitor with a two-way talk option will allow you to hear your baby as well as allowing them be able to hear you.


Some models have a number of lullabies to help get your baby back to sleep when they wake up. The better ones even allow you to select lullabies from the parent unit saving you from entering your child’s room and disturbing them.

Top 10 Baby Monitor Reviews 2019

Best Video Baby Monitor Australia 

1. iBaby M7 Video Baby Monitor Review

ibaby m7 video baby monitor review

Coming top in our recommendations as the best baby video monitor Australia has to offer is the iBaby M7. It comes with a lot of high-quality features and even has some features that you don’t get with other baby monitors. WiFi enabled and with a Smartphone app it takes top position in many video baby monitor reviews.

With a full high-definition 1080p camera it offers crystal clear images and the infra red night vision allows you to see what your baby is doing in the middle of the night. The full 360-degree pan and 140-degree tilt give it a wide range of view for keeping a watchful eye on your little one.

The two way speaker, built-in moonlight projector and music/lullabies give parents plenty of options for soothing their baby.

There are a number of sensors built into the iBaby M7 which can send alerts to your phone when they detect something. These sensors include motion, sound, temperature, humidity and air quality. Another positive and one feature many people are talking about is the smart smell sensor which can detect when your baby has soiled their nappy.

With excellent customer reviews and feedback its hard to find a bad word to say about the iBaby M7. If you are looking to buy the best wireless baby monitor it should be on your list as a serious consideration.

Click here to check the latest price on Amazon AU and to read more reviews.

2. Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor Review

lollipop smart baby monitor review

The Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor has quickly become one of the most popular baby monitors in many countries around the world, including Australia. The Lollipop is a WiFi baby monitor and features an accompanying mobile app that is easy-to-use, it also comes with tons of great features.

The design of this baby monitor is one thing that sets it apart from most others on the market. It features a posable arm that allows you to safely and securely fit it to your baby’s cot. In addition it can also be wall-mounted with the included accessory kit. With a choice of stylish colours their should be a colour to match the decor of most baby bedrooms.

In terms of features it comes with a 720p camera that displays high clarity video with a night vision option. At the push of a button you can talk to your baby through the two way audio monitor. There are also a number of music options including both white noise and sounds from the womb.

Another positive is the fact there is no subscription fee with the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor app. Many of the best WiFi baby monitor brands charge a subscription fee for their app.

Click here to check the latest price on Amazon AU and to read more reviews.

3. Arlo Baby by Netgear Smart HD Baby Monitor and Camera Review

Arlo Baby Baby Monitor

The Arlo Baby is an all-in-one smart baby monitor with all the functions and features you would expect a contender for the best baby video monitor to have.

WiFi enabled it provides a live feed to your Smartphone anywhere in the world. It comes with a top of the range HD night vision camera providing crisp and very clear video. Consequently many Arlo Baby reviews regard it as the best baby monitor with camera.

Another positive feature is the two way talk, which allows you to talk to your baby from great distances. In addition there is also the option to record your own voice or lullaby. There are also a number of built-in lullabies and white noise options for soothing your baby. The multi-coloured nightlight is a great addition for calming or keeping your baby entertained.

The Arlo Baby app allows you to set your own settings with regards to alerts. The alerts and notifications include information on room temperature, humidity and air quality.

Click here to check the latest price on Amazon AU and to read more reviews.

Top 3 Picks – Best Audio Baby Monitor

1. Motorola MBP8 Digital Audio Monitor Review

motorola mbp8 digital audio monitor

Motorola have been making some of the best rated baby monitors for a long time and are regarded as one of the leading brands. The Motorola MBP8 digital audio baby monitor is a basic unit that comes with very good feedback from previous buyers in many Motorola baby monitor reviews.

The simple design and functions of audio baby monitors means there isn’t much to them in terms of features. That been said a lot of emphasis is placed on the range and sound quality of the microphone. The MBP8 has a highly sensitive microphone, rest assured you will hear every sound that your baby makes. With a 50m indoor range and a 300m outdoor range this should be more than sufficient for all but the biggest of homes.

Simple to use, very practical and built with high quality components the Motorola MBP8 comes recommended as the top audio baby monitor in 2019.

Click here to check the latest price on Amazon AU and to read more reviews.

2. ORICOM SECURE320 DECT Digital Wireless Baby Monitor Revieworicom secure 320 dect digital wireless baby monitorr

The Oricom baby monitor is another good choice for when choosing an audio baby monitor. Oricom are a popular brand and their products have gained a reputation for high quality features.

This particular model comes with a range of 300m has high defintion sound quality. The two way speaker allows you to soothe your baby as does the nightlight. The nightlight is adjustable allowing you to choose the correct amount of lighting to keep your little one calm.

Additional features include an out of range warning and adjustable volume control. Included with every purchase are a set of rechargable batteries with a 16 battery life ensuring the Oricom won’t turn off during the night.

There isn’t too much in terms of differences between the Oricom and the previous model in our best baby monitor reviews. The features are almost identical as is the price the reason we chose the Motorola baby monitor as our top pick is due to the excellent customer reviews. The Oricom has many positive reviews, just not as many as the MBP8.

Click here to check the latest price on Amazon AU and to read more reviews.

3. VTech BM2000 Safe & Sound Audio Baby Monitor Review

vtech bm2000 safe and sound audio baby monitor

Another example of a very good audio baby monitor is the VTech BM2000. If you already have children then you will know VTech make many essential baby products and the brand has a good reputation.

The VTech BM2000 has all the usual features that you get with the best sound only baby monitor. These include a high quality speaker/microphone for the two way talk and a long battery life of 14 hours. There are of course a handful of lullabies and a built-in nightlight.

Another handy feature is the temperature sensor that takes an accurate temperature letting you know if the thermostat needs adjusting.

The VTech BM2000 falls in the same price range as the previous 2 models in our best audio baby monitor reviews. In addition it has all of the same features, with the addition of a temperature setting. With all three models been very similar, the only thing that really separates them is aesthetics.

Click here to check the latest price on Amazon AU and to read more reviews.

Top 3 Picks – Best Long Range Baby Monitor 

1. Motorola Mbp36S Audio & Video Baby Monitor Review

motorola mbp36s baby monitor

If you are looking to buy the best long range baby monitor then the Motorola MBP36S comes highly recommended. With a very impressive 180 metre indoor range you would struggle to find a baby monitor that tops this and offers the quality of this model.

It features a wireless and large 3.5″ colour LCD video monitor with remote pan, tilt and zoom, and infrared night vision for keeping an eye on things in very low light levels. The tilt and zoom allows you to look around the room and  consequently is ideal for those with twins.

They two way audio is crystal clear as it is with all Motorola baby monitors. There is also a room temperature display that gives accurate readings.

Another positive feature is the multiple camera viewing which allows you to add four additional cameras. This is very useful if you have a number of young children as you can keep an eye on the whole family.

Click here to check the latest price on Amazon AU and to read more reviews.

2. HelloBaby Wireless Video Baby Monitor Reviewhellobaby wireless video baby monitor

The HelloBaby brand has quickly gained a very good reputation. This is due to the high quality features of their baby monitors and their affordable prices. The HelloBaby wireless video baby monitor is one of their best sellers and it ranks high in many of the best baby monitor reviews.

If you are looking for the best distance baby monitor, the 292m range of this model is only matched by a few others and they cost significantly more.

Once plugged in the HelloBaby sets up automatically and is ready to be used straight away with no hassle. It comes with both high quality audio and video with adjustable settings and timers. The night vision feature receives much praise with numerous customer reviews mentioning how clear the images are in the dark. The LCD screen is 2.4″ in size and there is the option to buy one with a 3.2″ screen, which surprisingly is cheaper!

The 360 degree multi angle camera is perfect for those with a baby who is at the stage where they wriggle all around their cot. With the push of a button you can easily find your little wriggler.

Out of all the baby monitors in our reviews the HelloBaby offers the best value and comes recommended as the best value baby monitor Australia has to offer.

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